KaijuMaster19: And action.

(When Baragon karate chops Ebirah in his head, then Varan grabs the Tokyo Skytree and whacks Megalon and he ducked and hit Baragon. Then Rodan blocked the camera).

Baragon: Take this you fried lob- .

Varan: Rodan get out of my shot, you idiot.

Rodan: (*laugh*) I'm sorry, I got a call from Pizza Hut.

(Varan and Baragon were laughing).

Godzilla Jr: Nobody order (*bleep*).

(Earth Defenders and Kaiju Conquerors were laughing).

KaijuMaster19: Cut (*laugh*).

(At Kuoh Academy).

KaijuMaster19: Action.

(At the Kuoh Academy, When Godzilla Jr, Monster-X, Mothra Lea Rodan, Anguirus, Gigan, Zone Fighter Jr and Megalon were in their human forms talking to the Kuoh Academy Students).

Raidon: Hey you from Kendo Club are you.

Katase (*blushing*): Y-yes what is it,

Raidon: How you and I go out like on a date.

Andy: How about Murayama if you want to go out?

(Murayama pulls Andy and kisses him and the same thing with Katase pulls Raidon and kisses him too, and Murayama and Katase tongue kiss them and they seperated).

Rodan and Anguirus: Can we get married/ Let me (*bleep*) you.

Katase and Murayama: Yes let's get married/ (*bleep*) me hard then.

(6 Buddies and Kuoh Academy students are all laughing).

KaijuMaster19: (*laugh*) Cut.

Rodan: (*laughing*) Anguirus, you're a idiotic friend I ever had.

Anguirus: (*laughing*) I'm sorry, that came out of nowhere.

(And they continued laughing).

(Meanwhile at the Occult Research Club).

KaijuMaster19: And action.

Godzilla Jr: I'm stopping you right there-.

Monster-X: Akeno, you look so hot and sexy in the way you look beautiful.

(Godzilla Jr, Rias, Issei and the others are laughing).

Gigan: Not in your way.

Akeno: I think he's right.

(Outside of Kuoh Academy).

KaijuMaster19: And action.

Xenilla: You're not going nowhere. Because you're going to Party City.

(Kaiju Defenders, Kaiju Conquerors and Team Gremory cheering and Rodan said).

Rodan: Wait what.

(Kaiju Avengers and Team Gremory are laughing).

Solomon: Rodan thinks we're going to the party.

(They continued laughing at Rodan, then Rodan stared at the camera and said).

Rodan: Top 10 anime betrayal.

(At the Kuoh Academy Gym).

KaijuMaster19: And action.

Godzilla Jr: Ok now everyone is here, (*laugh*) who will answer this math question what's 100 X 29.

Rodan: Oh I know it's get to the script.

(The Kaiju Avengers were all laughing).

Rodan: Do I get an A plus.

Godzilla Jr: (*laughing*) No, you get an F you know that means.

Rodan: (*bleep*) you.

(Godzilla Jr continued laughing).

(Meanwhile at the Old Satan Council).

KaijuMaster19: And action.

Sirzechs: Ophis what are you doing here.

Ophis: Since I told Vali about the-.

Gorosaurus: Anyone order some McDonalds.

Kiba: I did Goro.

(All Three Factions and Kaiju Avengers all laughing).

Godzilla Jr: (*laughing*) Gorosaurus, we're not in the scene yet you idiot

Sirzechs: (*laughing*) He's right you know.

Gorosaurus: (*bleep*) this (*bleep*) I'm out.

(they still continued laughing).

(At Issei's House).

KaijuMaster19: And action.

Miki Hyoudou: ISSEI HYOUDOU.

Issei: (*whimper*) y-yes mom.

Godzilla Jr: Your grounded you motha (*bleep*) piss off (*bleep*) idiotic (*bleep*)

(Then everybody laughed and Issei said).

Issei: (*laughing*) That's messed up Goji, that's messed up.

Godzilla Jr: I know right.

(Meanwhile at Kuoh Academy).

