It was late the night before the trip back to college and Lidia found herself sitting at the kitchen table. She had been told about what happened to Mrs. Malfoy but in the research that she had done in the last few days told her about things she had never known. Things about her mother and the journal that she had open in front of her, her mothers when she was a teenager (one she shouldn't be reading) had explained what happened to her at Malfoy Manor. It was the same thing she had seen in the vision the day she had spoken with Draco Malfoy about Scorpius.

"Are you okay?" Loki asked sitting across from her with Hermione "You've been really quiet since the New Year's Eve party and Thor told us a little about what you want to talk about it?"

"Why didn't you tell me?" Lidia broke out with "Mum...Why didn't you ever tell me?"

"Tell you what?" Hermione asked "I never actually knew what happened to Narcissa Malfoy"

"But about you" Lidia said "Why not about you?" She looked at her angrily "You were tortured by my friends' family member!"

"That doesn't change anything!" Hermione snapped "It changes nothing and you didn't need to know it, that's why I didn't tell you"

"You let me find all of this out on my own" Lidia said "I have known for years that you helped end the war and I guess somewhere in my mind I knew that a price must have been paid but I assumed that my mother would tell me about it" She wiped her hand across her eyes and fought to keep her composure "I knew that war was ugly but the ugliness I heard about surprised even me, then to learn about what happened to see it..."

"See it?" Loki repeated though there was anger laced in his tone as well because he never even attempted to wonder where her 'Mudblood' scar had come from. He never wanted to know how it had found its way on to her arm because then he would be angry and want revenge.

Lidia looked from one parent to the other and then relayed the story. Hermione's hands shook as her daughter, someone she had never told this story to, explained the most terrifying memory she had of the war. She explained everything to a tee right down to the color scheme of the room and how insane Bellatrix appeared. Loki kept a close eye on both his daughter and his wife, Hermione was pale as death and was shaking and Lidia looked as if she were trying to make sense of it and couldn't. She pulled a book out from under the table and slid it across the surface to Hermione.

"Is Bellatrix LeStrange alive or dead?" Lidia asked "Your journal never says"

"Why are you reading this?" Hermione hissed.

"Because" Lidia answered "I had to learn about my mother somehow and it appears that you won't ever tell me"

"Is she alive or dead?" Loki repeated the question while a muscle jumped in his jaw.

"Alive" Hermione answered "The ministry said that the spilling of anymore blood could send the wrong message. She is alive and in Azkaban in some of the lowest cells at the bottom of the sea where they keep the death eaters"

~~(( ))~~

Lidia and Natasha were sitting on their beds in their dorm room chatting about the vacation. Natasha had changed a little over their time gone, she was no longer dressing to gain the attention of every male in the school. She was paying more attention to her studies, covering up more and spent most of her nights writing extremely long letters to Severus and waiting impatiently for his response. Lidia was unsurprisingly as attentive as ever with her studies, however she was paying more and more attention to her Government and Leadership classes than she had before.

She had fought with herself off and on about her reasons behind wanting to be a Leader but she realized that the reasons she had been fading in to the background of the class was so others wouldn't think she was like her father too much. But maybe the wizarding world needed someone like him to run it...maybe not him exactly but someone that had compassion and a brain. Her new life goal was to become a Minister of Magic as early as possible and to get the wizarding world in working order again. To punish those who needed to be punished and remember and honor those who deserved it.

"You have another letter" Natasha said dropping the envelope on her bed "One may think you were planning on marrying Lucius Malfoy from the way you two write to one another"

"He's just lonely is all" Lidia answered opening the letter.

Dear Lidia,

Your interest in politics and the inner-workings of our Ministry interests but doesn't surprise me. Before I offer any help I may be able to I want to know what I am helping because I've made too many mistakes in the past. I don't have as much pull in our world as I used to have because I am more or less a recluse, however Draco has more pull than I ever did and I have the money to help you. I am not offering help at least until I know what you are planning to do but I will help if it catches my interest.

-Lucius Malfoy.

Lidia shook her head and sat down at her desk while Natasha squealed and read the newest letter from Severus aloud even though Lidia was not paying attention in the least. The when she was done reading about how Severus missed her and thought that she was the most amazing woman in the world, she threw herself on her bed and talked about how amazing he was. Not that Lidia was paying attention to anything that she was saying at her, she just liked to speak and hear her own voice. Lidia not paying attention had been getting worse and worse since they left England. She was even ignoring Remus, she stopped walking with him to classes and after a little while she stopped studying with him as well claiming that he was only interested in flirting. If she was honest with herself she would admit that after they came back from holiday in England and ended up having sex in her dorm room while Natasha, Scorpius and Lanni were out shopping things had become a little strange.

"Hello?" Natasha said loudly next to her ear "Are you alive in there?"

"Sorry" Lidia said shaking her head a few times "What were you saying?"

"I'm asking what's going on with you and Remus" Natasha said "When I brought up going to a movie and getting the group rate you and Remus both said no, he's never around and when he sees you he looks like someone just pissed all over his Christmas presents"

"It's nothing, okay?" Lidia snapped.

"Tell me what is going on" Natasha pressed gently "I may be able to help you" Lidia looked at her for a few minutes and then sighed leaning back against her chair.

"We had sex" She said and Natasha nodded.

"Ah" She said "Was he very small?" She asked "Not that good...I always assumed he was know the whole shy thing then he pulls it out and..."

"Natasha!" Lidia yelped "It's not that. He was...very good"

"And..." Natasha asked making a wiggling motion with her pinkie.

