We infiltrated the Palace again today after Shiho Suzui tried to kill herself. It looks like Ryuji and I were right about Kamoshida's abuse of the students in his care. And he's now planning to have Ryuji and me expelled for confronting him about it. Even is he has a mental shutdown as a result of this, it's better than the alternative.

Somehow, Ann Takamaki from my class ended up dragged into the Palace along with us. We tried to force her to leave, but she found her way back inside and was captured by Kamoshida's shadow. He tried to use her as a bargaining chip, but she found the conviction to awaken her own Persona, Carmen, and scared Shadow Kamoshida off. She was too tired to continue on, so we retreated for today.

Morgana took a very quick liking to Ann because she's attractive. He even calls her "Lady Ann". Compared to his impatience over Ryuji and me struggling to wrap our heads around Metaverse concepts, he's been very understanding with Ann. It's more than a little frustrating.

Once she understood what we were aiming for, Ann was quick to demand we take her with us next time. She proved she can hold her own in a fight against Kamoshida's guard, which took the form of a demon on a toilet, for some ungodly reason. Morgana also pointed out that we're lacking in manpower with only three members of our group, without her. He also said he'd protect her, like some kind of knight, and she said she'd just go in anyway if we said no. So, she's officially made us a four man band.

She headed home first, and Morgana immediately started fawning all over her, saying what a 'kind girl' she was and how she has 'such admirable consideration for others'. He unironically said that she's captured his heart.

I readjusted my bag harshly to force him back inside so he wouldn't hear me as I leaned in towards Ryuji and whispered my thoughts: "Oh, my God. He's a simp."

Ryuji simply replied, "Ya think?" It's good to know that he and I are on the same page.