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This will take place after the Clone Wars' Mortis Arc and before the events leading to Satine's death and Ahsoka leaving the Jedi Order.

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Clearwing Yuta


Star Wars: A Galaxy of Adventures - A React Fanfic

Nobody remembers what exactly happened as Anakin, Padme, Ahsoka and the Jedi Council suddenly all find themselves at an unfamiliar location.

All they could make out from the current situation was that they were all apparently inside of a movie theater's lobby, with a snack and ticket booths before them. A door to the staff's room could be seen on the other side of the location.

"Urgh… Where am I?" Anakin mutters, slightly rubbing his head as he felt a bit dizzy. The others were also feeling the same as they were slowly recovering themselves.

"Ah, you're finally awake! How delightful!" A familiar robotic voice chimes in.


Everybody turns to look at C-3PO and R2-D2 standing before the Jedi and Padme. Both wearing red usherette hats.

"R2?" Anakin asks, raising an eyebrow at his astromech companion.

"C-3PO, why are you using… A hat?" Padme inquires as she looks at her protocol droid, puzzled.

R2 made a few beep noises in response as the golden droid seemed to agree with him.

"Yes R2, I know. Miss Padme. Master Anakin. We were both recruited by… A certain someone to guide everyone here present to meet him. He is also the one responsible for summoning all of us here in the first place." C-3PO explains vaguely, showing that he also doesn't have much idea of what is going on.

As expected, the organics look skeptical at this.

"And who is this 'someone'?" Obi-Wan asks, stroking his beard as he looks around, still suspicious of this place.

Who could have brought all of them to this mysterious location? How? And why?

"Before that... In case someone is interested in getting something to eat or drink, the snack booth is over there." C-3PO points at the said spot as the group could now see Jar Jar Binks there, also wearing an usherette hat as he waves back to the summoned people happily and carefree.

"What the? He wasn't there before!" Ahsoka points out as the other Jedi agree with the Togruta, only being able to sense the Gungan's presence now throughout the Force.

"Uhrrr!" Someone howled.

And in the ticket booth next to it, a certain Wookie was now present, wearing his trademark bandolier together with the same usherette hat.

"Chewbacca?" Ahsoka speaks, recognizing the furry warrior.

"You know him, Snips?" Anakin asks his Padawan.

"Yeah, Skyguy. He is the one that helped me and the other Padawans when we were dealing with the Trandoshans." The Togruta girl explains as she smiles fondly at seeing a familiar face.

Anakin, Plo Koon, Mace Windu, and Yoda all nod in understanding at this as they remember when the Wookies brought Ahsoka and the other Padawans back to the Jedi Temple.

"If you all would kindly follow us. Our mysterious employer seems to be eager to meet everybody." C-3PO reminds the summoned group, prompting them to follow him and R2-D2 trough a hallway.

Although wary, the Jedi and Padme decide to comply since they still needed to find out what is their current predicament.

As they walk through the hallway while the droids guide them, the group soon stumbles upon something unexpected.

"*Gasp!* Anakin, look!" Padme calls her husband as she points out to the several movie posters hanging on the wall, side by side.

The one poster that caught her attention was:

Every saga has a beginning

Star Wars - Episode I: The Phantom Menace

"Star Wars? Wait... T-That's me, you, Obi-Wan, the droids and… Master Jinn..." Anakin speaks to her, eyes widen as he looks curiously at the picture. Who made this?

"..." Obi-Wan quietly looks at his late master's picture, reminiscing about Qui-Gon, before looking uncomfortably at Darth Maul's pair of yellow eyes. It felt as if the Zabrak was glaring at the Jedi Master.

The Dark Sider was still alive, roaming somewhere around in the galaxy with his brother Savage Opress.

"Skywalker!" Mace suddenly exclaims as he calls the Jedi Knight, getting everyone's attention as he looks sternly at Anakin.

"Care to explain?!" The dark-skinned Master suddenly demands as he points to the next movie poster.

Star Wars - Episode II: Attack of the Clones

The main issue of this picture was how it seemed to be depicting two certain individuals: Anakin and Padme, with the latter leaning on the shoulder of the former. It certainly looks-

'Romantic, right? Anakin. Padme. Tell the others what happened after The First Battle of Geonosis. They will find out either way.' A mysterious voice suddenly speaks as everybody apparently hears it trough some sort of telepathy.

"What the?" Eeth Koth asks aloud as he and some of the masters look around, trying to feel and detect the new presence, ultimately failing to do so.

