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Author's Note: Alright, I KNOW I should be working on Defying Destiny right now (off in the YGO fandom), but I legit just had to get this out of my head and write it down. I've never written for Danny Phantom admittedly (what is wrong with this picture? Because seriously I love this show!), but I hope you all will like it! So here's a brief little one shot about our favorite little halfa, cause he deserves all the love. Enjoy! :)



Danny looked at the now familiar, yet awful machine in front of him with a little hint of disdain. It was time again. Getting on it, he pressed a button, bringing the machine to life. He started running. Yes, the awful machine was the school's treadmill. He'd become quite familiar with this one. And not just because Dash Baxter had used it to torture him before, speeding up the thing while Danny was on it in the past until he'd fall off of it. And speaking of Dash…

"Hey Fenton! What's a weakling like you doing in the gym again?!" Dash yelled so that everyone could hear, which included most of the football team, who laughed derisively.

"Aw, lay off Dash," Danny said, grateful that he wasn't out of breath… yet.

"You're right, I need to focus on being able to go long," Dash said, getting on the machine next to Danny, "Need to be fast after all, unlike you!"

Dash immediately turned the machine up to a sprint level. Danny's jaw clenched and he looked forward at his own machine. He knew Dash was baiting him, trying to get him to look ridiculous on this thing. And sure, he could sprint, but… to be fair, he was better at it with an adrenaline rush and some ghost after him from behind. Dash would end up outlasting him as his muscles would allow him a longer sprint, much to Danny's annoyance. And it wasn't like he was determining this out of his own speculation. Dash had done this before, goaded Danny into sprinting, and well, he won.

He could of course give himself a little boost. He could go a tad bit intangible and continue to increase the speed while not actually running at max. It was unlikely anyone would notice the difference. But that's not what this was about. That's not why he was here.

So he ignored Dash and continued to run.

Ever since the accident, there had been a lot to get used to with his powers. There were times where he felt like he'd never get a hold of them. But there were other things too. His powers, though convenient with things such as flight, didn't really help him in terms of raw fighting or strength. That was something he'd need to develop on his own.

There was gym equipment at his home, but even before the accident, Danny had long since learned not to touch it. There was no telling whether or not his parents had adjusted it or not to be some weird, new fangled ghost hunting device or just some way to provide additional power to some other gadget… and he wouldn't let himself be turned into a hamster on a wheel. Not to mention, he knew his sister Jazz would immediately start to 'shrink' him if she saw he was working out outside of school - probably determining that he had low self esteem… which admittedly wasn't completely false, but he didn't want her saying it outloud to him. It's not like he didn't already know.

His other option was going to Sam's. He knew Sam had a gym at her place. But… for some reason, the idea of working out at Sam's, though he knew she'd be supportive and understand why he was doing it, just… wasn't that appealing. He was already a dork and a geek, he didn't need his best friend seeing how much of a wuss he was too, sans his powers anyway. It really would be too humiliating.

And so that left the school gym, which was mostly quiet. It worked out well as most days, it was unused more often than not and he could sneak in after hours if there was a lack of ghost hunting or studying that he had to do. So that became the routine for him, when he wasn't studying, running from Dash, fighting ghosts, or spending time with Tucker and Sam, he was at the gym, alone. And perhaps that was the best part. He could be alone with his thoughts. Except on days when it was storming outside. Like today.

He sighed internally and kept running, his heart beating hard.

It really wasn't fair. He and Dash were the same age, but somehow he ended up with a weakling body while Dash for whatever reason just had to step onto a track field and he gained like 10 pounds of muscle. He'd heard girls complain about how other girls had high metabolism and could never gain weight and how unfair it was. He supposed this was something like that. They were just built differently, ghost powers aside.

He kept running.

Soon the sounds he heard of people exercising began to die down. To his side, even Dash decided to get off of the machine to join his posse of football stars elsewhere. Without him reacting, the treadmill just wasn't fun anymore for Dash, Danny supposed. Though the die down he thought was good, so he wouldn't complain. It stank less of male B.O., though when that thought crossed his mind, the lights went out.

Danny looked around as he ran and an aggravated sigh came out, "Aw, come on… you've got… to be… kidding me!"

He panted out the words between breaths. The coach hadn't noticed he was still in there, again. It didn't matter too much because he could just fly out of there later but… was he really that invisible? Even as Danny Fenton? He mentally cursed his luck for being who he was and momentarily debated on getting back at the teacher.

"Now, now Daniel, using your powers for your own personal gain? You're becoming more like me every day."

The memory came back sharply and Danny hit the up button on the machine, increasing his pace slightly. Not once had he stopped, not even to walk in the 3 hours he'd been there. But the memory made him mad at himself. This was punishment, for even considering it. He couldn't keep doing that. He didn't want to be like Vlad, who abused his powers. He knew it wasn't like getting back at the teacher would make him exactly like Vlad was - a thief who stole millions and used his powers for personal gain. But one thing he did know was that it was the little things that started you down the wrong paths. They might be minor, but they opened the doors to worse things and he wanted to keep those temptations, those doors, firmly locked tight.

Finally, he hit the off button.

He stopped running. After 4 hours, he wearily got off of the machine and lied down on the ground, where he shut his eyes. That… wasn't his best time… but it was something. He felt lightheaded and his legs were like jelly. He pulled one up to feel it and immediately it cramped and he groaned at the sensation, but at least there was some muscle there.

He knew that when he went ghost, the pain would go away - one good benefit of having a 'second form' - but as soon as he was home in his bed, the pain would return. Normally it was the other way around, if he got beat up by some ghost, which was great because he could hide any scrapes he had from his parents. But it certainly worked the other way around too, allowing his human form some relief, if only from the pain, though the exhaustion always remained, no matter his form..Oddly enough, he found his capabilities from form to form remained the same too, which was why exercising one form essentially helped the other. Why some things carried over and others didn't, he didn't know. It was all weird.

Still, he hated how weak he was.

Finally, he willed himself to go ghost. After feeling the now familiar sensation, he opened his eyes and felt the pain in his legs gone, though he still allowed them to be the first to float anyway. It felt good, like he weighed nothing. He shut his eyes once more.

One day, he'd be stronger. He just had to keep at it. Like he had for the past year since the accident. It wasn't much, but it was something. And he opened his eyes and slowly flew off, making his way home.


A/N: So… hopefully this was good? I got the idea when I was at my gym yesterday actually. Because of COVID-19, you need to reserve a time at my gym and oftentimes, it's really quiet now. Maybe you noticed, but I tried to hint at the fact that all the hard work (a year of going to the gym when he can alone) Danny has been paying off - I mean - 4 hours of straight running? Who does that normally? (Other than people training for marathons of course - all props to them because that's incredible!). But because Danny's so hard on himself, he still can't see how much he's accomplished and how strong he actually is. I think that's a common thing, both for youth and adults. We constantly compare ourselves to others, not realizing that we ourselves also have made great strides and accomplished a lot of the time in our lives. Anywho, hope you all liked it! Please send in a review and till next time, stay awesome!