Anders had one too many glasses of wine last night and he was paying the price for it this morning. 12 years ago he would have been able to wake up without so much as a headache but he wasn't young anymore. He shuffled into the bathroom, his entire body felt like it was going to turn to dust. After he was finished with his business, he was checking underneath the sink for more toothpaste when he came across the scales, curious he pulled them out and decided he should weigh himself.

Anders was looking down at the scales, he wasn't completely thrilled at the number. "ugh" Anders groaned in disdain.
"Anders? What are you doing? Are you weighing yourself?" Mitchells alluring Irish accent caught his attention, turning around to see the vampire leaning against the door frame with a peculiar expression.
"I need to lose some weight Mitchell, I've gotten fat. I've gained 23 kilos I honestly don't know how that happened." How was he so naive. Mitchell shrugged, eyes unmoving from his partners body and moved into the bathroom. "I haven't noticed Anders well I have but who cares if you've gained a few you're not exactly a young man anymore." Anders glared, "so you're saying I'm old?"
Mitchell stepped closer to Anders, "No I'm not, I'm saying you've settled down it's only natural besides…" pulling him in, he placed his hands on either side of Anders hips giving a gentle squeeze to his love handles "I can't get enough of your pudge." Anders chuckled, he wasn't really the type to feel self conscious about his body especially when he knew his vampire wasn't much into superficialness. "Oh really?" He leaned into Mitchell kissing his lips. Mitchell returned the kiss, his hands palming Anders hips.
"Really." Mitchell replied as he slid his tongue into Anders mouth.

"So what is the plan today Anders you want to drop by Mike's?" Mitchell asked from his spot on the couch after things had gotten a little bit heated in the bathroom, he remembered thrusting into Anders against the sink nearly destroying the place and the kiwi. Anders was pouring himself a drink at the small bar he had in the lounge. "No I don't want to do that. I've got a whole year to see that uptight bastard." The blonde turned facing Mitchell. "Then what do you want to do?"

Mitchell eyed Anders like he was a piece of meat, the blonde didn't bother with clothes only opting for underwear showing off his curves. Anders was a little bit overweight not obese, they would draw the line if Anders wasn't able to do simple tasks as walk, but he'd admit that Anders has a lovely squishy round belly.
Knowing Mitchell was eyeing his body Anders smiled and walked over and sat on the arm chair
"I just want to stay home on the couch with you, eat takeaway watch movies and cuddle."
Mitchell's arm snaked around Anders waist once he sat down beside him, pulling him in he placed a couple of kisses on the side of Anders plump belly.
"that sounds like a perfect idea."

Anders was leaning heavily against Mitchell's chest, the tv was on playing some crime show and two and a half bags of takeaway placed messily on the coffee table next to them. Mitchell's arms were wrapped around the kiwi's bloated belly. "You sure know how to put away your food don't you babe." Giving it a light pat, Anders was amidst going into a food coma, he gave a half attempt at a groan. Mitchell kissed the side of Anders neck, it was now the vampire's turn to feed and they had done this a thousand times before. He always started off peppering the blonde's neck with tender kisses then he would find his usual position over the jugular and bite down allowing the blood to flow freely into Mitchell's mouth, he had been doing this for so long with Anders that he never made a mess and Anders felt like he was just donating blood at a blood bank. Mitchell's hands were still on his partners belly, rubbing against his firm but soft middle which slowly made their way down to his lower belly. Mitchell especially loved supporting the added weight. The vampire was now done with feeding from Anders, using his tongue to seal the wound with his saliva and smiled now aware that the blonde was snoring softly. Being fed on always knocked the kiwi out for the rest of the night. Mitchell manoeuvred Anders and carried him to bed making sure he was nice and warm, once he was satisfied he too got in the other side and pulled his partner against his chest arms wrapped around Anders middle. It was a new way to start the new year, Mitchell had been with Anders for 8 years now and they were both comfortable and happy.