I wrote this fic because I can't find any decent Solangelo fluff, so I decided to write it myself, but since I don't know how to write relationships, have this cruddy little piece.

(I like to imagine they're lying next to each other on a grassy lawn, having an afternoon nap or something. Just being soft friends-for-now. Give them another month or so for the relationship upgrade.)

"Hey, Will."


"Can I tell you something?"


So casual. So unknowing.

He hoped the bombshell wouldn't ruin their… friendship.

A deep breath.

"I like boys."

It came out in a rush.

Bum, bum, bum, bum-

"That's great, Death Boy, I like boys too."

"Wait… what?"

"'s fine. Your secret's safe with me."

One small step, but the trust in the relationship grows deeper.

Maybe one day he'd tell him exactly which boy he liked. (Pretty eyes reflecting the colour of the cloudless skies.)

One day.

I hope you enjoyed this! *blows kiss*
(Also, Rick, if they don't kiss in the ToA finale, I swear to the gods you won't survive the year 2020 CE.)