Therefore, all eyes focus back on Anakin and Padme.

Obi-Wan crossed his arms and raised his eyebrow in anticipation.

'What have you gotten yourself into this time Anakin?' he thought to himself.

The couple looked at each other, then Anakin sighed:

"Right after Geonosis, when I was escorting Padme home to Naboo, the two of us got married."

For a minute, the other Jedi in the room just stared at him. Then the entire room exploded into noise, different members of the Council arguing with one another, saying things like "I knew this would happen" or "We have failed him." Only Obi-Wan and Ahsoka stayed quiet.

"Quiet, you will be!" At the sound of the Jedi Grand Master's voice, all of the Jedi fell silent. "Watch these videos now, we will. Wait, the fate of Skywalker and Amidala can."

"But Master Yoda-" Master Windu was silenced by a look from the green alien, who turned to Anakin's master and Padawan. "Know, did you?" They both shook their heads.

"Anakin, why didn't you tell me? " Obi-Wan asked. Anakin looked away, unable to meet his eyes. "There were so many times I wanted to. But I just couldn't bring myself to, especially after you were appointed to the Council. I couldn't make you choose between the Code and me."

Obi-Wan sighs. He's actually known about the marriage between Anakin and Padme for some time now, and he has a hunch that Ahsoka knew about it too. He never informed the Council because while he wasn't too vocal about it, he saw the great man that Anakin truly was. Someone that was willing to do the right thing no matter the cost.

"Skywalker, you broke the Jedi Code!" Mace exclaims angrily. "By all accounts, you should be expelled right now!"

Anakin glares harshly back. "The Code that got my mother KILLED!?" he roars.

"Anakin!" Obi-Wan exclaims. Ahsoka watched the exchange between the two with wide eyes, not sure what to do.

Mace shakes his head. "He still broke the Code- the Code that we have followed diligently for thousands of years!"


Yoda shakes his head, thumping his gimmer stick on the ground repeatedly. "Enough! Quiet you two shall be!" He exclaims, staring at the two of them.

'I believe you have more important issues to attend to rather than to quarrel amongst yourselves, right? Come, I'm waiting for you.' The mysterious voice suddenly talks, gathering all the attention once more.

"Who are you? Are you the master of this place?" Kit Fisto inquiries, looking above him.

'All of your questions will be eventually answered once you meet me...' The unknown entity speaks before his presence disappears again.

Begrudgingly, the group obeys the voice as they keep following the droids. And more movie posters came into their view.

Star Wars - The Clone Wars

"Hey, there am I!" Ahsoka smiles at the sight of herself as she stood next to Anakin, Obi-Wan and Yoda. Captain Rex, Commander Cody, and an army of clones following after them.

Star Wars - Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

At the sight of this movie poster, Yoda adopts a grim expression as he and the others somehow could now feel a powerful dark presence in the Force just by staring at the poster.

"Revenge of the Sith? *Gasp!* Episode III?" Shaak Ti asks aloud, eyes widen as everybody else soon starts to realize… Was this their future!?

Anakin and Obi-Wan look confused and concerned at each other as the picture shows the master and his apprentice engaged in a lightsaber duel.

Ahsoka and Padme look disturbed at the ominous dak masked figure that imposes himself in the back of the poster as it seemed to stare back at all individuals that looked at the movie poster.

Windu narrowed his eyes at the other Dark Sider, a hooded figure that posses a deformed face. Why this individual, probably the Sith Lord the Jedi are looking for, seems familiar to him?

Remembering that their mysterious host is the only one that has the answers they seek, the group resumes their walk. The pass through the remaining posters but only pay brief attention to them.

"Episodes IV… V… VI… Is this our future? H-How is this possible?" Padme asks as she looks at the others, all looking equally disturbed as her by these revelations.

The group finally reaches a large double red door on the end of the hallway that magically opens itself for them.

"Our employer is waiting inside," C-3PO tells everybody as he and R2 enter first. The Jedi and Padme soon following after the droid duo.

They were now inside of a movie theater. Everybody took a seat at a very comfortable cinema reclining chairs.

Obi-Wan looked around. On his left was Ahsoka in the same position as he. Next to her was Master Yoda.

On his left was Anakin. To the left of Anakin was Padme. Obi-Wan managed to look behind them. He then saw the rest of the Jedi council.

At the front of the room was a black wooden stage with red curtains and brown walls to the sides.


Suddenly, the lights turn off as the curtains opened up, revealing a large movie screen.

