Chapter 25

It was the middle of the night, and Sara had woken up to the feeling of extreme pain, and she knew that her water had broke. "Nicky, get up! The babies are coming!" She cried out in pain. Nick bolted straight up in bead.

"Wha- What?"

"You heard me butthead, you're kids are causing me pain, and would like to be born!"

"Did you just call me butthead?" Nick asked still waking up.

"Yes, I did. Now are you gonna get some help or do you plan on having a home delivery?"

"Uh, I'm going…" Nick stumbled out of bed and began running around the apartment like he was being chased by those psychotic clowns that chase you in your dreams. Sara meanwhile was on the phone trying to call people.

"Mmm, Catherine, yeah it's Sara. No I'm not OK. Yea, I'm in labor. No Nick's running around like crazy. He's on his cell phone with his mom and ahh SHIT!"

"Sara… Sara are you OK?"

"Yeah, but I draw the line here, no more kids! Nick is pulling the car around, could you call everyone else and tell them to come to the hospital if they would like, and I would love for you to come and help keep Nick and I sane…oh holy fuck where are my drugs…" Catherine just laughed from the other end.

"Alrighty, hang in there Sara" Sara hung up the phone just as Nick was running back into their room.

"It's about time! I'm in pain…now get me to the hospital!" Nick did as she ordered and helped her out of bed, and down to where he had put the car. The drive to the hospital was not a silent one. Nick drove to the hospital in record time. As he pulled into the emergency lot he saw Catherine, Grissom and Warick waiting for them outside. As Nick helped Sara out of the car and inside the hospital, Warick parked the car.

"Can someone help us! My…wife is in labor!" Three or four nurses came running with a wheel chair towards Sara.

"It's OK sir, just follow us and we'll take care of your wife."

"I'M NOT HIS WIFE!!" Sara yelled out in pain. The nurses turned to Nick with a raised eyebrow.

"Look we're engaged OK!" The nurses smirked and kept walking. As the nurses reached their destination, the doctor was already waiting for them. He smiled at Sara.

"Don't you smile at me buddy, or you won't be able to have kids yourself." She growled, and the doctor's smile disappeared.

"She's a little grumpy," Nick said to the doctor.

"Shut up butthead, if you couldn't have kept it in your pants, we wouldn't have this problem!" Sara yelled and slipped herself onto the table, with Nick's help of course.

"OK Sara, let's have a look here."

"Sounds nice, ahh but how bout some pain killers doc?" She asked as nice as she could as another contraction hit her.

"OK, we'll see. Uh Sara, you're not going to have time for drugs, you're fully dilated, your babies are coming now."

"No drugs?" She whined.

"Nope, are you ready to see your babies?"

"Yes" They answered in unison.

"OK, get ready Sara…"