Chapter 1: End of an Era

It was so hard to breathe.

The Grimm have overran the city and Beacon has fallen. While it is true that the Kingdom of Vale's Council remains active and coordinating evacuation efforts along with what remains of Beacon Academy's faculty, the damage was already done. The last images before the Cross Continental Transmit System went down were Atlesian robots massacring civilians. A great victory has been achieved, but what's the point when your only friend isn't there to celebrate it with you?

Neopolitan hobbled through the wreckage, nearly avoiding detection by several Beowulves, busy with their current quarry. The Neapolitan-themed criminal-in-arms held back a breath, hugging behind nearby debris, faced with the once vibrant commercial district. It was merely twelve hours ago that she saw the district teaming with people, despite the many controversies. Now, the shop's were ruined and their only guests were the chaotic flames, engulfing each block within its grasps.

Neo broke cover, the Beowulves have long since left to find their next prey. She sombrely wading through the broken streets. She saw something, something down the alleyway. It looked like the shadow of a long coat blowing. It looked like the figure was wearing a bowler hat too. Neo let out a smile, tears threatening to pour out of her eyes. She ran towards the shadows. It was Roman, it just had to be! Neo knew her caretaker wouldn't have died so, so pathetically!

"Don't you know Neo? I'm invincible. With you by my side, we're practically immortal!"

If she could speak, she would scream his name. She would tackle him, slap him, then embrace him. How dare he scare her like that?!

When she arrived, she collapsed on her knees. It was just his red-lined coat and hat, hanging on a steel rebar. Neo wanted to cry but stopped herself. 'How on Remnant did it get here? This is definitely Roman's so…oh that Dum-Dum is making fun of me!' She reasoned, taking the coat and hat, 'Well, seeing as he's not here, I might as well wear it.'

She twirled in place, taking in the comfort that came from the coat and hat. She once again stared at the ruins of the city. Neo walked through wreckage of many buildings, tilting the rim of the bowler to cover her eyes. She bumped into a wall. Looking up, she recognized the store. It was Gelato's Ice Cream Parlour. Neo fondly remembered this place. Roman took her there when he first started teaching her.

"Hey kid, what's with the long face? We just did a job and got a— oh I see/ C'mon, let's get some ice cream. I know this great place, Gelato's. Trust me, you won't regret it."

Neo never did. Whenever they pulled a job or took a break, she would always come to Gelato's and sample every bucket until Roman came to take her sugar-induced comatose body back to the hideout. She never felt so sick, yet so good, like that ever because of him. Now, Mister Gelato was no where to be seen and all his ice cream had been spoiled with blood. Neo left the building through the back door, finding Melodic Cudgel and several cartridges of dust leaning against a dumpster.

She picked it up and embraced it. 'I knew that Dum-Dum isn't dead! Now I can kill him properly!' Neo silently cheered, twirling it around her hand. She began skipping through the city, her wandering led her to a park. Her last home. Neo wanted nothing to do with it, she wanted to leave that place immediately but she willed herself to walk through it. The memories here takes her back. At the time, she was young, scrappy, and hungry. Most importantly, Neopolitan was alone. She had no one, until her saviour came. From then on, he never left her.

"You know you can't keep this up kid. Sooner or later, you're going to get caught dead out here. Hell, it's raining so badly right now that I'll get a cold. Achoo! See? Why don't you come with me? It's warm, has food, and has a roof. What you say, we got a deal?"

She saw her hand reaching out once again, just like that exact moment that brought her Dum-Dum to her. Now, she was alone once again. She saw something in the pond's edge. She reached out and brought it to her. It was Roman's cigar box and zippo-style lighter. He would never abandon it unless he was very near. Neo twirled around her, she scouted the entire area, she even shot several shots of Melodic Cudgel into the air. Nothing.

Neopolitan collapsed to her knees. She was truly alone and nothing will change that. Roman Torchwick, his memory, all lives in her but why did it feel oh so bitter? Neo took a cigar, bit into it and spat out the end. She rested it between her teeth and lit it. She coughed several times, unused to the smoke in her lungs but returned it to her lips, blowing out a long whiff. It was all over, she had one thing and she can't bring it back.

