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Summary: "Danzo was a man whose contingency plans has contingency plans, he never make a mistake, he never trust anyone or anything, he just wants to be the most powerful man in the Shinobi World. And yet, the one mistake he did will be his downfall.

Or, in which Minato and Kushina survive the Kyuubi Attack and were captured by Danzo but they manage to escape from him and Konoha. And by the way, somehow the couple arrived to Amegakure no Sato."

Rated: T, thanks to Sasuke's oh-so-powerful-revengeful-words.

Pairing: Minato/Kushina, Rin/Obito and many other that if I tell you now, it'll be a spoiler.

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Well, I gotta say, this is very cliché but to be honest, this is a AU. So, a BAMF Naruto is well deserved. And i always thought how Naruto's life would have change if he had someone, I mean, in that episode where his parents are alive, (while I like it a lot) it bothered me how Naruto 'was still the same' from the anime, 'cause logically he at least would be a bit different, mostly because he had his both parents with him and having a legacy and a path to follow with someone who had your back since the beginning it's very different from forging a path all alone in the beginning. So yeah. Naruto having an older sister could be a bit cliche, but who cares.

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Chapter 3: I have a bad feeling about this (older sisters are cool and scary)

The universe is huge. Many believe this is a mere belief, others a statement. But most have an idea that small actions are the cause of big changes. Although, there are actions that despite their change, lead to the same point, while others generate changes so shocking that they create a completely new story, or perhaps they make our heroes have a totally different vision of the world.

The butterfly effect is known to all, and although one always wonders 'what would have happened if I had done this and not that', the answer is a mystery that cannot be answered. Universes are created and destroyed based on these small actions.

At least, this is how this story is born, or rather, how the original story changes.

In one world, perhaps Uzumaki Naruto lived alone for a long time, being the target of abuse and discrimination from the Konoha villagers.

Perhaps Uzumaki Naruto didn't have any kind of training outside of the Academy, as he didn't have anyone.

Perhaps, he grew up without knowing the truth of who he was, without an identity defined by a legacy.

Perhaps Uzumaki Naruto knew loneliness better than anyone.

But all these things didn't stop him from fulfilling his dream of becoming the Nanadaime Hokage.

That is the wonder of the butterfly effect, although this story is not so different, our Uzumaki Naruto does not know loneliness.

Seven years have passed since the Kyuubi attacked Konoha. Seven years since the Yondaime Hokage gave his life killing the Kyuubi. At least that was the belief that many Konoha villagers had, while others knew that the Kyuubi no Kitsune was contained in a little blond boy, in turn, most did not know how to differentiate between the jailer and the imprisoned. But the number of people who knew the true identity of the little one was reduced entirely to a few privileged ones.

The Sandaime had created a law, based on the prohibition of everything related to the Kyuubi Attack, because, although it could be mentioned that the attack existed, that was the only thing possible to mention. All this included the true identity of the young jinchuuriki and revealing that power that he contains imprisoned in him. However, this did not stop the hatred for little Naruto and speculation as to who he was.

But the truth of what happened that night was flawed, thousands of versions, rumors and lies about what happened. There is only one person alive who knows what happened that night. She was a six-year-old girl... back then.

Namikaze Uzumaki Shizuka was 6 years old when she saw her parents give their lives for their people and for their children. That day, she not only lost her parents, but also received her brother, a hope in the darkness that was beginning to surround her. From that day on, the red-haired daughter of the Yondaime disappeared in Konoha and no one saw her again until five years later, wearing the characteristic ANBU uniform. In Konoha, many rumors were being passed around, such as that the Princess of Konoha was kidnapped, or that she was hidden for safety to protect the legacy of the dear late Hokage, or that she was sent to train and that is why she is a member of ANBU. . Not much was known about the young girl, only that her hair was red and that she was the daughter of the Yondaime Hokage. The truth is simpler than it seems.

That same year, Uzumaki Shizu, a blonde girl with blue eyes, entered the Academy to graduate a year later as the kunoichi of the year, having better grades than her best friend, Itachi. They both became genin, and three years later rose to chuunin.

By then, Uzumaki Shizu, obtained custody of her younger brother, Naruto. Well, that was the agreement that she had made with the Sandaime Hokage.

"As soon as I become a chuunin, Naruto will be in my care. Just as my parents would have wanted."

The Sandaime never specified the age, after all.

This is how small changes have altered Uzumaki Naruto's life.

