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Summary: "Danzo was a man whose contingency plans has contingency plans, he never make a mistake, he never trust anyone or anything, he just wants to be the most powerful man in the Shinobi World. And yet, the one mistake he did will be his downfall.

Or, in which Minato and Kushina survive the Kyuubi Attack and were captured by Danzo but they manage to escape from him and Konoha. And by the way, somehow the couple arrived to Amegakure no Sato."

Rated: T, thanks to Sasuke's oh-so-powerful-revengeful-words.

Pairing: Minato/Kushina, and many other that if I tell you now, it'll be a spoiler.

Tags: this is not what it looks like, really.

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Chapter 1: Danzo's mistake. (Or the thing that will become Danzo's biggest problem and pain in the ass in the future, but he doesn't know that yet.)

Namikaze Minato was a problem. That's how he's been seen by Danzo since the boy began his training with Jiraiya all those years ago. Somehow Danzo knew that the kid would become a problem in the future, like any other Jiraiya apprentice. And like any problem, he needed to be dealt with. So this actually was the beginning of his master plan to dominate Konoha, a goal that was so creative. Of course, he was aware of the current circumstances that he was in, that meaning Minato being the Yondaime Hokage, and to be honest, Danzo knew that 'a simple assassination attempt' won't work with a man who decimated an army of Iwa shinobi in the war. The logical option would have been attacking his family, but, then again, the woman who was Minato's wife was as deadly as her husband, the fact that said woman was pregnant makes everything not better.

And that's how Danzo met the solution for all his problem, in other words, an Edo Tensei Uchiha Madara wanting to dominate the Shinobi World. Both men share similar ideas for what they want and how they want to do it, but while Danzo was a man whose contingency plans has contingency plans, he never thought that choosing the most powerful player at the moment was going to be the same thing that would backfire in the end.

That's basically how this story begins.





The night the Yondaime Hokage and his wife, a very powerful and dangerous kunoichi, died, was a night that every villager would remember, how the tension felt in the air, the fear, the anxiety, the power, the anger and the hate would feel in Konoha was... unforgettable. But everybody knows that the Yondaime died giving his life to save everyone from the Kyuubi, the monster who took their dear Hokage and many other love ones from them. That was the story that people tell to their kids and younger generations. And part of the reason why everybody hates a blonde child with the name of Uzumaki Naruto, who actually was the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi, the most powerful Bijuu (Tailed Beast) of all. But that's a story of another time, sort of, after all, it's been six years since the Yondaime's death.

Or most likely it's been six years since his plan, Danzo's plan, had successful. While everybody thinks Minato and Kushina are death, the truth is that they're not. Yes, very surprising, right?

To Danzo's dismay, he was really hoping that the couple would die that night but apparently they fell in a coma thanks to the chakra exhaustion they sufferer to seal the Kyuubi into their newborn son, which was a really stupid way of keeping the power of the monster, of course considering that the child would be like his parents. (Then yes, a waste of power.) Unfortunately, when he and, much to his own unluck, Hiruzen went to find the family, the old Sandaime went immediately to the mother of the newborn Jinchuuriki only to discover the name of the monster for only 'die' (that's what he told old Hiruzen, well, if he was going to be sincere for once in his life, that's what he thought but then again he won't admit it to anyone), so the Sandaime order him to take care of the bodies of the couple.

When he arrived to the morgue, only to discover they were alive, so he decided, being the genius he thinks he is, to do a really poor seal of Life Suspension on the bodies of the non-dead couple. Later, he told Hiruzen he would take care of the Funeral for the couple. It was very nice that the bodies in their culture, except for the Hokages, must be burned, so no one would know the differences between a empty grave and a grave with ashes.

His first thought about the bodies was to experiment but he has to be an idiot if he really wanted to deal with the bodies of non-dead people who also happen to be Fuuinjutsu masters. The phrase itself was necessary to discard the idea. So he decide to sealed the bodies in a very powerful cage with a seal created by himself, so in time he would think of what to do with them.

After all, he was a genius.

And six years later, after being alerted that, certain cage was broke out from the inside, he knew he was in to very deep shit.