Neo cursed Cinder, cursed her for being the one responsible to taking Roman away from her. She cursed Mercury and Emerald for egging him on, despite his claims that they don't bother him. Ultimately, she blamed herself for just standing by while they massacre her Dum-Dum. She cried in silent anger, rage, and shame. Neo had done it, she had killed her Dum-Dum, she had murdered her one thing.

It just wasn't fair.

"Kid, you don't have to steal from me. Believe me, I know nothing in life is fair. Vale claims they care for their people but look at you kid! Where did that leave you? No one's taking you and no one wants you. Well, you don't have to think about with me. If no one wants to take responsibility for you, I will. Heh, look at me, talking about responsibility. Ha, I might as well. I always like to think that I do a service for others, I mean, I practically brought up the entire street so I guess I'm responsible for making sure everything is nice and pretty. I can proudly claim that this was done all by me. Would you like to have that too, kid? How about it?"

She let out a huff of air. Responsibility, eh? To do a service for others? Ha! How can she do that now when there's nobody left? She brought Melodic Cudgel's barrel to her chin. The roar of Grimm were coming, probably noticing the shots in the air. Already, the Beowulves are upon her and charging.

Neo smiled. 'Be seeing you, Dum-Dum.'

A loud shot rang through the air.

Darkness was all Neopolitan could see but she could feel something. It was light glaring at her eyelids. She sat up, finding herself wearing her clothes, Roman's coat, his hat, and both Melodic Cudgel and Hush. Her back was against an alleyway floor and she could hear the sounds of a lively city. Cars, the exhaust heat, loud conversations, and police sirens. Was this Vale? No, it wasn't, it looked nothing like it.

Neo touched below her chin, nothing. She was still alive, that's for certain, so where on Remnant was she? She walked out the alleyway, revealing herself to the world. People largely ignored her…sorta. Sufficed to say, seeing a 4'10" girl walking through the city with a classy suit, hat, umbrella, and cane in her hands is an unusual sight for sure. Then again, the people were used to 'unusual sites' by now. One guy walking by her and commented, "Sweet clothes kid, real classy."

Neo rolled her eyes, a smile on her face and shrugged, as if saying 'Obviously, it's me.'. The guy laughed, saying, "Sure, whatever you say kid."

She shook her head and continued walking through the city, mind focused on any discernible landmarks. None so far. It didn't make sense, Roman took her to other places for sure but none were like where she was right now. It was so surreal. Neo's wandering found herself in the town 'square' even though it's not much a square. Unlike Vale or Atlas, the place was vibrant with billboards, electric signs, and TV screens. It was much better than what people predicted back home.


The chatter of gunfire was coming from the right and several police squad cars ramming one another from the left. Five men wearing black body armour were walking-fire on the cars, officers crawling out and taking cover behind them. Neo noticed just how well coordinated these men were, not to mention the blatant assault on officers in broad daylight. If this were home, this would have never had worked. Who's crazy enough to do that unless they were stupidly powerful.

"Bring in the Hammer." The leader of the squad said, retreating back behind cover. Before she even got the chance to even guess what that meant, a fuel truck sped through the street and rammed through the police cars, detonating in a firestorm of the awful smell of diesel.

"Well, well. What do we got here?" commented one of the gangster, aiming the assault rifle on her. Another followed him, aiming his own weapon at her, laughing at his luck. After all, since they were here to distract the cops, why not get themselves a little extra on the side?

Neo shook her head in disappointment. 'Such a low form of criminal. Well, I suppose that remains a constant then.' She lowered her head, the brim of Roman's bowler covering her eyes.

One of them fired several rounds past her head. 'Oh ho ho, you did NOT just discharge your weapon on me. Hmm, it appears I'll have to teach you a lesson.' She thought, letting them see her smile.

Neo swung Melodic Cudgel up. The men laughed at her, one of them taunting, "What you gonna do with that, pretend it's a gun?"

Neo smirked and revealed its combat mode. The reticle flipped up and an unstable red flare is discharged from the cane, the explosive power of the dust round throwing both of them backwards, unconscious. The remaining gangsters aimed their guns at Neo, bewildered. "What the fuck? That thing's a gun?!"