Naruto loves his sister. For him, she is the only person who deserves his respect, because as a future Hokage, not everyone deserves the respect of Uzumaki Naruto.

Naruto thinks his sister is cool, she's a ninja, and while she's a girl, he knows she could kick the butt of every ninja in this world. Because Shizu-nee-chan knows everything.

The two of them live in an apartment in Konoha, it has two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a dining room, a bathroom and a terrace, quite small but very comfortable for the two of them. And to tell the truth, the routine that Naruto and Shizu have is quite simple, she is in charge of preparing Naruto for the Academy, especially that the age of entry was modified (now, since 8 years old students are admitted), because she knows from her own experience that having chakra control is very complicated at this age, even more so with the amounts of chakra that Naruto contains. In addition to covering the training and basic knowledge that every boy/girl from a clan acquires prior to entering the Academy. But above all, she instructs her brother in the family legacy: fuuinjutsu.

Shizu began her training at the age of four, when her mother discovered a failed attempt to imitate paper bombs that were in her father's office. Nine years later, Shizu cannot be called a Fuuinjutsu Master but she is close to it. And to tell the truth, it is the only thing she will demand of her brother to learn. Why? Her mother probably would have done the same.

There were many reasons why Naruto loved and respected her sister. Maybe it will be because of the sincere smile she gives him every morning when she calls him for breakfast. Maybe it will be because of every time she scolds him for talking with his mouth full. Maybe it will be for every time she defends him, for every time she heals his wounds without criticizing and for understanding his tears. Maybe for every time he hears an "okaerinasai, Naru-chan", for every time she is there for him. But for Naruto, it all started when she became the first to listen to him.

They had been living together for a month. Shizu had moved from an apartment to one where the two of them could live comfortably. Still, Shizu tried to connect with the little boy and failed in every attempt. It wasn't until one night, where Naruto had a nightmare.

Shizu was studying a kenjutsu book, since she heard that it was a requirement for ANBU, she decided to learn. The clock read 11pm, it was late enough for the 10-year-old to be awake, but it was necessary. She hasn't been on missions for a month, for the simple reason that she and Naruto were adjusting to this life and honestly still couldn't get into a conversation with the four-year-old that wasn't related to dinner. She was finishing writing down some notes on her sheets when she heard a silent cry. She didn't need to think twice to get up from the couch and go to her little brother's room. She tapped softly on the door and after receiving no response, she entered. That was how she found the little boy with tears in his eyes, trembling with fear. It was a very strange sight, something never seen by him. Without hesitation, she approached.

"Naruto..." her voice was soft, delicate. Naruto turned to see the blonde, who was not so blonde at the time. For a few seconds, Naruto didn't know who she was but the eyes that shone against the moon were all he needed at the moment. As if it were a thought connection, the girl walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. "You're ok?" She asked him, their hands meeting on her legs.

The little blond just looked at the girl, silently, with tears still in her eyes.

The girl sighed.

"I understand if you don't want to tell me what you dreamed, but sometimes, it's good to tell what we dream about. Be it a beautiful dream or a nightmare."

It stopped for a few seconds.

"I sometimes dream of being the strongest kunoichi of all. So I can protect all my precious people. But I'm also afraid of failure."

Naruto watched her with his eyes wide open, surprised by that statement, maybe he wasn't expecting it or maybe it was the astonishment worthy of a four-year-old child. Although Shizu was the one who was most surprised after hearing Naruto's words.

"My dream is to be a Hokage."

For Shizu, the world stopped.

Maybe it's because of Naruto's resemblance to her father. Or maybe it was the conviction with which he said it. Or maybe because of all the memories that word brought back.

But in that same instant, Shizu knew that she would do everything in her power to help her brother on the way to achieve his dream, not because he was not capable, but because he knew he was going to achieve it and she wanted to be part of it , walking behind him, with the pride that she feels every time she wakes up and looks at the Yondaime's face at the Hokage Monument.

In that same instant, Naruto saw that recognition. That gleam in Shizu's eyes, that gleam that the Sandaime lacked when he revealed this to him. That instant Naruto knew that his sister was the best in the world, how fantastic she was, simply for believing in his four-year-old brother's dream.

Not two seconds passed from that sentence, and Naruto rushed to hug his sister, and in turn, he felt Shizu's tears fall. And also a smile full of hope.

"I believe in you, Naruto. In that you will achieve your dream."

Those words were all they both needed for this brotherhood to become an unbreakable bond. Which would be seen many years later, but that's a later story.

