Life 1: The Names Lee

Some say the chance of a butterfly fluttering its wings can change time through even the most trivial insignificant action...

Nevertheless, every action has an outcome a consequence and aftermath. Just like how someone changes their mind so frequently the world alters to that change and alters itself.

Some call this a fluttering chance almost impossible to occur- however, every unthinkable, absurd, impossible action Is possible.

This is called the butterfly effect and has been exemplified in millions of walks of life. Including how on the night of the raging kitsune-- Millions of civilians resisted death due to the fourth shadows quick-thinking-

Or how peoples perceptions on Ramen changed- Prior to this a whole lot of things became different as history was changed for the better.

The cause is... Fate does not decide who you are or what you become... Karma does not exist and Humans have their own free will...

And on a certain day- a teenager was currently punching a tree within the dense leaves filled prairie.

"555, 556, 557... 601, 602...!"

And within this densely packed foliage of green hills a young man with distinct features kept on striking at a large boulder with inhuman levels of endurance and strength.

With a closer look, you would notice that his hands had been destroyed completely as his skin came into view - rough as rock and destroyed.

So destroyed that you could see some bone fragments dropping to the leaves filled ground.

But the boy continued he didn't care about the pain this was nothing...

Every time he felt this pain a long said declaration continued to play in his head.

'I will show them all- that I can become a great Warrior, regardless of my inability of Ninjutsu and Genjutsu.

I will become a Shinobi- I will become stronger and destroy the mindsets of high pedigree, prodigy progenies...

I will surpass them all with my endurance!!'

This was what furthered him on all this time and with this he found comfort- he wasn't really talented in anything.

But if he learnt one thing about this world then it's that hard work and endurance defeats anything.

With hard work, I am able to destroy others in hand to hand combat and increase my physical prowess and with the extremely little Chakra, I possess I use it to heal my damaged body.

Constantly this process was in play as this was the only way he could get stronger.

This was a technique that Lee had crafted and slowly perfected through countless experiments.

So what if he failed he would get back and continue that was his life's gate.

And the principles of this technique was to take advantage of the body's muscles ability to slowly grow slightly stronger.

Through growth and repair- when a damaged muscle recovered from damage it would become slightly stronger and this would give an overall power boost.

And by utilising the little Chakra he possesses by circulating it across his muscles and internal organs no matter how little it was- his life force would repair these muscles through continued usage.

And would gradually adapt to this process so much so that it's no different from breathing.

But though he improved this way the biggest flaw was that he had not enough chakra to repair his muscles properly.

However, Lee was no slouch he improved on it whenever he could buying Chakra Refills whenever he trained after a mission to make a better strength improvement.

These Chakra Refills did as they said- weaker than and cheaper than Soldier Pills due to not being made for ninja but Civilians.

Hence he could buy it- because it didn't really refill much chakra but due to his small chakra capacity he was fine as one bottle could be used five times for him.

As he had five times less chakra than civilians who couldn't even use jutsus other than sometimes using it to augment themselves and if not careful they could implode.

Yes, five times less than civilians which had the bare minimum of chakra already.

So as can be seen he bought plenty of Chakra Refills as his capacity would never increase only his body would increase.

And with a Chakra Refill, he could damage and exhaust all his chakra by restoring his injuries five times.

Though he had little Chakra due to how potent Chakra naturally is his body was healed quite quickly.

Allowing him to grow bigger and gain better muscles and more muscular hypertrophy- whilst increasing his overall power.

Making his speed almost like a movement filled with chakra whilst his punches were like chakra amplified techniques.

But this didn't matter as only improvement would matter when he finally made a difference.

He was an orphan he had no relatives and Sensei was his legal guardian-

With the Villages Orphan Sponsor Support- the better results you had both academically and physically increased your allowance.

Due to this, he was quite well in terms of financial troubles-

And also due to the fact that Sensei checks up on his apartment and buys him groceries.

Sensei was like a father to me- he took me in from the Orphanage.

And trained me when I was told all my life I was wasting my time.

I was wasting my life- I was wasting my time to become a self-made pauper this was what I was called in the orphanage.

'Self Made Pauper.'

Why well because I trained every single day no matter whether it was a bad day or not- Not bothering to learn any primary skills like tailoring, cooking and blacksmithing.

In a world of beings filled with a mysterious energy that they could use to do ninja magic - Push-ups and Sit-ups were my go to's.

Through every exercise, he could think of he trained his physique off in full power.

He didn't care if they thought of him as lowly and an abomination a mutant with no Chakra or very, very little of it.

No, he gave up on them fancy ninja magic- Body Tempering was the gate that he acknowledged and walked through.