Seven leaned against the wall of Raffi's quarters as they finally gave in to their need. Their first kiss had been slow, tentative, explorative. Now, she gasped as she allowed herself to absorb each sensation which Raffi caused within her as she painted long, lush kisses against her neck.

Hands began to grasp and pull as needs intensified; mouths clambered for dominance. It had been such a long time since each had felt need like this. The need to be touched, not just passively, but in places which nobody had been in longer than either dared remember. The need to touch another, not just casually but intimately.

Feeling a hand slowly caress its way down her abdomen, she breathed out a long sigh and savoured the feeling through the fabric of her shirt, silently willing Raffi to venture beneath it.

"Mmmhmmm .. " she mumbled into the air beside Raffi's ear as the darker woman's mouth ventured along her strong jawline as a hand ventured to lift the edge of her shirt. The tall blonde felt herself drift into the recesses of her memory, distant feelings of arousal becoming familiar once more. Memories of hands spreading across her. Memories.

Suddenly, Seven froze, grasping at the hem of her clothing, quickly pulling it down. Flashes of brunette hair before her, of dark eyes, of nails, hands….. her heart began to pound in her chest. She could feel herself gulp in a mouthful of air as panic set in.

"Woah, babe….. Ok, ok, we can slow it down if you want." Raffi stumbled, attempting to make light of Seven's unexpected reaction.

The panic began to intensify, Seven began gasping desperately as her mind began to spiral, bombarded with memories. Raffi could see her eyes dart around the room irrationally as she could see the normally controlled woman before her quickly disappear. What the hell was happening?



"Seven…. Babe…. what is it?... what's going on honey?"

Clear that Seven wasn't in any place to hear her, Raffi lifted her hand to touch her cheek.

Seven's hand flew between Raffi's and her own face, turning her head away….. Instinctively defending herself from the approaching hand…..

"NO!, n, n, no Jay….. Am sorry….. I'm s. …" Breaths suddenly even more rapid and shallow. Unfocussed eyes frantically darting around.

Lowering her hand, Raffi took a breath, what the hell was going on? She recognised the name…. Jay…. Seven had mentioned her on previous nights over drinks and stories of ex's. She had mentioned their "relationship" had been ….. well…. interesting, but Christ. What the hell?

"Seven." she tried

"Babe come one….. Look at me"

Seven's hand had remained in its defensive position, as though expecting a strike, mumbling indistinct words.

Raffi's heart clenched at the thought. Tears stung as the sight of the woman before her, normally sure and strong, the image of confidence, now shaking and timid, streaks of tears marring her face.

"Seven. Baby, come on, look at me." she tried again a panic beginning to surface in her own chest.

She suddenly cursed the fact that Rios had cancelled the EMH's automatic activation for "psychiatric emergencies".

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry" Seven continued mumbling. What the hell had this woman done to her?

She lowered herself, desperate to catch Seven's eyes as they still darted around the room.

"Come on, look at me babe."

"No no no …." Seven continued to mumble into the air.

Slowly Raffi reached towards the metal cased hand positioned beside Sevens face.

"Look at me…" her voice low. Gentle.

She could see Seven's eyes slow their desperate darts off the room and just for a second they caught Raffi's.

"That's it" she smiled warmly, praying Seven saw it.

Just as quickly as they had met hers, the eyes flew back to the room.

"Look at me babe

Desperate, terrified eyes met hers again.

That's it babe, that's it…. there you are." she rewarded the action. Realising the effort, it had taken Seven. Her face now streaked with tears.

"Stay with me baby, come on. Look at me Seven. Who am I?"

She watched as Seven held her gaze, gasping desperate, irregular breaths through her nose. Raffi gingerly took hold of the hand by her head, slowly making contact. She slowly felt the metal tipped fingers curl round her own.

"Whhhhh…..(gasp)... Wh. Wha. (gasp)...What?" Seven stuttered.

Relieved that she seemed to be reaching her, Raffi asked again.

"Who am I babe, what's my name?"

Seven's body shook as she sucked in a volley of shuddering breaths.

"R-R-R-R-Raff-ffi" she managed.

Raffi offered another reassuring smile. Relieved that Seven recognised her.

"That's it, well done, babe. Again. Who am I?"

"You're Raffi" (gasp)

"Yeah - I'm Raffi baby….. I'm not her. You're ok honey."

Seven's breathing began to slow as she allowed Raffi to guide her back, her right hand roughly palming the tears from her face. Her gaze still holding Raffi's, like a lifeline she desperately clutched to.

Cautiously, Raffi lifted her other hand, deliberately bringing it into Seven's line of sight, slowly, so slowly, lifting it to cradle her cheek.

Seven sucked in a deeper breath, and closed her eyes at Raffi's gently, grounding touch.

"You're ok, babe" Raffi whispered. "I'm here. I'm not gonna hurt you honey. You're gonna be ok."

Gently leaning into Raffi's hand, Seven slowly lowered her head, leaning her head against Raffi's'

"You're Raffi," she sniffed.

"You're Raffi".