Calling Troubles

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Chapter 1

"This is the life," I said to Cee Cee and Adam as we were driving home from the beach. Well, rather Adam was driving, Cee Cee was staring at him, and I was staring at the ocean. Even though I have been here for about a year, the ocean still amazes me.

"Yeah it is!" exclaimed Adam as he turned up the radio when Some Where I belong by Linkin Park came on. "God, I have lived here my whole life and I still get excited about going to the beach and chilling with my two best friends!" As he said this he put his arm around my sholder. Once again Adan insisted that I stit up frount with him. I even told him no that it was Cee Cee's turn. I could feel her glaring at Adam from behind.

"I know what you mean," I said and pushed his arm away from me. I looked back at Cee Cee and she lipped "thank you". I lipped back "No problem." We then both started laughing.

"What? Whats so funny?" Adam asked.

We didn't answer because we were too busy laughing.

"What? Did I do something funny? Something wrong?"

This made us start laughing even harder. I am not even quite sure why we were laughing so hard. I think it was kinda because Adam was being so clueless about Cee Cee liking him. Hey, that's kinda like some other male I know...NO I will not think about him. I wonder what Jesse is doing...I wonder if he thinks about me at all. Like I seem to be always thinking of him. Crap! I am doing it again.

I looked up and we were near to my house. When we stopped I got out of Adams VW bug and yelled "Thanks for the ride. I had a great time at the beach!"

"Welcome Suze! Same time tomorrow?" Adam said.

"Yeah, probally. Hey, Cee Cee I'll most likely be calling you tonight."

"Ok talk to you then! Cya"


I walked through the frount door and yelled, "I'm home!" I walked into the kitchen and saw a note that had Mom's handwritting on it. It said:

Suze and boys-

Andy and I decided to go out for the day. Be back later tonight. You all can find your own dinner for one day, right? Great. Be good and don't get into any fights.

Love, Mom

This is so unlike Mom and Andy. I mean Andy loves cooking dinner for us. I doubt any of my strp-brothers accully know how to cook. Hmm...looks like I am stuck with making dinner. Yeah right! They can make their own dinners.

At this point I was still in my swimsuit and beach attire. I was in a totally cute multiy shaded blue string bikinni. I had a matching sorong and flip flops too. I needed to change and take a shower, but I was worried that Jesse would be in my room. He is always telling me that my clothes are "too revealing" so I know he would freak if he saw me in my new bikinni. I thought to my self oh well it is my room I can go in there if I want to.

I grabbed a water bottle from the fridge and ran up to my room. I opened the door to my room hoping that he wasn't in there and wouldn't show up untill I took a shower and was changed. Surprise surprise. Guess who was there.

Jesse. He was sitting on the window seat with Spike on his lap. I could sence something was wrong with him though. Jesse not Spike. Jesse was just sitting there, not reading, not even petting Spike. He was just sitting there looking out the window.

I forgot about my fear of him yelling at me because of my swimsuit, and I just walked up to him and sat down. Hmm this is weird he still hasn't said anything. So I did the first thing that came to mind. I poked him. Hey, why not? He always comes in here in the middle of the night and startes poking me until I wake up. He didn't respond to my light poke so I did it again. I did it three more times and he still didn't notice. I finally was starting to get mad so I punched him pretty hard. Well, you could say that it worked.

"Nombre de Dios! Ow, Susannah why did you hit me? Wait, how long have you been here?"

"God Jesse I wonder why," I said sarcasticly. "hmm, maybe it is because you were totally spaced out and not responding to anything I did. And, I have been here for about ten minutes. Thanks for noticing."

"I'm sorry Susannah. I was...spacing out...deep in thought. That happenes you know, even to ghosts."

"Hmm, interesting Jesse. I think I'll take a shower now...just at the beach you know." Yes! He didn't notice my clothes.

"Yes, I know" was it me or did he sound bitter? He looked up and finally noticed me. His eyes got huge! Crap here it comes, and I almost made it to...

"NOMBRE DE DIOS SUSANNAH! What are you wearing? Well, maybe I should ask what aren't you wearing? Hmm...nothing!"

Ohh Jesse is getting sarcastic. "For your information, Hector De Siliva, I am covered and if you haven't noticed, and most guys do by the way, this is what all girls, including me, wear to the beach!"

Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned other guys noticing me, because right when I said that Jesse stood up and started to pace while muttering very angry spanish words. Did I mention that his scar was glowing a little more then normal?

"What Jesse? What the hell is your problem?" I was getting kinda pissed at him. He has no right be mad. Well, unless he likes me... "you do not own me Jesse. You never have even shown that much intrest in me. You have no right, no right at all, to get mad. What are you mad about? That some other guy might show some interest in poor Suzie? Well, let me tell you-" Jesse cut me off then.

He grabbed my sholderes and his face was only about two inches away from mine. He was glaring at me and I noticed that my mirror was shaking...again.

"Do you want to know what my problem is, Querida, it is the fact that I lo-"

He suddenly stopped like he realized what he said. I knew if I wanted to know anything I would have to ask him. "The fact that you what, Jesse?"

He sighed and ran his hands through his thick dark hair. He looked pained and looked out towards the beach.

"Jesse?" I said his name in the most calming and persuasive voice that I could. Unfortunately it was also shaking because of what I thought he was going to say.

"The fact that I, I...never mind Querida."

This didn't surprise me that Jesse didn't tell me what he was thinking. It didn't surprise me, but it still mad me frustrated. What did surprise me was that he didn't disappear like I thought he would. Instead he sat back on the window seat and just stared outside.

I let out an angry sigh and said, "Fine. God, whatever Jesse. I'm taking my shower now." I then grabbed my clothes and ran into the bathroom and slammed the door with all my might...which is a lot by the way. My day just went from good to worse in just under an hour...

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