The Neapolitan-themed girl simply waved at them, swinging Melodic Cudgel in her hand then leaned against it. Unbeknownst to all, Spider-Man saw Neo, quite literally, blow the opposition away with a cane. He made a quick swing-by, tugging their guns away and webbing them to a nearby wall. He landed behind them, quipped, "You gotta be kidding me, somebody already beat me to delivering you your fresh, hot cup of bodily harm? My boss is going to freak!"

Neo released a silent laugh, shaking her head. She replaced Melodic Cudgel with Hush and twirled it around. The leader of the gang shouted, "Get them!"

A thug rushed her, aiming a fist to her head. Neo simply opened the parasol, the thug's fist slamming home into his face. She leaned the open parasol on her shoulder, egging him to come at her. He obliged, of course, and threw a myriad of throws her way, in which she danced her way out. Neo ended the charade with a roundhouse kick, knocking him out. Disappointed, she saw her costumed acquaintance throw men into the air and knocking goons out with uppercuts and hooks.

Spider-Man swung by and complimented, "Now that, was awesome! Nice going kid! Give me five!"

Neo pulled her empty pockets out and shrugged, suppressing the grin. Further away, she noticed a truck with more mooks coming their way. She pointed at them with the cane. Spider-Man said, "Talk more after we serve up more cups of bodily harm?"

The truck stop and thugs immediately opened fired on them. Neo kneeled and let the parasol protect her, rounds ricocheting off. Spider-Man swung down and webbed several men to the side. With their eyes divided, Neo closed the parasol and rushed a goon, jumping up and catching one in a huricanrana, knocking him out. She quickly thrusted the tip of Hush into another thug's gut and used the hook of Melodic Cudgel to catch his neck. She winked and pulled down, the thug's head ramming straight into her knee.

Neo heard the web-slinger clapping. He said, "Nice moves, you're a real natural!"

She gave him a little bow, leaning on the cane once again. He said, "You aren't much a talker, are you?"

Neo nodded in the affirmative.

"Are you mute?"

Neo sassed him, showing off her hip. Spider-Man's phone went off before he could line up a retort. It was from Police Captain Yuri Watanabe.

"Spider-Man, what's your status?!"

He replied, "Um…all wrapped up here, you?"

"We're about to go in."

"I'll be there soon and it looks like a friend wants in too. I can't wait to see the look on Willie's face when you slap the cuffs on him!" He said while looking at Neo's rather suggestive hand motions. Turns out, he guessed right and she was giving the thumbs up.

'Not bad.' She thought, 'For a comic book hero wannabe, he might not be completely useless.'

Spider-Man informed, "Alright, we're about to go to Fisk Towers to arrest Willie, so um, maybe you want something to better cover your face- woah!"

Neo revealed the parasol's sheathed blade, pointing it at Spider-Man's neck, before playfully tapping his cheek and silently laughing, putting it away. Never tell a women to cover her face, especially Neo. The Neapolitan-themed criminal looked at his eyes and blinked, each time her eyes changing colour from pink-to-brown, brown-to-pink, red, and then green. He said, "Okay, woah. That, is actually pretty cool and-"

An explosion rocked the air, a fireball appearing from the distance. "Yuri! I knew that Fisk wouldn't go quietly." He bemoaned, before turning his attention to his friend. He looked her over once more and offered, "If you promised not to kill anyone with the pointy sword thing, you can come help take down Fisk. Deal?" extending a hand.

She shook on it. "Alright, but hang on tight!" He said, grabbing her by the waist and zipping straight to the war zone that was occurring outside Fisk Towers. Officers and Fisk's soldiers were exchanging fire and nothing was pushing that frontline. It was a stalemate.

Captain Watanabe took cover behind the SWAT van, requesting through the walkie-talkie, "Get more backup!" She gazed up and saw more of Fisk's men on the high ground, "And lock down the airspace!"

Spider-Man landed with Neo, rather he was on the SWAT and Neo was peering from the engine block. A round smashed into the side-view window and she crawled back into Yuri, spying Spidey taking to the sky. She deduced, "I'm guessing you're the friend he called along."

Neo gave her a thumbs up before flipping the reticle of Melodic Cudgel up and aimed it at the door, launching another dust round. It detonated spectacularly, throwing several of Fisk's men out of cover and blew the door down. Yuri grumbled, "And to think you would cause less damage than he does."

