Innocence Broken

Chapter I: Screaming In Silence


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"Talking Aloud"

Hidden Thoughts

/Yugi to Yami/

//Yami to Yugi//


[Author Notes]


A blur of blonde busted out of the doors of Domino High as Yugi Moutou made his way home. Even though the clouds promised a storm, nothing could put this sixteen year old down. It was Friday night, which meant he and Yami's movie ritual! More time to spend with the spirit, which made Yugi even more ecstatic. The young boy sighed contently, it was going to be a brilliant night.

Jou wasn't at school today, and all his other friends had after school activates, but he'd be okay walking home by himself… right? Of course! It'd be fine just for one day… and Yami would be waiting at home for him! He'd be all right. Shifting his backpack on his shoulder, Yugi inched out of the school grounds to depart for his home.

Yugi had a bad feeling but shook it from his head. Just don't think about… that. Putting a smile on his face to assure himself, he kept walking along the pavement. It was quite a ways from his house, so he quickened his pace just a tad bit more. I wonder what Yami is doing… He thought absentmindedly.

The young blonde came to a halt when he saw a 'road closed' sign up ahead. Sigh… not the long way. He would have to take the long way. I hate doing this… but I have to get home somehow… Cheer up, Yugi! Remember, the movies! With that thought in mind, he turned the corner for the long way.

While walking down the street whistling a happy tune, Yugi was abruptly dragged back into a brick wall and instantly shut his eyes, his backpack slipped from the one shoulder it had been positioned on. Wha…?!! He opened one of his large eyes to see three man standing there, one of them pinning him to the wall.

"This one looks good… don't you agree?" One of the men nodded to the one's comment and they all smirked. "Nice and innocent… awww… how disgusting." The one who pinned Yugi laughed and looked at him. "Innocent… pitiful. And he's so weak and skinny. It's almost too perfect to pass up!" All of the rapist started to crack up and Yugi whimpered. "Aww… Mommy isn't here to save you?" Laughter, mockery… The young teenager started to cry. A slap was received followed by a "Shut the hell up, whore." /Yami!! Help… Yami! Please answer me!/ Sobbing and angry at his spirit, he screamed his name, pleading for Yami to show up.

"Shut him up! He's hurting my ears!" "This'll shut him up!" Yugi felt his pants being ripped at and he knew what was coming.

A agonizing scream echoed in the forsaken streets.


Amethyst eyes opened to unfamiliar soundings. But the hurting in his body and the blood on his thighs reminded him of all the events. The rapists had left him in this alley way… broken, damned, and drained. The youth started sobbing… why had this happened… to him?!

Why hadn't Yami responded? Weeping even louder, he started to shake. He felt coldness against his bare knees and the sound of trickling rain. Was the sky crying with him? Did it feel pity on him?

It still bothered him that Yami had no reacted. What was wrong? Had he--

Oh God…

He had forgotten to put down the block. Yugi always put it up in school so he could give the teachers his full attention, and he forgot to unblock it. How could he be so… dense! But… he usual didn't really need to put it down with his friends around him… Even that wasn't a good excuse, he had forgotten… He should not be mad with his Yami… but himself.

And the lullaby of the rain and the rhythm of his crying soon put the weary boy to rest.


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