Innocence Broken

Chapter X: Could It Be?

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Sunday. Boredom. Bodies lazed. Minds raced.

Yami mindlessly twirled the remote in his hand, eyes locked onto the ceiling with the TV blaring a random channel, something about the thunder storm a few nights back.

That night...

Yami thought a lot about that night, and this situation. Yugi made a point to ignore it.

Twirl. Twirl. Twirl.

I should talk to him about it. I mean, death of a family member isn't exactly the most cheerful thing to be going through alone. But what if he just wants it to be left alone?

I should respect his thoughts, but they're somewhat—almost—my own! How can I ignore? He was getting over the rape... and jumped straight into another problem...

I wonder if he thinks of me as much as I think of him...

Twirl. Twirl. Clash.

"Yami, what was that?" Yugi's voice came from the kitchen... and so did a good smell. Yami sniffed, drooling.

"Nothing important." Yami came into the kitchen, following the scent. "Mmmm..." He came up behind Yugi, crossing his arms and placing them on Yugi's head playfully. Yugi continued to stir, a secret smile uknown to his other half.

"I'm making pancakes." Yugi anwsered the quesiton before I came. Yami game a "Mmmm..." once more, took his index finger and dipped it into the bowl Yugi was mixing in.

"Yami!" Yugi's voice clearly shouted 'I hope you washed your hands!' and was hinted with annoyance. Yami took his hands off Yugi's head and laughed "Relax! We're the only one's eatting the pancakes anyway." He stretched, putting his arms behind his head.

"Hmph..." Yugi pouted a bit, and Yami laughed once more, arms still behind his head. "Besides... if you can kiss me I'm sure my hand germs aren't THAT big of a deal." Yugi remembered the kiss, and mentally stopped laughing.

"Heh... I suppose."

Yami talks as if we're... lovers? Perhaps... it feels a bit strange. I guess we are... unoffically... I'm so confused! I wish he would just come out and say 'I love you, Yugi!' so I would at least know!

"Ahem... Yugi I need to... talk to you."

"About what?" Yugi shivered lightly, finishing the last of his breakfast meal. Please not Grandpa... please not about him... please not about the rape... please about how you love me.

"Well... I just wanted to say..." Yugi sat and listened intentlly, his heart beating fast. The TV still on, giving him something to focus on during the pauses.

"About Grandpa... Yugi... I just... want you to know that... you don't need to worry about anything! I'll take over the Game Shop and everything! So don't be worried about food or money or bills or—"

"Yami..." Slightly disapointed, "Thank you... but... I'm not worried about those things."

"Well I wasn't saying you were I was just saying that I'll take care of you and everything!" Words spoken quickly by Yami.

"He was old, Yami." Yugi looked down at his hands neatly placed in his lap. "Life goes on, I suppose..." Tears brimed over in Yugi's eye and he quickly brought his arm up and covered them. He choked back a sob.

"I'll just... I'll just miss him so much!" The sobs flowed freely now, and Yami got out of the chair he was sitting in and kneeled by Yugi, soothing him with rythmic patterns of stroking.

"I hope he lived a good life!" Yugi sniffed, and Yami wipped away his other half's tears. "I'm sure he did, Yugi. He lived a good, long life." Yugi's tears came flooding back.

Yami hugged him and let him cry. All the feelings Yugi kept inside his mind barrier came bursting out. So many emotions that Yami could not name, and did not want to.

Should I tell him? I don't know... if he doesn't love me I don't want to cause him confusion... but what if he does? What if he's waiting for me to tell him? He doesn't flinch when I hold him... he didn't turn away when I kissed him...

"Yugi, I..." Yugi gulped down a sob and moved his eyes to meet Yami's wandering one's, "I love you. More than anything."

Yugi's mind froze, and light seemed to overcome the shadows once more. He said it... Yugi's hand clutched Yami's arm to see if this was real. It was. So very real.

Yami's breathing quickened, waiting for a response. A clue, anything. "I love you too!" And it came with a kiss.



Bodies raced.

Minds lazed.

Sweet beginnings...

And happy endings.
I am both sad and happy to say that, indeed, Innocence Broken is complete. ; ; I will miss writing this story, no matter how spaced out my updates were, I remember the first day I wrote this. I remember moving to my new room while I was writing this. I remember moving back to my old room in the middle of it. I remember my first heartache that made me write so tragically. I remember everything in between.

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