Neo gave her a playful shrug before a round tanked her from behind and throwing her to the ground. "Oh shit!" Yuri yelled, grabbing Neo back behind cover. Neo whacked her arm away and rubbed her back. The Police Captain wondered, "How the hell you survived that, I just saw you get shot!"

Neo ignored her. 'Oh, they are so dead!' She thought, glaring at the one that shot her. She pointed at him, then revealed her sword, before ending the motion with a finger crossing her neck. The man, terrified, ran back indoors. Neo rushed alongside the cops, opening the Parasol. Once again, rounds bounced off it, consequently allowing officers to go deeper into the main lobby. Spidey saw Neo in action just as he knocked out another thug with an upper-cut.

He said, "Oh I really gotta find out what that's made of!"

Neo would have laughed, if she could. 'To think that me, a seasoned thief would be helping the police. Oh, what the world has come to. Honestly, to think I find myself in this situation because some idiot shot at me. Well, seeing as they don't know who I am, I might as well make the best out of the situation.'

She closed Hush and rushed in, using both Melodic Cudgel and the parasol as training swords, thrusting and whacking Fisk's soldiers down in quick succession. The elevator chimed and more of Fisk's men rushed out, only to be stopped by Spider-Man taking them down. Neo met up with her 'partner'. One of the men was moving, aiming the assault rifle at him. Neo silently 'tsked' and clubbed the goon with the cane's hook.

Spider-Man turned and saw his partner wagging a finger, leaning her cane on the goon's back. "Okay, we really gotta work on your communications skills." He said, pointing at her.

Several SWAT troopers punched the elevator button, only for it the power to go out. "They shut down the elevators!" The lead said, turning to the staircase, "Take the stairs!"

Spidey commented, "I prefer a more direct approach."

Neo happened to disagree, she was trained by the best thief in Remnant after all. She tapped Spider-Man's shoulder and then herself and then to the staircase. Spidey replied, "Oh, you want to go with them. Okay, don't let me stop you."

She followed the officers up the stairs and found them caught in yet another stalemate with Fisk's soldiers having the high ground. Neo spotted the man that shot her. She fired a warning shot above his head to get his attention. She pointed at him with her umbrella and made a slicing motion with her neck. The man, obviously freaked out, shouted, "Shoot the girl first!"

Neo smiled and calmly walked towards them, several rounds calmly zipping past her. Officers shouted, "Hey! Get to cover! You're going to get shot!"

A thug lined up his sights and fired. Instead of a body dropping, a glass figure of Neo was shattered. His buddy beside him wondered, "What the fu-"

Neo came in from behind, hooking partner's neck and forced him down, slamming down with her boot, knocking him out. The thugs jumped in surprise but were quick to regain their composure. The web-slinger swung down not a moment too soon and knocked down a nearby goon. He rhetorically asked, "How exactly do you think this ends well for you?"

Neo bowed before him. A thug took the opportunity to take her down but found himself hitting nothing and tripping over himself. Neo stood before him once again and was knocked out by a boot to the face. She proceeded to take out the others with Hush and Melodic Cudgel. A thug complained, "Take them down already, there's only two of them!"

Neo locked a goon in an arm lock and they were staring at one another. She smiles one last time before letting her semblance, Overactive Imagination, take over. The man gasped, shocked upon seeing…himself. Neo dispatched him with a quick chop of her left hand, before targeting the remaining mooks.

"Hey man, what are you doing?!"

Spider-Man saw the 'infighting' and commented, "It's a little late to be getting that drink now!"

He hopped down and said, "Well, as long as you're here to help, go to the server room and stop them from erasing the evidence."

Neo 'smiled' and pointed at the door on the level above. Spidey helped and got them there. He said, "Now go in and do the right thing."

Neo bitterly chuckled. 'The right thing he says.' She thought, walking into the room and closing the door behind her. Straight ahead was what she assumes is the central computer. She went up to it and punched a thug from behind, the unconscious body slumping over the keys. A thug shouted, "What the hell are you doing?!"

She blinked her eyes and they changed to their 'normal' pink and brown. The thug jumped back, shouting, "Jesus Christ!"

