Authors note:

I'm very dissatisfied with the results of the first Progenitor King and my plan to introduce Sam and Dean into the story would've been way too late. I'm rewriting this to introduce them way earlier, as in the first chapter. I'll do better not to have so many grammatical errors and this story will focus more on the boys than their successors, who are just lending a helping hand to guide them along.

This will be written in third person, focusing on the boys' figuring out who these mysterious hunters are. Hope the quality of this one surpasses the lackluster quality of the original.

My characters' preexisting backgrounds, excluding the new one I created not too long ago, remain unchanged. I added some new things since it takes place more than a few years later than the previous story was set in. This is set in season 5 and I don't own Supernatural, just my three characters. It starts at the beginning of season 5.

Updated authors note:

I fixed a few tiny things that were inconsistent with in this prologue, and for any new readers on , I hope you guys enjoy this rewrite. Just in case anybody on here is interested in the original Progenitor King, it's on my AO3 account where this story is also updated at.

As for the original statement:

I have done a lot of research for this story and have been hesitant to post it, for I want to make sure I wrote my German main characters accurately. If I made any mistakes with either portrayal, please let me know and I will fix it. Any constructive criticism is welcome and please let me know what you guys think. I sincerely hope that the portrayals are accurate and are not offensive in any shape or form. If there are any grammar errors, please let me know and I can fix them.


A trio of time-travelers contemplate their plan to go into the past and help their ancestors, Sam and Dean Winchester.

Year: 2056

Location: Berlin, Germany


History Will Soon Change

A group of three people sat inside a small, two floor house in a pleasant German suburb in Berlin. They sat in the dining room of the home at a moderately long black table with a worn out, black railed chandelier with a dimmed light on it. One could hear a middle-aged woman in the kitchen listening to a German-spoken podcast on her phone whilst cooking a meal on the stove, not too far from the dining room. Also, one could also hear an old HD TV on in the living room, where a middle-aged man was watching football while unwinding in a comfortable recliner.

At the dining room table, there was tension and frustration between all three people. There were three small duffle-bags by each person's feet at the table, where all three had a pair of house slippers on over their socks. "Couldn't we have booked a later flight?" A young man said in English with distress in his German accent. He was by the far the tallest out of all three at the table with ebony black hair, blue eyes, and pale skin dressed in a black Henley shirt and black skinny jeans. "We would've been fine if we waited fifteen minutes!"

He appeared to be around twenty-three or twenty-four.

The small group of people at the table were quiet when he broke the silence.

"We had to, Sam." The other young man at the table said in English with a solemn pitch in his German accent. He was by the far the second tallest out of all four at the table with soft black hair, brown eyes, and fair skin dressed in a buttoned-up blue and white flannel shirt and loose blue jeans. "Emma and Danny said they'll call Oma and Opa when they get here. Castiel should be here soon." He looked about two or three years older than the taller man at the table.

The young woman at the table appeared more worried than anything and she sighed. She had long, curly dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and tanned skin dressed in a simple light blue V-neck t-shirt and light brown skinny jeans with a deep frown on her face. She looked around the age as Sam was and the shortest out of all three of them.

"I don't care what they said! I'm not leaving without them, Dean." Sam, as it seemed his name was. "We can't fix the past with just the three of us. I'm already concerned enough with Rebekah coming along."

She looked up at her name being mentioned.

"I'll be fine, Sam, I know how to hunt." Rebekah said worriedly in her Californian accent, twirling her curly brown locks out of nervousness. "We still have to decide on our aliases and what my cover is. I assume you'll tell them the truth about being brothers."

Dean seemed to be deep thought for a moment. "Of course. How about you're our sister?" He suggested. "We can say you're our step-sister or adopted sister. It makes sense you'd keep the same last name as us."

Rebekah sighed. "Yeah." She said with a nod. "What about your names?"

Sam looked dejected with his rather innocent guilt-inducing blue eyes. "Do I have to use my middle name? I hate being called Henry!" He complained childishly with a groan. "I want something to at least sound like my first name." Calmly with no surprise on his face, Dean looked at him. "We could just call you Samuel instead." He said in a slightly teasing, only half-serious tone. "I'm using my middle name, or maybe just D and say I'm not called by my first name anymore."

Rebekah looked interested. "What is your middle name, Dean?" She asked.

"Alexander." He answered, then looking toward Sam. "I'll more than likely just go with D to make it easier to remember. You need to be called something different, Sammy, and I have another idea you'll hate."

The taller brother rolled his eyes with a scoff.

"What, you want to let them assume you're older than me?" He snapped.

Dean gave him a look to not push on the issue further. "Do you want to correct everybody you meet when you look two or three years younger than me?" He said, not in the mood for his brother's snark tonight. "We need a plan soon, so can't you just decide instead of complaining about our options?"

Sam shook his head. "Fine, you win." He muttered, sounding more like a pout.

Rebekah groaned. "Just stop bitching already." She muttered.

