So I didn't receive any chocolate.. or flowers.. but I did get an offer of a toffuti rice creamsicle. Er..I think I'll pass, but thanks anyway. Here's the next part.

Part 2


"Plausible deniability?"


"But I.."

"Mulder, do you want to come out of this unscathed or not?"

"Of course I do."

"Then you're going to have to do exactly as I say."

Mulder sighed heavily. "What do you want me to do?"

"Firstly, get rid of them," Scully said as she pointed to a pile on the coffee table.

"Get rid of them?" Mulder asked in alarm. "But..I can't…"

"Mulder," she warned.

"Can I keep just one of them, Scully? Please."

Scully looked into those puppy dog eyes of his and her resolve weakened.

"It's a bad idea, Mulder," she said softly.

Those eyes again. She sighed heavily.

"Alright, just one."

Mulder grinned gleefully and sorted through the pile.

"This one," he said happily, holding up the 'ABBA Gold' CD.

"This is going to take a little getting used to." Scully fretted, as the image of Mulder singing and dancing to 'Waterloo' assaulted her again.


Notes: Now, before you start, I happen to love ABBA. But it struck me how most people won't admit to liking them, even though they may know all the words to 'Dancing Queen.' So I thought I'd have a little fun and make Mulder an ABBA-holic, and Scully the second party who looks down her pointed little nose at him. :)