Neo punched him out. Everyone rushed to surround her as she cockily waved her arms up. Spider-Man dropped down from the vent and took another thug down. "Hi, is this tech support? I forgot my password!"

He zipped his webs to a nearby thug and brought him to him, taking him down with a roundhouse kick. Neo let them come to her.

"Traitor!" They would shout, of which she'd wholeheartedly disagree. How could you be a traitor when she wasn't even on their side in the first place.

Neo dodged each throw and countered with a kick, quickly dispatching her group of enemies. Spider-Man raised a hand, cheering, "Nicely done pal! Now, let's see how good your security is? Uh oh, seems to me you forgot the latest Kernel patch." He quipped, typing away to stop the countdown. Neo rose an eyebrow but ignored it, even she admits when things are going over her head.

"Well, well," A deep voice said, the image of a significantly large bald man in a black suit and purple striped tie appears on the screens, "Hiding in the server room? Cowardly, even for you. And you, I had never expected a traitor amongst my own workforce!"

Neo shrugged and leaned on her cane, a smug grin apparent on 'her' face. Spider-Man retorted, "Says the guy frantically erasing his search history."

Fisk said, "After all these years, you are still just an ignorant child!"

"True, but that's part of my charm, isn't it?" He said, looking at Neo. She nodded enthusiastically, giving him a double thumbs up. "See, even he agrees."

Fisk snarled, "Oh, don't think I don't see you coward. Tell me, what has Spider-Man offered? Protection?"

Neo snapped her fingers, revealing herself, she pressed the hook of her cane up to the bowler, smiling happily. Both Spider-Man and Fisk jumped, surprised. The Web-slinger wondered, "Hey partner, you wouldn't happen to be related to Chameleon, wouldn't you?"

Neo shook her head. 'I would know if I had a Faunus sibling.' She thought, pausing a moment to think on that one word, '…partner. Am I really your partner?'

Fisk asked, "Oh? And who is this Spider-Man, another of your so-called heroes? Tell me, do you know who I am?"

Neo smiled at him, quickly typed in her scroll and showed it to the screen. The Kingpin snarled, "Is this your idea of a joke!"

Spider-Man saved the data only seemed to further enrage the criminal mastermind who cursed, "Damn you! Get that door down now!"

Another squad of Fisk's men rushed the room. This time, Spider-Man took the initiative and launched the first one into the air and yanked him back down. Neo calmly dispatched the second thug. They fought their way out and reached the exit. He asked, "So what did you show Willie that got him so riled up? To be honest, I'm a little jealous you manage to do that by just showing him your phone. Also where did you get the fancy-" An explosive was detonated several floors up, "We'll talk later."

Neo's eyes widened. 'Oh my, this Willie Fisk is quite…extreme to maintain his power. Come to think of it, where does he get the explosives let alone the manpower willing to sacrifice their freedom for?'

Spider-Man dialled Yuri, "Yuri, there's-"

"I saw." She replied, "I'm sending in a bomb squad."

He said, "We'll make sure no one gets in their way." Helping Neo scale the levels, meeting up with the bomb squad. "Hey guys, so I guess bombs are part of Willie's escape plan?"

Neo kept her face neutral as she eyed the bomb squad. How did they get up here so quickly? "C'mon, we gotta go help those people!" Spider-Man said, rushing towards the danger. Neo nodded and followed him, eyeing the bomb squad again. He pulled a large column, freeing more people. One women stopped, saying, "I think there's more people back there."

"We'll find them." The Web-slinger said, pressing forward.

Neo silently sighed. 'What are you doing girl? You never done this before and Roman never taught you this. Why do it? Are you really that dependent on someone else's approval? Are you really that lonely, this desperate for a partner?'


Neo looked and saw her partner getting ready to lift. "I lift, you pull, got it."

Neo nodded and got ready. He lift the rubble pinning the people there and Neo worked to get one out but more rubble toppled on. In a panic, she used her parasol and cane as a wedge, putting as much of her strength to push it and not let the the concrete crush the two people pinned underneath. Fortunately, Spider-Man did the rest and hefted up, allowing them to escape. He shouted, "Go, go, go."

