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Chapter 1

"What have we got?" Nick Stokes asked a crouched over Sara Sidle as he approached their crime scene.

"34 year old white male.  Some minor cuts and bruises on the arms and legs, nothing that looks to fatal" Sara answered.  She glanced back at Nick who was staring intently at her ass.  "Hello! Earth to Nicky! I'm up here!"  She said as she turned around and stood up.  "No more view of my ass."  He blushed.

"I wasn't" She crossed her arms and grinned.  "I was…looking at the uhh..Footprint in the dirt."

"Nice try cowboy, but we're standing on hard wood floors."  She laughed.

"OK so you caught me.  I'm sorry, now back to this DB.  Where's the coroner we need to find out the time of death."

"Well I'm right here."  He walked straight to the dead body and went to work.  "Time please?"

"Umm..12:32 a.m." Sara answered.

"This man has been dead for about 4 hrs, 5 at most."

"Thanks doc, OK let's get to work Sar."

"Let's go cowboy, and now breaks to look at my-" Sara cut herself off when she realized the coroner was still standing there.  He just shook his head in confusion and walked away.

"-ass" Sara finished her sentence with a smile and a sigh.  Nick just laughed.

"I'll try my best.  This won't be easy" he grinned.

"Yea yea.  I'll take the upstairs; you start here and work your way up.  OK?"

"Yes ma'am" he answered with a deep Texas accent and tipped an invisible hat.  Sara shook her head and walked upstairs.  What the hell am I doing? You're flirting with Nick. I realize this but why? You like him maybe? Wow gets a hold of you Sidle.  You're having a conversation with yourself, and over someone who thinks of you as a sister She shook her head again and began searching 1 of the rooms.

About an hour later Nick was finished and he could still hear Sara fumbling around in the upstairs, so he made his was there.  HE found her in what look like to be a child's room, toys everywhere, power puff girl bed sheets, dolls, and teddy bears.  Sara was holding a teddy bear in her hand.  "Hey Sar.  What's, up?"  She jumped.

"Nick…you scared me" She put down the toy and walked towards him.  "I'm all done up here."

"Really? I thought I heard you still collecting evidence,"

"I was, but now I'm done" She began to get agitated and a single tear rolled down her cheek.

"Hey what's wrong?" He pulled her into a hug.  He wrapped his arms around her waist, and pulled her close.  She wrapped her arms around his neck.  They stayed like that for a few minutes.  She pulled away, and rested her hands on his chest.

"Thanks Nick, I needed that."  They were inches apart.

"No problem" his voice was barely above a whisper.  He leaned into her.


"Shh" he closed the gap between them.  He kissed her softly.  She brought her hands to his face.  His hands traveled up the back of her shirt sending shock waves of pleasure up her spine.  She slowly glided her tongue across his bottom lip asking for access to his mouth.  He accepted her request and she slipped her tongue into his mouth.  Their tongues began to dance.  He moved his hands from her back and began to tug at the bottom of her shirt.  "Off" was all he was able to manage to get out.  She leaned away from him and in one swift movement pulled her shirt off and fell back into his arms kissing him wildly again.  Her skin is so smooth he thought.

          All of a sudden they heard someone call from downstairs.  "Shit!"  Sara pulled back quickly and pulled her shirt back on.  She wiped her bottom lip.  Nick was making sure he didn't have any lipstick on him.  They both turned and tried to look busy as Grissom walked into the room.

"Hey guys what's going on?"

"Nothing Griss, why would you say that?"  Sara asked she was really nervous, but Nick was calm.  He was amused at how nervous she was, because of him.

"I got a call, something about a dead body?"  Grissom was starting to get confused by Sara's actions and comments.  She seemed jittery and nervous.

"What dead body? Nope there's no dead body here" Nick was trying to conceal his laughter.

"Sara are you alright?"  Grissom was scared.

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine.  Why do you ask?"

"Well there's a dead body in the living room."  Grissom pointed to the door.

"Oh! That dead body! I see what you're talkin' about."  Sara laughed as her nerves began to calm down.

"Hey Nick, no more coffee for her OK?"

"Yea no problem Griss."  Nick draped his arms around Sara's shoulder.  And she began to tense up again.

"OK, I'm going to go with Brass and talk to the neighbors, see it they saw or heard anything suspicious."  He turned and walked out the door.

"Well that was interesting, good thing we didn't panic." Sara said calmly.

"We? Ha ha No!  Good thing I didn't panic.  Grissom thinks you're nuts!"  Nick was laughing.

"Don't laugh at me!" She whined.  He brought her into a hug and stroked her back.

"I'm sorry, now let's get to the lab and process this stuff."

"Ok."  She picked up her kit and headed for the door.  Nick slapped her in the ass.  She turned to him.

"What?! I said I would try!" she laughed and walked out the door.