Hope Returns

By: Master Death

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Description: Thanos Won. He beat them all, but he didn't kill them. No he kept them; caged but alive. He killed all of the people that mattered to them. There would be no second chances, no do-overs and certainly no hope.


"Mentally Communication"

Chapter 4: Doctor Strange

Peter had enjoyed the tour very much. The entire building was amazing. He had also fit well with the group as a whole and they had managed to take down an extra dummy in the fight. He had even managed to defeat dummy level 5. Hulk had finally managed to defeat the level 10 dummy but had taken him nearly an hour while Tony had beaten the level 8 dummy. Captain had beat the level 7 dummy. The level 7 dummy was the average for the entire group.

Doctor Strange tried once again to use magic to get out of his cell but it appeared that something or someone was dampening his abilities. He groaned in frustration. All of his fellow heroes were gone. They had been taken away never to return. He knew it would be his turn soon. And so it was. The guards had come with food. A sure sign that he'd be taken soon. He mentally prepared himself for whatever Thanos had in store for him. It was most likely death. He shook his head slightly to get rid of unwanted thoughts as the guards unlocked his cell door as Thanos stepped into few.

"Restrain him," the mad titan growled at someone beside him and Dr. Strange found his arms pinned to his sides. He felt himself float and then turn so he was flat on his back. Once Thanos had assured that he couldn't do anything he began walking down a long hallway. They walked for sometime before coming to the arena. Dr. Strange was thrown, none to gently, to the ground. He regained his ability to move when Thanos had reached the top box. The being however had stayed in the arena. His power must have a certain range. Dr. Strange thought. He believed that his suspicions were confirmed when the being stepped over to the other side of the arena and he could move again.

"Welcome," Thanos boomed. "The last of the heroes, Doctor Strange. Verse my champion. The destroyer of heroes and the one who dispatched of the rest of the heroes for me. The Master of DEATH!" The crowd roared and Doctor Strange sent a look toward the being that stood across from him in the arena. Surely this couldn't be the Master of Death. Perhaps it was just Death? But she wasn't allowed to interact with the mortal world. So who was it? Doctor Strange was confused but he was also angry. Whoever this was had killed the rest of the heroes.

Doctor Strange waited for a moment before he realized that Thanos had said begin when he was still distracted. The being appeared to be waiting for him to make the first move. He did so gladly and floated up to approximate height so that his immobilization powers would be out of range. A second later the being floated up until it was level with him. At this Dr. Strange narrowed his eyes before quickly going on the attack. Even without the time stone he was still a very formidable foe. However the being matched his every attach with perfect precision and made it seem effortless. Doctor Strange was sweating before he realized the the being hadn't moved an inch. He paused to catch his breath but remained on guard. The being gave him a minute before it attacked and Doctor Strange was amazed by how fluid its motion was. It was like watching an elegant ballet. Doctor Strange could barely defend himself from the onslaught of attacks that the being launched at him. It was long before he was knocked backwards out of the sky. His Cloak of Levitation barely caught him. The being approached him and poked him on the forehead. Doctor Strange slowly faded from view and the being flew back up to were Thanos was waiting.

"His own personal hell?" Thanos question and Harry nodded before he too faded from view.

Doctor Strange appeared in the warehouse surprising the few heroes who were moving in between locations. He stared, open mouth at everything around him. This was truly a surprise. Minutes later, after all the heroes had gathered, the being he had just fought appeared beside him. He stumbled backwards and he was on edge immediately. He did notice that none of the other heroes. Wait heroes! He thought joyously. That meant that they had escaped. He glanced at the being and realized that it must have helped them all escape.

"Now your increased training can begin," the being projected into their minds. "I will give you all a small demonstration of my power and then you will show me what you can do as a team. You have exactly 1 hour to give Doctor Strange the tour." The heroes quickly did what he said. They all wanted to see just what he could do and considering that he had defeated all of them it was bound to be impressive.

Dr. Strange had found the place to be very impressive. Tony and Steve had given him the tour before finishing in the training room where the rest of the heroes waited. They all watched as the being approached the dummy's.

"Level 10, Master of Death," The being said to 3 of the dummy's. He then stepped back as the dummy's formed and charged him. Many of the heroes thought that he had over estimated his abilities but he quickly proved them wrong. His movements were perfect as he dodged each attack and responded in time. In mere seconds he had destroyed one of the dummy's. He went on the defense and defended himself easily. A minute later and the fight was over. He had dispatched the remaining dummy's by ripping the limbs off one and burning the other.

"Great now that that is over you get to show me what you can do as a team. I'm expecting you to at least destroy 7 of the dummy's so try not to disappoint," he projected before teleporting straight into the observation room leaving the heroes to find their way. Once all of the heroes were there Harry started the training simulation which he could see shocked some of the heroes. He carefully observed the battle. By the end there was only one dummy left which was pretty good. When each hero had 'died' he had waved his hand and a number had formed out of smoke above their head. They looked at it curiously before resigning to wait.

"Above each of your heads is a number. This number represented the skill that you displayed for me today." Harry projected. "I am glad to see that I didn't have to rate anyone below a five however in the coming weeks you will each master the level 10 dummy. This is not up for debate." The heroes all nodded. "Good now you all get some rest. It has been a long day and you did just come out of a very intense training session." The heroes all gladly moved away to go to bed. Even Tony put his questions aside. They were all ready to drop.

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