Neo took a few steps back then tackled Spider-Man so they were on the other side. He quipped, "Touch down, and the crowd goes wild!"

She shook her head at the small joke, lightly patting her partner's cheek. He said, "Seriously though, where'd you learn to tackle like that? You see, I know this guy who would kill to see-"

The phone rang and Yuri said, "Spider-Man…Whatever your friend's name is. It's Yuri."

"How we doing Captain?"

She briefed, "Could be better. Our choppers are taking a beating. We just had to ground our last one. If Fisk calls in a chopper, we'll have no one to stop the landing."

"And no one to chase him if he flies away."

Neo patted her partner's shoulder, expressing a bit of concern on her face. Spider-Man replied, "Don't worry we'll catch him. C'mon, we gotta hurry."

They walked to a hallway, seeing the wounded piling up. "Damn. Yuri, get EMTs up here fast!"

"We're trying!" She said.

The two entered the next room and a henchmen with SMAW rocker launchers. He shouted, "Take cover!"

Neo cartwheeled to the side then rushed Fisk's men, quickly taking them down. They proceeded through the rubble and fought their way through. They passed a pair of red doors, meeting up with the bomb squad. Neo allowed her eyes narrow and hung back behind her partner. She took a few breaths, planning it all out.

"Lead the way. We're right behind you."

They passed them and the bomb squad raised their rifles. Neo reacted quickly, dropping down low and taking out one of the corrupt officers. Spidey went high, snatching the rifle away from the officer before dispatching him. This left with the remaining bomb squad officers with assault rifles and two riot shields.

"You guys were in bed with Fisk all along?! Ahh, now I'll never get that image out of my head!" The web-slinger cried, snatching an officer and bringing to him before taking him down.

Neo chuckled, 'Oh darling, Dum-Dum and I bribed cops all the time back home.'

A officer managed to come from behind and fired several rounds, unfortunately, Neo's image shattered like glass and the rounds tore into his comrade's leg. They shouted, "What the fu-"

Neo knocked him out with a kick, resting a finger against her lips and winking before knocking her shooter out too with a backward cartwheel kick. Spider-Man exclaimed, "Okay seriously, We really need to get down what you can do."

Neo playfully swayed her hips, sassing him and turning her attention to the door. She let out a few huffs, daring herself that she was ready for this. He touched her shoulder, saying, "We can do this. We're doing the right thing okay."

He called Captain Watanabe again, "Hey Yuri, it looks like some of your guys were on Fisk's payroll. The good news is, it looks like they were his last line of defence."

She ordered, "Take him down. NOW."

"With pleasure."

They burst through the door, seeing Fisk writing down the last of his cheques. Spider-Man quipped, "Writing your memoirs? Don't forget the hyphen between 'Spider' and 'Man'." Neo silently laughed, giving the crime lord a friendly wave and readied herself for a fight.

"Get the chopper ready, I won't be long." Fisk calmly ordered, standing up and picked up a remote and walked towards an enclosed space. "I'm surprised you made it this far, but your foolishness ends now." He pressed the button, a wall of thick glass dropped down.

"Uh, you know we can still see you, right?"

Neo rose Melodic Cudgel, flipping the reticle, but Spider-Man pushed it down, shaking his head. The Kingpin growled, "Eight years of this insolence. It's time to end this."

The two pillars closest to his desk revealed two sentry guns, their minions spinning and unloading a barrage upon them. Neo took the right pillar and the web-slinger took the left. He demanded, "Seriously, what did you show Fisk to make him this upset!?"

Neo smiled and broke cover, opening the parasol and letting the rounds ricochet off it. It gave her partner enough time to rip a sentry gun off its position and throw it against the glass wall. Neo pulled up Melodic Cudgel and fired a round at the second turret, disabling it's weapons and allowing Spider-Man to throw it against the wall, shattering it.

"How is this happening?!" Wilson Fisk demanded.

"What's wrong Willie? You seem angry." Spider-Man quipped, Neo adding her own taunt of resting her open parasol on her shoulder, shaking her head to the ground.

