Summary: Since the prologue gives a basic idea of the storyline to come, I don't think I need to elaborate on it very much. There are a few new characters, but they're not very important just yet – and for anyone who is new to the series, I've written in most of the characters' full names, just to give a little extra information in case anyone would like to do some research on them.

This fic doesn't follow any specific track or season, I just wove the storyline from general parts of each series – it is, however, mainly running on current events (note: Spike is not dead, Buffy is still the only Slayer and Cordy's still around.)

All right – now that the technicalities are through, let's get on with the story.

Prologue: The Prophecy

Since the dawn of time and beyond, the two most powerful forces in existence have been at war with each other.

Each has always tried to gain dominance over the other, each fighting for full control of the living worlds. For what men have come to call years, centuries – millennia - these forces have fought a little more fiercely, become a little more forceful in their eternal warfare.

Some call it the battle between 'good' and 'evil' – others, the struggle between 'light' and 'dark'; but no matter what name is given to these forces, they have always existed and will always exist, unto the very end of time and of existence as it is known to all but the Creator: the one to which mankind has given the name 'God'.

How did these forces come to exist? None can tell. The endless ocean, the solid rock, and the ancient forest do not remember. The stars in the heavens themselves do not recall.

But they are ancient, these forces, and they have permeated the limitless worlds and the infinite universes with their influence, binding them to the force by which they were first touched.

The worlds touched by one force have been termed the realms of 'Hell', or of 'Damnation', or of 'Darkness' - and the ones touched by the other force, the realms of 'Heaven', or of 'Paradise', or of 'Bliss'. Who is to say which one of these forces is the more powerful? Who is to say which force to accept into one's being, and which to reject?

And who, in the end, is to say which force shall win the war that has raged so endlessly in ways beyond human understanding?

However, not all worlds have been touched by one force alone. Some have been tainted with both forces, becoming neutral territory, in which unbound creatures exist – beings neither good nor evil, but hanging on the balance, waiting for the scale to tip them in one direction or the other.

These beings are the race of men and women, created to inhabit a world which hovers on the fine line between the realms of 'evil' and the realms of 'good'. This world has become a fighting ground for the ancient forces, for they both wish to claim the neutral ground as their own.

Somehow, this world has become the ground zero of universal warfare.

And so far, the forces have fought each other equally, both matching the other's strength, their battle almost completely unaffecting the sentient beings residing within the neutral world. There have been no great casualties, and none but a very few of the sentient beings on neutral ground are even aware of the celestial battle raging around them. 

But at some point, the forces will reach the limit which they have hitherto refused to cross. At some point, their battle will break out into an all-out warfare that will shake all of existence with its force...

Because at some point, a flicker must burst into a flame.

And all of this raging chaos must start somewhere; the spark must be lit in one place alone. And for no reason – or perhaps for a thousand reasons – this place, this galactic warzone, shall be the planet named 'Earth'.

The home and birthplace of mankind shall be torn apart by a battle that none shall stand a chance of surviving, and men themselves shall tremble at the chaos unleashed – the chaos that shall destroy them all; for who shall stand to defend the meager race of mankind?

When the fire is finally lit, who shall keep their world from burning?

Author's Note: Brief and complicated, I'll admit, but hopefully it'll add a certain tone to the story to come.

Most of the successive chapters will be shorter than usual – only about a page long – but this will hopefully allow me to update faster.

And although they are no longer necessary for the continuation of this fic, reviews and opinions are, as always, welcome.