KaijuMaster19: Action.

Mokichi aka Monster-X: Uh Yoshii I think she's a pervert too.

Yoshii aka Yonggary: I don't care, she looks beautiful and sexy.

Aika Kiryuu: Let's go have sex then.

Yonggary: (*bleep*) yeah.

(Kaiju Buddies and Kuoh Academy students are all laughing).

Aika: My bad, that came out of nowhere.

Yonggary: If you want a baby or be end up like Jaune Arc's sister from RWBY, she's a lesbian. But the main thing is….. I love to have lesbians with me,

(They continued laughing).

Monster-X: Shut the (*bleep*) up.

(At the Kaiju Avengers' Mansion).

KaijuMaster19: Action and roll it.

Kaiju Avengers: So, if you think you'd care to

Kick some derrière, you

Know that as a musketeer, you'd be so fearsome

Varan: If you lose your manly, we're all gonna die today. Because Goji is a (*bleep*) the King of (*bleep*).

(All Kaiju Avengers are all laughing and Godzilla Jr said).

Godzilla Jr: Get back here you little (*bleep*).

Varan: Oh (*bleep*), call 911.

(When Varan dropped the camera and running from Godzilla Jr).

Varan: I'm sorry.

(When Rodan walked towards the camera and said).

Rodan: Subscribed Frandaman1.

Godzilla Jr: Get back here Varan, you son of the (*bleep*).

(Meanwhile at the Set).

Godzilla Jr: I'm going to the restroom guys.

Rodan: Goji, I don't wanna go in there if I were you.

Godzilla Jr: Why?

(When he opens the door and he sees Yonggary in his human form is making out with Aika Kiryuu and he squeezes Aika's butt and then she moans and he looks at Godzilla Jr in shock and he says).

Yonggary: HEY.

(Then Yonggary closes the door and locks it).

Godzilla Jr: Oh (*bleep*), I'm so sorry Yonggary.

Yonggary: Let a man and a woman disturb in peace.

Godzilla Jr: I didn't know you and Aika are making out in the restroom.

Yonggary: Yeah, that's why I love her and she is a pervert, but I always love her and I gave my body to hers.

Godzilla Jr: And I'm the officer and your a (*bleep*).

Yonggary: And I'm the President of the United States of (*bleep*) America, now get back to work you peeping King.

(Then everyone laughed at Godzilla Jr and he said).

Godzilla Jr: Wow, wow, wow what a jack (*bleep).

(At the diner Set).

Baragon: Hey your name is Kuroka right.

Kuroka: Yeah.

Baragon: Hey I know it's a lot of work to do and how about you and I would like to go out.

Kuroka: (*blushes*) Oh I-I-I love to, yeah.

Baragon: Ok, let's go till the set is over and hey you know King Caesar opened his restaurant up.

(Godzilla Jr, Rodan, Anguirus, Yonggary and Solomon were laughing a little).

Kuroka: What?

Baragon: Little Caesars Pizzeria

(Godzilla Jr, Anguirus, Rodan, Yonggary and Solomon bursting out laugh).

Rodan: Hey everyone, we have Little Caesar here.

(At the Gremory Household).

KaijuMaster19: And Action.

(When Godzilla Jr pulls out his proper set sword out of Zeoticus and says in japanese).

Godzilla Jr: 死はあなたに来ました、ゼオティコス/ Shi wa anata ni kimashita, zeotikosu (Death has come upon you, Zeoticus).

Solomon: I don't understand your language Goji.

(The Kaiju Avengers, Zeoticus and Velenana are laughing at Godzilla Jr that Solomon said).

Godzilla Jr: And I thought you learned everything in Language Arts class.

(And they all continued laughing).

Solomon: Good combat you (*bleep*).

(In the middle of the set).

King Caesar: Hey Yasaka, I have a surprise for you.

Yasaka: What is it?

(When King Caesar opened the small box and Yasaka was shocked that she saw a ring).

Yasaka: Caesar are you.

King Caesar: Yes, Yasaka will you marry me.