The next day, it was a new day, Naruto saw Shizu's blonde hair. He decided not to mention it because he believed it had been an illusion.

And it wasn't until Naruto was six years old that he dared to search for the truth of everything, at least his parents and Shizu's beautiful red hair.


"Yes, Naru?" Shizu was leaving the ramen plates on the table.

"What color is your hair?" The question took the girl by surprise, it was obvious.

"Uh ... why are you asking?"

"Sometimes I have seen your hair blonde, other times I have seen it red."

"Ah ... I'm a redhead. But I hide my hair." Shizu said while taking the ramen with the chopsticks.

"And because?"

"It is to protect you. As you know, being in ANBU, my identity can be compromised and that would affect you, that is why while I wear my uniform, I am a redhead and when not, I am blonde like you."

"Was mom a redhead like you or a blonde like me?" That question definitely took the girl by surprise. She looked at him with her beautiful blue eyes.

Shizu was perplexed. I did not expect that question.

"You know I can't tell you anything about our parents, Naruto. At least not now."

Naruto looked at Shizu for a moment before starting her ramen. They both ate in silence. The tension was palpable in the air. Minutes and several dishes of ramen later, Shizu spoke.

"Although I think that doesn't mean I can't give you details about them. Mom was redhead and Dad was blonde. They were both ramen addicts and ninjas of course. The best in all of Konoha, but obviously my opinion is very biased but at least for they were." Shizu smiled with that last thing.

But Shizu's smile did not compare with Naruto's and with the tears that threatened to fall.

"I can't tell you anything because if Jiji-Hokage finds out, I won't be able to live with you Naruto. Just wait a few years and I'll tell you everything I know about them. Promise me you won't tell anyone about this, okay?"


Naruto did not know how to explain the situation, how his future would change, but if he knew something, it was that he finally had a legacy to preserve, no matter that that legacy was based on his sister's assumptions from when she was a little girl of 6 years. Now he had another reason to be Hokage, and above all to be the best ninja in Konoha, just like his parents, just like his sister.







As soon as he woke up, Naruto knew that today was a day off for Shizu. Naruto generally woke up early to accompany his sister for breakfast, then she went to her ninja duties while he waited until around 11 am to go out looking for his friends, it is true that Naruto did not have many, but He knew that Shika, Choji and Kiba were the ones he could lean on. Naruto met Kiba through his sister, who was best friends with Kiba's older sister, Hana, while he met Shika and Choji one day where both boys ran into the blonde in Ichukaru. On the other hand, there was Sasuke. Uchiha Sasuke is the younger brother of Uchiha Itachi, who is Shizu's best friend and teammate; It has happened several times that Shizu and Naruto go to train to a hidden place in the forest and they meet the Uchiha brothers. At first, Sasuke ignored Naruto or simply gave him arrogant glances, but over the months Naruto managed to convince Sasuke that he was worthy of being called "friend", and of course, rival. But both boys knew they made a great team, so their friendship grew stronger and stronger. This is how Naruto became best friends with Sasuke.

Naruto got out of bed and left his room in his pajamas, as soon as he entered the living room, he stopped when he saw his sister with a ninja that he had never seen in his life. Shizu was in the kitchen preparing what appeared to be a nutritious breakfast for the three of them, while the unknown ninja was leaning on one of the kitchen cabinets. The ninja was wearing his ANBU uniform, from what Naruto could deduce that this was his sister's teammate, he was tall and his muscles were easily hidden under the uniform he wore, his hair was white, he was wearing the hitai- ate from Konoha although only one eye could be seen and he also wore a mask that hid part of his face. It was then that Naruto realized that the ninja was watching him with his eye, he seemed bored at first glance but the blonde had the ability to analyze people well, and there was definitely something strange in the ninja's gaze. Something that he still couldn't figure out.

Shizu noticed his presence and turned to give his little brother a beautiful, bright smile.

"Good morning, Naru-chan. Why don't you go get ready while I make breakfast?" The redhead suggested, who at this moment was showing his beautiful red hair.

"Hai." Naruto was about to turn to go to his room, when his sister approached him and put an arm around his shoulder to bring him closer to the ninja.

"Oh, by the way, Naru, this is Hatake Kakashi, he was my ANBU captain, before 'tachi-kun became the new captain. Kashi-senpai, this is...-" Shizu didn't finish the sentence as it was interrupted by Naruto.

"I am Uzumaki Naruto, future Hokage. Nice to meet you, Kakashi-san."

"A pleasure, Naruto." The ninja give him a eye smile.