He shouted, "I will destroy you!" Rushing forward and smashing his desk. He grabbed the largest chunk and threw it. Neo, eyes wide, cartwheeled backwards. Her partner swung forward, catching the desk it with his webs and threw it back, barely fazing Fisk. Neo stood there stunned, not because of the punishment the Kingpin was able to take, but at her own partner who sailed through the room to give his opponent a beatdown.

Fisk blocked the blows and returned with an upward swing, throwing Spidey a few feet back. He marched forward, clutching both hands together in a fist and ready to smash her partner's face in. Neo reacted, she didn't think, she didn't run away. She reacted, launching herself in front of her partner and opened Hush and launching Fisk's fist back into his face.

Neo closed the parasol, letting Spider-Man see the Kingpin nurse his face. He quipped, "Why you hitting yourself Willie?" He got up and said, "Thanks partner."

'Partner.' She thought, thinking back to Vale, 'If only I'd been a better partner.'

Spider-Man rushed in again, webbing up his opponent and launching himself at him. Unfortunately, the webbing came off and the enraged criminal mastermind tackled the web-slinger and rammed him against a large pipe. Fisk's blows came quick, causing dents which her the web-slinger dodged. Her partner found an opening and punched him. This served to enrage the Kingpin more and launch Spidey, and Neo who was caught by the throw out of the room. They rolled over one another, as Fisk's soldiers entered the room.

He snarled, "You are everything that's wrong with this city!"

Neo glared defiantly, signing: It takes one to know one

"Funny, I was going to say the same thing." Spider-Man said, quickly turning to Neo, "You take the goons, I'll handle Fisk."

Neo was hesitant but he held her shoulder and insisted, "Trust me."

She nodded and assaulted the men, leaving Spider-Man alone with Fisk. Neo worked quickly, launching Melodic Cudgel's flares and kicking down reinforcements before they get a chance to attack.

"Watch out!"

Neo turned around and was bulldozed by Fisk, slamming against the wall, Roman's hat flew off her and she collapsed on the floor, barley conscious. Spider-Man rushed him but was thrown up and slammed to the ground. Kingpin pinned the web-slinger and brought both his hands together into a fist for an overhead smash. The Web-slinger barely dodged in time, and the floor collapsed around them. Neo panicked and jumped down after her partner. She saw Spidey getting ready to launch himself on a down Fisk.

She grabbed hold of her partner and they both rammed their feet onto Kingpin's chest, breaking another set of levels and landed on a walkway, rolling. They were both launched out, Neo landing on a nearby walkway, gripping her chest. Spider-Man, webbed his walkway and swung around, landing on the glass window. He jumped towards Fisk, throwing both off the walkway. Once again, Neo leapt after them, seeing her partner punch Fisk repeatedly and smash through another floor.

Spidey, first webbed Fisk, then brought Neo close to him and webbed the ceiling above. He slowly zipped to Kingpin's face and taunted, "So, should we kiss now?" Neo weakly 'blew' a kiss at Fisk who sputtered obscenities at them as officers approached the captured Kingpin, guns aimed at him.

Fisk was led out of the building in handcuffs, preparing to board a paddy wagon.

Spidey perched on the roof of the paddy wagon, commenting, "Finally off to Ryker's, huh? You know, I think you've got more enemies in there than I do."

He swore, "If you think this will be more than a minor inconvenience.."

Spidey chuckled. "Whoops, gotta go. Hey, good luck Willie. I have a feeling you're gonna need it."

"Idiot!" He shouted, "I'm the one who kept order in this city!" A door closed and Kingpin let out a last defiant holler, "One month! In one month, you'll wish you had me back!"

Yuri sighed in relief, turning to an exhausted Neo sitting on the steps, leaning against the wall. She said kindly, "Hey, thanks for the help, you did a real good job in there. Even saved Spider-Man too from what he told me."

Neo shrugged, a tired smile grace her face. Yuri took a knee and checked up on the Neapolitan-themed girl. "You sure you're okay, do you need to see the medic?"

She nodded again.

Yuri pressed, "Listen, I have a few questions down at the station, you know to clear some things up. Would you mind coming on down?"

Neo attempted to stand but stumbled. Yuri grabbed hold of her, whispering, "Hey, hey. Just lean on me alright. You'll be fine."

Neopolitan sighed and readily collapsed on the Police Captain.