Getting out of his temporary bed he yawned as he stretched his arms out taking in the fresh air that he had been absent of for a while.


"Lead the way Kakashi- my student hasn't had anything delicious in a while- and if you do treat us all be careful of some mishaps that may occur..."

"Guy- why are you talking like the guy at the start of a horror movie- I'm sure it'll be fine-"

"Now let's get outta here- boys!"

With that said Naruto and Kakashi were gone in a flash with only a strong breeze wafting in the room as the window of the room opened up with ease-

"That Kakashi he's jumped 20ft again- I told him no shortcuts- but if he's already used one why not us as well 'eh Lee- let's go!"

With that Sensei grabbed both me and Don as he jumped out like a damned madman as the civilians looked on in horror cursing the smiling buffoon whilst Don was perplexed as to how this Shinobi was so strong yet had no chakra.

All his Chakra points were clearly sealed yet he survived a 20ft drop as if he was going through butter with a Kunai.


"Nothings impossible Young Uchiha- with a strong will and an unbreakable resolve anything is possible- now let us go, my students, we are on a race with Kakashi my eternal rival- Now...

With the power of YOUUUUTTTTHHHHH!!!!"

As the last word was audible his speed quadrupled as his feet ran through the earthy ground before pining on top of buildings as he leapt great distances and was faster than a speeding bullet.

And sure enough, we had caught up to Hatake-san as he held Naruto on his shoulders- he looked like a new dad or something-

As the once void of emotions Shinobi of the leaf and Copy Ninja of the land of fire gave out a small grin-

Replying to Guys own competitive grin- 'Your On- Kakashi-!'

And without any words, Kakashi threw three Kunai's that sliced through the air as Guy dodged and then Don sliced back to Kakashi with his strong Occular Vision Success was all but guaranteed...

And it did hit- Kakashi was certainly surprised at the fact that one of them had managed to redirect his expert accuracy-

But he dodged them all with ease as his body swayed slightly accelerating himself whilst increasing the elegance he was showing.

And Naruto on his shoulders wanted to puke due to the motion and once it had reached meltdown he puked-

"Hmm- what's that smell, it reminds me of some corrosive acid? Has a poisoning occurred nearby- Have the Aburame created a new Poison Insect Jutsu?"

But as his hair felt this sudden weight on top that seeped through to his face- his mind was in the gutters as the sickly smell coursed through his face landing to the ground-

As a motion sick Naruto fell to the floor as he began to vomit out presumably, his breakfast- tea, lunch and more - and damn was it noodle-like- for all he had ate was noodles with some menma to the side.


Kakashi had felt the most random urge in all the nine realms to shout to the skies as a thousand birds in the skies quit their chittering allowing Kakashi to scream to the heavens in- indignation.

As he did so the sop of orange coloured vomit stained his paper white hair causing it to look like Cheetos Shinobi edition sold only by the Akamichi Clan-

They tasted pretty good and had some spice and that grilled feeling to them- a definite treat if you ever visit the Land of Fire the perfect tourist destination all the Elemental Nations-

With that sponsor out of the way Kakashi looked like he wanted to strangle the kid yet reason and his master's face stopped him from it-

Minato appeared in his head as he said-

"Violence only begets Violence- and peace breeds peace-

To bring an end to this cycle of chaos and hatred is through understanding and friendship-

To build unbreakable bonds and crusade through the starless nations with love and respect- Kakashi, I'm sure you know what I mean... I'm sure Sakumo would say the same."

This stopped him from doing a homer and strangling the kid as he tried to get a semblance of calmness to his mood and used a quick water Jutsu to at least help remove the remains of food Naruto had consumed- and by that he meant the countless pieces of string-like noodle intertwined with his locks of gravity-defying hair.

At this point, his hair was orange in colour but the noodles or the mush that remained had been removed and his hair looked a little like ground up chillies.

"Ohhohoho- I see my eternal rival, you too have embraced the Dying trend as well- I hear it's popular in the Land of Sheep- What's the occasion for this sudden change of colour my friend!"

Exclaimed Guy-sensei as he gave a thumbs-up to Kakashi whilst me and Don moved down to Naruto who looked like he was in a puddle of his own sh*t-

"Well Damn- Naruto..."

"You totally rock the orange colour Hatake-san it increases your handsomeness by miles."

Said Don as he tried to appease the Volcanic meltdown that Hatake-san was going through at this moment and it looked like even the simplest of jabs would make him erupt with magma ready to burst into the skies.

"Wait- Kakashi- my rival you smell a little like Poison and Ramen- could it be you've been poisoned?"

Walking closer he wafted slightly as Kakashi smelt disgustingly bad but not as bad as Naruto-

"Yo Don- you know any Water Jutsu?"

I asked Don- since I had little to no Chakra- and knew no techniques nor could I perform any Jutsu's.

"I'm sorry to say Lee- but I know no Water techniques- I know some Fire and Wind Jutsu- I can waft his smell away I suppose but I can't clean him up-

We're gonna have to throw him into a river and let the sewage system do its job- Also I think it's best to leave Hatake-san and Guy to their own devices- else we'll face his wrath...

Jinkies Lee!"

"Don was that a Scooby Doo reference?"