(Then Rodan interrupt).

Rodan: Marriage is for losers (*laugh*).

(When King Caesar started chasing after Rodan).

King Caesar: You son of a (*bleep*), you ruined my romantic moment with Yasaka.

Yasaka: (*giggles*) I take that as a yes.

(Kuoh Academy Set).

Godzilla Jr: (*laugh*) Hey guys look at Rodan in his human form with his girlfriend.

Kamoebas: Why?

Godzilla Jr: Their making out.

(When Godzilla Jr, Kamoebas, Solomon, Yonggary and Varan saw Rodan and Katase are making out behind the bush, when Rodan kisses Katase in her neck and she moans and she grabs his hand to touch her breast and starts groping her).

Yonggary: (*whisper*) Watch this. (Clear his throat) Rodan, are you going on set or you gonna make out with her.

Rodan: Wait, what the.

(5 Kaiju Buddies all laughing at Rodan).

Rodan: Oh you dead now (*bleep*).

Godzilla Jr: (*laugh*) Guys run.

Solomon: Oh crud.

(At the Final Battle).

KaijuMaster19: Action you two.

(When Asia kisses Godzuki and then she tongue kisses him further Godzuki eyes widen that Asia wants to make out and Godzuki pushes her a little and says).

Godzuki: Oh god, Uncle Godzilla don't make me kiss her again.

Godzilla Jr: Why?

Godzuki: Because Asia wants to make out with me.

(Then Godzilla Jr laughed at Godzuki).

Godzuki: It's not funny uncle, not funny.

Asia: It's alright babe, I want you 4ever and I want to marry you and I want to have your babies.

(Then Asia tugged her arms around Gdzuki's left arm).

Godzuki: Help me uncle.

Godzilla Jr: Not today boy.

Godzuki: Some friends you are.

(At the set).

Gfantis: Will you marry me Rossweisse.

Rossweisse: (*excited*) Yes.

Varan: Nope.

Gfantis: Hold on my love.

(Then Gfantis grabs an empty bottle of wine and throws it at Varan and he fell on the ground).

Gfantis: (*laugh*) 10 points.

(Final Blooper, In Monarch).

KaijuMaster19: Take One and action.

Zone Fighter Jr: Goji, you're not the only one around this world.

Godzilla Jr: Why?

Solomon: Hey I know those crossover, it's She-Ra, Rwby and Akame ga Kill.

(All the Kaiju Buddies bursting out laughing and Godzilla Jr glared at Solomon and said).

Godzilla Jr: You spoiling (*bleep*) little idiotic (*bleep*).

Rodan: You spoil the movie you idiot.

KaijuMaster19: (*laugh*) let's try that again, because of Solomon ruined it.

Solomon: My (*bleep*) bad.

(the screen white and it shows the same set).

KaijuMaster19: Take two and action.

Zone Fighter Jr: Goji, you're not the only one around this world.

Godzilla Jr: Why?

Rodan: Because we are going to another crossover.

(Then the Defenders all laughing that Rodan spoiled it again).

Godzilla Jr: Rodan, you pesty mother (*bleep*).

Anguirus: You got an F plus (*bleep*).

Rodan: Oh for (*bleep*) sake.

KaijuMaster19: (*laugh*) Rodan, you need to shut the (*bleep*) already.

(Same set).

KaijuMaster19: Take Three and action

Zone Fighter Jr: Goji, you're not the only one around this world.

Godzilla Jr: Why?

(*phone buzz*).

(The Defenders looked at Varan).

Varan: What, I got a call from KFC.

Godzilla Jr: Nobody ordering (*bleep*).

(The Defenders laughing).

KaijuMaster19: (*laugh*) Tell them I want some Chicken ok.

(At the Set).

KaijuMaster19: Ok guys that's a wrap on Godzilla Kaiju Sized Adventures Vs. HighSchool DxD everyone.

(The Kaiju Avengers and HighSchool DxD characters cheering and clapping for the movie).

And that's all the Bloopers. Bye