The movie screen turns dark blue as it shows a warped image of the color before finally forming what appears to be an unknown figure with silver eyes covered in a sky-blue energy cloak that was concealing this entity's true form.

The Jedis could all feel a tremendous amount of power coming from the being as they noticed how strong he was in the Force.

"Who are you!?" Anakin demands, glaring at the figure, and ready to fight.


"Huh? Where are my lightsabers!?" Ahsoka exclaims as she notices that her weapons are now gone. The same for Anakin and the Jedi council.

"Anakin, I can't get up," Padme tells her husband as she finds herself unable to leave her seat. An invisible force seemed to be binding her moves.

It appeared as though everyone around her was having the same problem. Everybody could change position but still were not able to get up and leave out of their chairs. No matter how hard they tried, the muscles would not listen.

"Please, calm yourselves. Forgive me for this. I mean you no harm. I just want to tell you, people, some things… About your future and your galaxy..." The mysterious entity speaks as he makes the lightsabers of all Jedi appear, floating on the stage, in a puff of smoke.

Some like Anakin, Windu, Stass Allie and Ki-Adi-Mundi immediately tried to call their respective weapons back to them. Only for them to fail at this.

"Bring us here, why did you?" Yoda questions, staring at the ominous being.

"There are many things I wish to show you all, Master Yoda.

I come from a galaxy where your story, as well as your future, are considered to be fictionist tales created for entertainment. Everything from the discovery of Anakin on Tatooine to more than five decades into your future has been covered.

We also have a system similar to the Holonet, where people make self-made videos, our galaxy's version of a holo, and publish them, also for entertainment. Some of these videos are of the franchise that was made of your lives, called Star Wars. I plan to show some of those videos.

Please know: this is not going to be a happy story for you, nor will these be easy to watch. All but seven of you in this room will be dead by the end of the war if these events unfold, all but three of you in the following twenty-five years. This is a story mainly about Jedi but that also affects the entire galaxy as a whole. Senator Amidala is here because this is also the story of her and Anakin's children and grandchild."

At this, some members of the Jedi Council glared at the said couple, making them feel uncomfortable under their eyes. Only Obi-Wan, Yoda, Plo Koon, and Kit Fisto remained passive.

Ahsoka was baffled that someone in another galaxy seemed to literally make a source of entertainment with the story of their lives. How is this even possible?

"I and my helpers here will provide you with food and drinks in case someone is interested. However, while you are with me, you will not technically need to get up, eat, sleep, drink, stretch around, or use the bathroom. This will allow us to watch several hours of content without any backlash." The entity motions to C-3PO and R2-D2, who have decided to stand aside while the organics watch the movies.

"I assume by now that seeing the movie posters that I left behind in the hallway gave an insight into what awaits for you all in the future." The host explains as the group looks somber, finally accepting that something dreadful was awaiting for them.

"We were about to start Episode III - Revenge of the Sith, I presume?" Coleman Kcaj assumes.

"Exactly. That is the next step of the saga of your lives. Where darkness will soon cover your precious galaxy."

Obi-Wan did not like this, especially as he remembered the image of him and Anakin dueling.

Padme decided to step in at this time. "Let's just watch these videos then. You said that this is the story of my children and grandchildren, which makes it also about Anakin's children and grandchildren. I for one want to see this future, even if it's unhappy. Perhaps we can find a way to prevent it." Padme tells the concealed entity, fully determined.

"Very good, Senator Amidala. Any more questions?" The unknown entity asks his audience as he decides to return the lightsabers to the Jedi trough use of the Force.

"Who… What are you?" Anakin asks, showing his curiosity. The rest of the group also wanted to know.

"..." The being quietly stares at them, contemplating on whether or not he would reveal his identity. Eventually, he decides to do so.

"Fine… It's the least I could do so after I forcefully brought you all here." The entity says.

And so, the energy cloak disperses as the audience could finally see what their host looks like.

It was a silhouette-like humanoid male form. The body is dark blue with white outlines and has white star-like dots scattered inside them, making the body look like some sort of 'galaxy'. Having three trident-like horns on the forehead, the face only consists of silver pupil-less eyes. In the chest, a diamond-shaped sky-blue Kyber crystal resides.

Some gasp at the host's unique appearance, feeling a strong surge in the Force before calming themselves.

"My name is Veritas. I'm what you may call a storyteller. Now prepare to see what awaits for you in the future." He tells the Jedi and Padme as he points at the group.

Soon afterward, Veritas' form becomes warped on the screen as he starts to distort space and create a wormhole that can be used to transport himself, parts of his body, or other beings through it.

