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Chapter1: The New Bella.

BPOV (Bella's point of view)

They haven't returned. It's been a year already and still no response. No calls, no emails not even a stupid text. First Rosalie and Emmett then Carlisle and Esme then Alice and Jasper then ... finally Edward. I swear it felt like somebody ripped my heart out. I would always look outside the window waiting for him before I slept. I just wanted one glance of his angelic godlike face. I was literally like a zombie back then. My nightmares got worse. I wouldn't talk to anyone. Sometimes I skipped meals and cried the whole day. Charlie tried to send me back to mom but I simply refused. One day Angela and Jessica came to visit me. "Hi, Bella! I thought we should have a sleepover " Angela chirped .'' Totally we haven't had one forever " Jessica said laughing. " Sure! After all, you gurls are my BFFs !" I smiled and said. The whole evening we danced watched movies and ate more than a hippo. it was the best I had ever felt. Suddenly Jessica asked '' Hey Bells do you get a call from them yet". I suddenly shrank and said "No Jess". Right then and there Angela erupted '' Seriously Bella! Stop moping for that ungrateful guy. He left you. Remember? You HAVE to move on dude. Lucky for you, you are really pretty. There are probably more than a thousand guys waiting for you. More handsome and nicer than that stupid jerk. Move on Gurl ! ". Tears welled up in my eyes "What would I do without you guys" I said grinning. We all did a group hug."You know what I will forget him. I am going to move on. From now on no zombie Bella " I announced. They both smiled and hugged me again. That day truly changed my life. After that, we all slept in our sleeping bags in the living room. I heard the door open to see Charlie smiling happily and then suddenly I felt my eyes droop and then I was asleep

End of chapter 1

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