"Not you, too, Rebekah! Jesus fucking Christ, my siblings are rubbing off on you more." He complained irritability as he snorted. "Anyways, what last name are we gonna use? I prefer our real one, so whatever we come up with must start with 'w.'"

"I'm sure that'll go smoothly, Sam. We'll go in with a suspiciously identical last name." Dean snarked back at his brother with frustrated sarcasm. "As far as anybody in the past knows, there's no other Sam and Dean Winchester. Can you stop being so goddamn bitchy about everything?!" Rebekah was about to intervene when the woman came in from the kitchen.

"Stop it, boys!" She said firmly in her German accent. "You need to be ready when the angel to get here."

The two brothers sighed in unison.

"Sorry, Oma." They happened say at the same time.

Rebekah was in deep thought about altering the past when the grandmother spoke up toward her. "Rebekah, do you need to lay down?" She asked.

"No, I'm fine. Thank you, though." The younger woman answered politely. It seemed that the two brothers calmed down enough to have a civil conversation and their grandmother sent the three Winchesters concerned looks. "Don't overthink the aliases, you need to pay attention to what's important." Sam looked over at his grandmother. "Thanks, Oma." He said quietly, but politely.

She nodded as she headed back toward the living room and he couldn't think of how to approach all of this without doubt or fear of changing the past. "I'll use my middle name. There's no way in hell I'm letting anybody call me Samuel, unless my namesake or Dean's would rather call me that instead." He relented. "Now that he's using the letter D and we're still calling Rebekah by her name; we need a last name."

Rebekah thought for a moment. "Don't I need a back-story first? How would we work in how your dad had the time to have another kid?" She asked carefully. "He doesn't seem like the type of person to do one-night-stands."

Sam shook his head. "No, he's not. How about he adopted you after, say, your parents died in an accident and you had no other relatives able to take you in?" He suggested after a moment of thinking. "As for why you're not German, he adopted you when we moved to the States."

She realized how much sense that made. "Yeah, let's go with that." She answered.

"How do we explain how Rebekah doesn't seem like she had enough training?" Dean asked, then looking over at her. "No offense. You've become good in the past year."

Not offended at all, Rebekah smiled.

"I have a solution I think you'll like." Sam said. "Similar to how we met in college as strangers initially, instead when I left for eight years, you came with me and enrolled as well." The younger of the two brothers shook his head. "Sammy, you were out for eight years and you didn't require as much refresher training." He said. "What if we just say that Rebekah graduated from secondary school early and got accepted into a university, so she had more time away from hunting than you?"

Her and Sam shrugged their shoulders and appeared to agree.

"As for our fake last name, how about Wolff? If I recall correctly, it means something like wolves and battle." The older of the two brothers suggested with a smug smile. "I'm the most feared in this family after all."

Dean nodded. "That's fine with me." He said.

Rebekah seemed to think for a moment further. "I like it."

"Also, for our fake IDs there, I'll put my first name as my middle, and Dean," he said as his smug look faded, "I assume you're putting your first name as your middle?"

He looked undecided. "Yeah, for further evidence if we have to prove our identities, if they'll even believe it." He said. "You can't order me around like you normally do since they'll think you're younger." Sam scoffed as he rolled his eyes. "Age has nothing to do with authority." He said distastefully. "You know I'm the one who raised you, right? You can't revoke my right to keep you safe."

Dean didn't argue, nor did he disagree. There were some things about his older brother that he couldn't change, and this was one of those things. "Okay, but you can't constantly supervise Rebekah on cases either." He said. "We'll stand out too much and you know there's more discreet ways to keep her safe."

"Guys! Please stop talking about me like I'm five. I'm the same age as you, Sam," Rebekah said with her face red, obviously embarrassed by Sam and Dean's overly protective ways, "and I'm not some helpless damsel in distress. I can protect myself when I have to."

The angel of the Lord, Castiel appeared in front of them at the table.

"I trust you finished your planning. We need to leave now." He said urgently in his gravelly voice, alerting the three futuristic Winchesters of his presence. "Are you ready?"

The three of them coincidentally nodded at the same time.

"I can only take two of you on one trip and one on another." He said.

Sam glanced over at Rebekah, then back at Castiel. "Are you sure it's safe for two trips there?" He questioned with worry laced in his normally stoic voice. "Is there any time to wait?"

"Yeah, it's safe. I wouldn't put any of you in danger and the past will be in peril if we wait any longer." The seraph answered. "Thank you for doing this. I believe you three can alter history for the better." Sam and Dean's grandmother came back into the dining room. "Is that the angel, boys?" She asked them, amazed, and unsurprisingly, the legend of Castiel was true.

"Yeah," the older of the two brothers answered. "Oma, would you and Opa be able to let Emma and Danny know what's going on?" She nodded. "Yes, I will. You three just stay safe and come back alive, or your opa will raise hell." She answered.

Dean looked over at Castiel. "Let us get our shoes on by the door and grab our duffle bags, and we're ready to go." He answered as stoically as usual, but with a clear gratitude for the angel in his tone.

Time to go back to the past.