"Now, Naru, you can go while I finish here." She said, and Naruto turn around as he went to his room to get some clothes on.

Minutes lates, Naruto cameback and saw that the table was done, all the food was on it and Kakashi was helping Shizu with the hot water for their tea. Shizu motioned for them to sit at the table, and after thanking them for the food they were about to receive, they started with breakfast, what her sister called 'the most important meal of the day'. While he enjoyed milk, egg toast, and a bowl of salmon rice, Shizu enjoyed his morning green tea, tsukemono, rice and salmon, Kakashi enjoyed green tea and egg toast. They spent a while enjoying their meals, neither making conversation, or at least until Kakashi finished his toast.

"Shizu told me that you are entering the academy this year, Naruto."

"Oh yeah." At this, Shizu raised her eyebrows, a little surprised at the answer. Usually, when this topic came up in their conversations, Naruto was excited to enter the Academy.

"Oh yeah? You don't seem so excited, Naru." Shizu looked at her brother, giving him a kind smile.

"Etto... I'm excited, but..." Then Shizu realized what was happening. Shizu was thirteen years old, and she was already an ANBU member, one of the best and graduated at a young age.

"You don't have to graduate early or anything like that, Naruto. In fact, I'd rather you were at the academy for four years. Something that I would have liked very much. It's boring being a responsible adult. Ne, Kashi-senpai? "

"Your sister is right. It's boring to have responsibilities, that's why you better enjoy your time at the academy, besides then you won't end up as crazy as your sist-"

Kakashi did not finish the sentence as the girl hit him so hard that the ninja fell off the chair. Naruto watched the scene with wide eyes, surprised at his sister's action, Kakashi was lying on the floor, definitely in pain. At least Naruto had learned not to bother his sister. He looked at Shizu, her hair seemed to float and seemed to have a life of its own, her aura was... intimidating.

"Naru, Kashi-senpai is only right about one thing. But don't listen to him, he's a perverted idiot. So promise me you'll never be like him."

"What do you mean 'like him'?"

"Do not be an idiot. Also, Kakashi only says that because he's still resentful that I had to save him from those bandits on a mission a few months ago. He didn't even say 'thank you'." Shizu crossed her arms and both Uzumaki watched as Kakashi stood up.

"Mission? Save him?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, a few months ago some bandits kidnapped him to take away information about the doujutsu of the Village. Of course, Kakashi didn't say anything to them because I arrived in time to rescue him." She explained.

"I had forgotten how strong you were, Shizu-chan." Shizu was still crossed her arms, with an annoyed look. "Well, I think it's time for me to go. I have to take care of some tourists who are coming in a few hours. So see ya."

Shizu sighed and smiled at Kakashi.

"Mata ne, Kakashi."

"Baibai, Kakashi-san."

Kakashi smiled at both of them as he headed for the door.

"Mata ne, Shizuka, Naruto."

With that said, he closed the door leaving both Uzumaki staring at it. Shizu turned to see Naruto.

"Do you feel like spending the day together or do you have plans with your friends? We can do whatever you want."

A smile appeared on Naruto's face.

"As long as it doesn't involve anything illegal or playing pranks on important figures in the village or drawing on important monuments."

"Can we train today? And the show some cool jutsus?" Naruto smiled.

At this, Shizu laugh and reach to mess with Naruto's hair.

"We can do the first. But the second will depend on how well you do. Deal?" She ask.

"You had a deal, nee-chan."









Hours later, while Shizu and Naruto were improving the blonde's taijutsu, a family was entering Konoha, they were all brown haired and not very flashy in appearance. Arashi, the father of the family, was with his wife Irumi, with their daughter Ryomi and her boyfriend Tobi, they came from one of the Villages of the country of Fire. It was a family of civilians who came with the purpose of visiting old friends and vacationing in the hot springs of Konoha.

"Hey, your papers." Arashi stopped, and observed an Uchiha and another ninja who were guarding the entrance to the Village.

Just as Arashi was about to answer, a ninja in his ANBU uniform appeared before them, with a look and a salute typical of him.


"Kakashi-san." The Uchiha said. "These civilians tried to enter without showing us their papers."

"Don't worry, they are my guests."

The ninja and the Uchiha were surprised at this, evidently that was not that answer from the ANBU.

"Oh... in that case, I'm sorry and enjoy your stay in Konoha." The Uchiha said.

Then the family and Kakashi began to walk to enter the Village, not knowing that a certain person was going to recognize the presences as soon as they set foot in the village.





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