This was the day of my return home.

I went downstairs and said goodbye to Sojiro and Futaba. After that, I call up my parents on the public phone to let them know I was on my way. I asked who'd be picking me up from the station, but Dad said they were too busy with work to pick me up, so I'd be making my own way back.

Hearing this, frustration that I hadn't realised had been building over the last year reached a boiling point.

"I've had some time to think about it, and I've realised something. I'm not coming home." Futaba gasped and so did Mom. Dad demanded clarification. "I've been here for almost a year and I didn't get a single letter or call or text from you guys. You didn't do everything you could to fight my bogus charges. You just shipped my off to Yongen because I was inconvenient. Well, I'm going to make this really inconvenient for you now. I'm not coming home unless you come and pick me up your damn self!"

I slammed the phone down and then realised that Sojiro hadn't agreed to let me stay yet.

"Th-That is, if you'll let me stay, of course."

Sojiro chuckled. "Why is this even a question? Of course, you can stay."

"You're staying!?" Futaba was ecstatic. "Alright! You can see my in my Shujin uniform- Oh! We can walk to school together! This is gonna be awesome!" He enthusiasm was infectious. Sojiro, Morgana and I joined in on the laughter.

"One last act of defiance from our leader?" Morgana said with pride. "I wouldn't expect anything less, Joker."

The others were just as shocked and happy to learn I was staying. They'd picked up a minivan about the size of Morgana's bus form and planned to take me for one last drive around before I headed off. They even managed to get Sumire away from practice to join us one last time. Despite scuttling their plans, they were happier with this outcome.

A couple of government agents in a black car thought they were being sneaky while they spied on us. Morgana stole a spark plug from their car and gave us a strong headstart.

Once we lost our pursuers, Makoto brought the van back around. I had to drop in to see Sadayo again. She pulled up just outside her apartment and I knocked on the door.

Her eyes went wide as she opened the door and saw me standing there. "Wait, I thought you were going home today."

"What are you talking about? I am home."

"Wh- D-Don't just open with that kind of stuff! You know I can't deal with it. And in front of all your friends too..."

The others didn't mind. In fact, they cheered when I kissed her.

"Wait, Senpai and Ms. Kawakami are dating!?" Sumire exclaimed.