He shows that he can project himself through the movie screen to communicate, being even able to easily transport at least part of his body through it.

And so, he makes a giant blue arm pass through the movie screen to reach his guests, shocking the group.

"By the Force!" Saesee Tiin gasps as the giant arm eventually disperses itself and leaves only the white movie screen behind, with Veritas' figure gone.

"The first video is about to begin..." Veritas' voice could be heard one last time before disappearing...

Now playing: Jedi vs. Sith - The Skywalker Saga | Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures

"Skywalker Saga? I guess I must be the protagonist then?" Anakin muses.

Mace and some members of the Council stare sternly at him, but the Jedi Knight only shrugs in return.

Anakin and Qui-Gon looking at each other.

[Anakin]: You're a Jedi Knight, aren't you?

[Qui-Gon]: There's something about this boy. The Force is unusually strong with him.

Qui-Gon vs Darth Maul, Anakin hiding behind of Jinn.

[Qui-Gon]: Anakin!

"Is that how they discovered you on Tatooine, master?" Ashoka questions Anakin.

"Yeah, snips."

Although he was glad to be freed from slavery back then and taken to Coruscant, the Chosen One still struggled some times as he remembered about the painful memory of leaving his mother Shmi behind.

Padme, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka notice this, all looking at Anakin in concern.

At the Jedi Council, Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and Anakin stand before Yoda and Windu.

[Windu]: You refer to the prophecy of the one who will bring balance to the Force. You believe it's this… Boy?

[Yoda]: Trained as a Jedi, you request for him. Hmm?

[Obi-Wan]:(to Anakin) You will be a Jedi. I promise.

The gradual evolution of Obi-Wan and Anakin. (Episode I to III)

Anakin was watching Obi-Wan closely. He knew how much of a toll Qui-Gon's death had had on the man. While he was extremely grateful to Obi-Wan for being the older brother he always had needed, a part of him wondered what would have happened if Qui-Gon had survived.

Obi-Wan and Anakin facing Count Dooku before they duel each other at Mustafar.

Anakin's eyes now have the Sith's trademark yellow color.


Everyone gasped at this as they turned to Anakin, who was in such a state of shock he could barely talk.

"B-But, but, I would never turn. Never." The young man tried to defend himself. But found himself unable to sound so sure as he kept watching the video.

It was then that everyone noticed that the holo paused when Anakin started talking and resumed from where it stopped once he had finished speaking.

[Ben Kenobi]: A young Jedi named Darth Vader helped the Empire hunt down and destroy the Jedi Knights.

Darth Vader vs Ben Kenobi, with Luke watching them.

"Empire!? The Jedi were destroyed!? And what about the Republic!?" Oppo Rancis asks aloud, horrified.

It wasn't hard to guess that the elderly figure was perhaps Obi-Wan in the following decades.

But seeing once again the dark masked Sith Lord from the movie posters disturbs everyone, especially Anakin as he reluctantly accepts and understands that this man is him in the future.

The Force telling everyone this was the case.

Luke trains under the supervision of Yoda and the ghost of Obi-Wan.

"Those blue eyes… The blond hair… He must be..." Padme begins.

"He must be our son." Anakin, still somber, said as he smiled sadly and pulled his wife closer.

"He looks a lot like the both of you, Master," Ahsoka said, agreeing with her Master.

The other Jedi remained silent, watching Anakin and how he behaved around Padme. None of them (with the exceptions of Obi-Wan and Ahsoka) had ever seen the knight so relaxed. At least not since he was a child.

Luke and Vader's second duel on the second Death Star with Emperor Palpatine watching them.

[Luke Skywalker]: I am a Jedi, like my father before me.

[Vader]: You will meet your destiny.

It broke Anakin's heart as he couldn't really imagine himself fighting against his own son in a mortal duel. How could he fall to the Dark Side of the Force and become what he swore to destroy?

And once again, the hooded Sith Lord watching the duel seemed vaguely familiar to him and the others. But from where?

Rey meets Jedi Master Luke Skywalker as she begins to train some lightsaber moves under his watch after she shows Anakin's lightsaber to him.

[Maz]: That lightsaber was Luke's. And his father's before him and now, it calls to you!

"So your son's name is Luke, huh?" Obi-Wan contemplates at his former Padawan, stroking his beard.

"Hey! That's my lightsaber! But… Who is this new girl? Is she a relative?" Anakin ponders as some of the Council members remember that the video was talking about the Skywalker Saga, it was certainly perhaps not only about their Chosen One.