And I know you may ask 'what Madara had to do with here?', well, Danzo's mistake was trusting him to deal with the Yondaime and his wife. But the man did a very poor job.

Well, doesn't matter how much Danzo thinks he is a genius, he should know that men like Madara won't do the job themselves but let other people do the job. And for Marada's side, this was the mistake of the Edo Tensei man. Trust the boy he saved.

Oh, another mistake was using Uzumaki seals on an Uzumaki. If only he had known that when a non-Uzumaki uses an Uzumaki seal on an Uzumaki, the seal breaks in time. But Danzo doesn't know that.





Do you know what is worst than a coma? Being conscious and knowing that you are in a coma. And is even worse when you have the same amount of patience as Uzumaki Kushina.

During the six years she has been in this coma, thanks to the poor joke of Life Suspending seal, she had a lot of time to think and everytime she regain the strength to open her eyes, she realized that Minato is always by her side, romantic, right? Certainly not the kind of pass time she had thought after being pregnant for 9 months, but still, the best company she could had, at least she's not alone. But everytime she open her eyes, she discovers that she's not the only one, Minato's hand is closer to hers every time, somehow that gives her the strength to do the same. And is six years later, not that she knows of course, that when their hands touch she knows that they can broke the seal together.

And, being the power couple they are, they broke the seal.

Kushina doesn't move immediately, she lets her chakra system work first, after all, the Life Suspension seal paralyze the chakra in the body of the person and the body itself, so moving too fast could be dangerous, doesn't matter if the seal is a powerful one or a pathetic joke. So when she finally estimates her body is ready, she slowly gets out of the bed, turns to see her husband and see that he's doing the same. The first thing that come to her mind is Naruto, her poor baby, the last time she saw him was when Hiruzen-sama was taking him to somewhere safe before she faint.

"Are you alright, Kushi-chan?" Minato's voice gave her some sort-of peace and calm that she needed at the moment.

Many overwhelming feelings at the moment wasn't good for anybody, even more for them who just woke up from a coma.

"I think so, what about you, Mina-kun?" She looks at him and she can see a beautiful but sad smile in his handsome face.

"I'm fine."

A silence set between them.

"Where are we?" Kushina finally asks, she won't admit it but she's afraid.

"Konoha, I believe so, I can feel one of my Hiraishin kunai but can't detect where exactly is." There's a frown in his face, totally understable considering their situation.

"And you think is possible for you to transport us wherever that kunai is?"

"If we are where I think we are, then no."

"What do you mean? You said we are in Konoha."

"Yes, I said that, but where exactly we are I mean." He said. Kushina frowns, apparently Minato knows something that she doesn't, while usually that would bother her alot, she also understand that it looks like 'Hokage's knowledge' is involved here. Which means that this situation turns to be really complicated, or more than she thinks so.

"Minato, where are we?" She asks.

Her husband looks at her seriously, she knows his mind is running miles per hours thinking a way out for them without killing one of them, or both. With a sigh, he gets up and walks to her. Minato extends a hand, which she takes, only for him to embraces her in his arm. She feels his lips closer to her ear.

"We are in Danzo's ANBU Root HQ, I think." It's a whisper. So the situation is even more dangerous than she thought. Damn. "This is what we are gonna do, Kushi-chan, I'm gonna transport us to where that Kunai is but it'll probably use a lot of my chakra, so it's up to you to keep us safe, ok?"

She nodded. She need to be ready.

With that, Minato kiss her cheek, she feels his smile.

That's the last thing she remembers.

The next trail of memories is mixed, very faint and blurred, makes her confused. But she can feel Minato's presence, his fragrance, then earth, trees, leaves, she can hear waterfalls, she can feel the chakra around her, and then, the smell of rain falling, the peaceful sound it provoques, so peaceful that makes her more sleepy. During all that trail of thoughts she feels the movement around, she feel her feet moving but she doesn't remember that which makes everything more confusing.

So she finally opens her eyes, this time Minato is not by her side but a redhead with purple eyes... right?




Date: 22/07/2020.