Bunny Hop
by Kayla

Disclaimer: Not. Mine. Damnit!!!

Xander stared at the vampire, totally speechless. He blinked...repeatedly.

Spike rolled his eyes. "Well? Isn't this what you lot do on holidays? Dress up and party, all that rot?" He reached up and played with the soft, furry bunny ears that were stuck on top of his head.

Barely able to breathe, Xander managed to stammer out, "Spike, you...you...ears...skin...gah, skin..."

Spike glanced down at his body. "Yeah, skin. What, never seen a naked bloke before? Doubt if I've got anything you don't." Then he snickered softly. "Then again..." He reached down and playfully stroked the extra bit of skin on the end of his cock.

Xander yelped. "Spike!" he protested in a squeaky voice. "You're...you're...naked!"

"My, my, you are quick, aren't you?" Spike sighed, then looked around the room distractedly. "There's s'posed to be a little bowtie that goes with this..." his voice trailed off as he turned and bent over the bed, fluffing up the covers in his search.

Xander's face turned bright red at the sight of the large, cottony tuft of fur affixed right at the top of Spike's ass. "Gahwzzt!" he blurted.

"What's that, mate?" Spike asked as he continued to paw around the covers.

Eyes almost bulging out of his head, Xander gave a low groan and pounced, toppling Spike to the bed as he groped frantically at the acres and acres of bare, pale flesh the wriggled under him.

"Well now," Spike purred in satisfaction as he arched up under Xander's touch. "That turned out better than I planned."