"Perhaps she is another Skywalker?" Master Koon suggested as the others thought the same.

Rey and Kylo Ren clash at the snowy forest of Ilum!

"Another new individual that we cannot recognize. This one is strong in the Dark Side." Kit Fisto points out as they look at Kylo Ren locking blades with Rey.

Changes to the final scene, showing the conflict between the Jedi and the Sith.

[Darth Sidious laughs]

Yoda vs Sidious

Qui-Gon vs Maul

Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Windu vs Dooku

Luke vs Vader

Rey vs Kylo Ren

The video ends with the picture of Luke raising his first lightsaber as the imposing figure of Darth Vader looms behind him with the Galaxy of Adventures logo.

The movie screen went black as the video ends.

"This last scene seems to be summarizing all the major battles between the Jedi and Sith. But, who exactly won in the end?" Shaak Ti wonders.

"Clouded, the future is. Careful with the Dark Side, we Jedi must be." Yoda warns as he spares a glance at Anakin, realizing how the young Jedi Knight seemed to be troubled with some of the revelations the video showed them.

Padme tries to console her husband, putting a gentle hand on his back.

"The future isn't set, Ani. Maybe we can change it." She tries to tell him.

"..." Immediately, Anakin got up and left the movie room without saying anything.

The others soon found out that they were now free from their invisible restraints and could do the same as well.

Obi-Wan went up to follow his student, but Padme stopped him.

"Let me, Obi-Wan. Trust me, I know what he's thinking about right now." Although he didn't like it, Obi-Wan relented and allowed Padme to follow her husband into the hallway of the cinema.

"A break we shall take. Clear our minds, some of us have to." Master Yoda speaks as the Jedi silently leaves the room as well to reflect upon this new development.

When she got there, she found Anakin sitting on a nearby bench, his head buried in his hands. He had sensed her coming but didn't look up when he spoke:

"I should just go away, exile myself. It'll be safer for everyone. I should've known. After what I did to the Sand People after my mother died, I should've just left the Jedi. I'm not cut out for this, Padme. I never was. I care about people too much." Even though it was muffled, Padme could hear the anguish in his voice. She sat down next to him and started rubbing his back.

"Ani, there must be a reason that Veritas brought us here. I believe that this reason is so that we can change the future. And you have the power to do that, Ani. You can change all of this. We may not know how you turn yet, but I have a feeling that we will. And when we do, you can change it." And with that, she led Anakin back to the movie room, where everyone else was already waiting for them.

"..." Anakin looks at everyone, shame on his face.

"I have no idea what would cause me to turn to the Dark Side, but I swear to all of you now. I will do my best to keep this future from happening. I doubt that this will be easy, but we at least know that if we fail, my son will bring back balance."

"I personally think that we should focus on figuring out who that hooded Sith Lord is," Obi-Wan said gravely. "Dooku told me that the Sith Lord controls the Senate, so they must be a senator."

"Skywalker, the Council has decided at this time to allow you to remain in the Order. For now. I believe that we will learn about our future from these videos. We should use that to our advantage." Mace Windu said, surprising the Jedi Knight.

Anakin turns to look at Master Yoda, who simply nods in understanding to him.

And with that, they all sat down again as they prepared to watch the next video.

Author Notes: I suddenly got inspired enough to try writing my own Star Wars react fanfic after seeing the awesome stories made by some of the other authors around FanFiction.

In case somebody is wondering, I used the Jedi vs. Sith - The Skywalker Saga | Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures YouTube video from the Star Wars Kids' channel as the first video used for my React Fanfic.

I plan to use some videos from YouTube, some of the movies(Not all since some people already made reacts of entire movies), and even perhaps content from certain episodes/scenes of the Clone Wars and Rebels shows, depending on the circumstances.

There may be times I choose content from the Expanded Universe(EU)/Legends over (Disney) Canon as the 'true facts' for the cast of this story to react or vice-versa. And maybe there will be some moments when I will try to mix certain events from both the EU and the Canon for the group to consider as the truth.

The only media that I, unfortunately, haven't watched yet are the Mandalorian and the Rise of Skywalker.

Hopefully, I don't end abandoning this new project someday and manage to finish it.

Eventually, I may end taking requests once I ran out of ideas of what to show to the summoned characters.

So, what do you guys think? Please give me some reviews if possible.

If you are interested, please go check my other stories.

Also, thanks to everybody that followed and favorited the story and gave reviews.

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