"He was..." She blushed "Larger...than I expected..."

"Ah" She said knowingly again "He scared you off, hmm?"

"It had nothing to do with his body, okay?" Lidia said "It's just...what if, what if he turns out like Kale?"

"I assure you that Remus is nothing like that asshole you dated in Hogwarts" Natasha said actually looking a little offended for Remus.

"It's not just that" Lidia said "I just need some time to think, about stuff that has nothing to do with him or school or anything else"

When it was clear that the Russian woman refused to be brushed off Lidia took a deep breath and told her everything about Narcissa and what she had seen standing behind Lucius as she drove away in the carriage. She was in tears that she hadn't realized she'd been holding in for days until she was sobbing and shaking uncontrollably.

"What's wrong with me?" She asked Natasha "Why am I seeing this?"

"There is nothing wrong with seeing it" Natasha told her soothingly while running her hand over her hair "When we went to Greeter Hall and you were taken I think a door was opened within your mind. It was a door that was already opened it was merely opened all the way now, you are seeing the ghost in the magical world that no one is seeing, that doesn't want to be seen and the living that are around them don't want to see them"

"But why wouldn't Lucius want to see his wife?" Lidia asked.

"His guilt" Natasha answered "He obviously feels that he didn't do enough to save her, that he could have done more even if that wasn't's enough to keep him from being able to see her and it's probably keeping him alive"

"Is that possible?" Lidia questioned.

"Magic is a very strange thing" Natasha told her "A muggle will die when it's time to die. A wizard can actually unknowingly use their magic to keep themselves alive if they are healthy"

"Healthy?" She repeated.

"Yes" Natasha nodded "He isn't suffering from any sort of sickness so there is nothing working on his body to make him weaker so his magic just keeps pushing him" A tear rolled down her cheek and Lidia realized that the other woman was not speaking about something she had learned from a book but from personal experience "You can see that he isn't really alive just going through the movements of his days and soon he will finally get sick and slowly die"

"I'm sorry" Lidia whispered.

"It's okay" She smiled "Long time ago"

~~(( ))~~

Remus walked towards Lidia and Natasha's room about a week later. He hadn't been sure what had been going on with Lidia but now he knew and he wasn't sure how he felt about it. He loved her, he needed to be with her, to see her smile and laugh and he wanted so much to marry her in a few years' time and have children with her but he was worried now. He knew that she was spending so much of her time studying but when he had snuck up behind her in the library to surprise her he saw a letter from Lucius in her hand. The normal feeling of jealousy over took him and he wanted to rip the older man apart, but then he started to read the words that were written on the parchment in her hands and felt his heart sink. Phrases like 'If you are honest in your claims I think you'll be a wonderful leader' and 'The Malfoy family will back you with all our resources, it's time someone with a brain ruled this world' made him stop his trek towards her and just look at the parchment without seeing the words any longer. He had lived through Voldemort and lost friends because of that man's need to rule over their world, he couldn't do it again. He knocked on the door and waited for her to answer, he had made sure that Natasha was out because he didn't want to be interrupted.

"Hey" Lidia greeted from the open door "What's up?"

"Can I come in?" He asked not waiting for an answer and just pushing in to the room knowing that she would come up with a reason that he couldn't.

"I guess" She answered as he walked past "I was writing an essay..."

"Lidia are you trying to become the next leader of the wizarding world?" He asked.

"What?" She smiled and then frowned "Is it a bad idea?"

"You didn't live through Voldemort" He told her through clenched teeth "It was horrible..."

"I won't be like him" Lidia said "And I'm not trying to be a 'ruler' or 'god' I want to be Minister of Magic, isn't that something that a boyfriend should want for his girlfriend?"

"But..." He started.

"If this were your dream I would support it!" She hissed "But you just keep judging me!"

"Stop being a drama queen!" He seethed "You know that I love you, that I want you and want to support you in anything that you do but I can't allow you to put yourself in a position that we both know your family can't handle!" Lidia smacked him hard across the face her eyes wide with anger and hurt.

"I don't care what you want" She snapped "You'll have to learn to deal with it, just like I've had to deal with being your mate...something I would never have chosen for myself!" Remus clenched his teeth as her words ripped at his heart and he saw regret quickly go through her eyes immediately.

"That's fine" He said "Have it your way then, I'll leave you alone from now on"

"Good" She snapped "Why would I want an old werewolf who seems content on keeping me pregnant and in the kitchen?!" She had no reason to why she wanted to hurt him so badly but she had to think of something hurtful to say.

"That's fine" He said quietly "Because I've been wondering what I saw in a spoiled, immature and selfish little daddy's girl like you"

"I..." She sputtered as he opened the door "Get back here a listen to me!" She stomped her foot as she demanded his attention.

"No" He answered looking around the door "Go whine to daddy, because he is the only man that will have the time or patience to put up with your whining!"

Natasha came back to the dorm room to find it in shambles. The whole room, her side included, had been uprooted and thrown around and Lidia was lying on the floor sobbing in to her arms. After making sure that they weren't robbed or about to be murdered Natasha ran over to her and wrapped her arms around her rocking gently and making soothing sounds. She had no clue what had happened but she assumed it had something to do with Remus, he was the only reason she ever cried.

"What happened?" Natasha asked after she had calmed down a bit "Was it Remus?"

"Yes" She said, fresh tears cascading down her cheeks.

"What happened?" Natasha whispered.

"We broke up" Lidia answered and started to sob again.

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