Ok, I lied. There is one more chapter. I decided I wanted to end this story off with some fluff. Because everyone loves fluff. Hey, I am the author I can decided when the story is done and when it's not! But after this chapter I swear I am done with it (two years and like 5 months is waaay too long to work on one fic) and then I am off to work on the sequel. I will have a little spoiler at the end of this about the next fic…read it if you want…if you want to be completely surprised then don't read it.


The next day I when I finally woke up, it was a little past 11 in the morning, and boy was I feeling wonderful. You would think it would take longer time for me to recuperate after all that I have been through lately, but hey like I always say us Mediators are a tough breed. We heal way quicker than normal folk. Hmm, maybe being different is not so bad after all, I mean, if I weren't a Mediator, or Shifter, then I would have never met Jesse. I would have been just another human living in the room he died in, unable to notice his presence. And boy, what a shame that would have been! A life without Jesse? No. I can't even imagine it. Which is why I forced him to skip school today (Father Dominic actually agreed to it seeing that Jesse almost died last night).

I got out of bed and stretched and could hear the pop, pop, pop of my back. Ah, that feels so much better now! As I was walking towards my bathroom I saw a sight that almost made me scream out loud. My hair. My beautiful chestnut hair, which is normally in natural waves or straightened due to my hot iron, was one big frizzy mess. I am talking fro-ish here. After tearing my eyes away from the gruesome sight, which is my hair, I ran to the bathroom to take a much needed shower. I stood under the water and just let the hot water pour over me, and closed my eyes and thought back to what was only a few weeks ago. When I accidentally called both Jesse and Paul into my bathroom while showering. I could not help but laugh while thinking about this because, well, it seemed so stupid! After all I am able to do now, and just a mere few weeks ago I was having troubles calling people to me.

I almost wished I could still call Paul to me, like I was able to do. No! not so he can see me in the shower again, get your mind out of the gutter, but just…I don't know…to talk to him? Am I weird? The dude who has tried to kill my boyfriend multiple times and me before is, well, not dead, but…not able to come around…shouldn't I be happy? Why don't I feel happy?

I quickly changed my thoughts to a much happier topic. Jesse. Just the thought of him made me rush through my shower and then my getting ready so I could be with him as a some-what normal couple. Doing what some-what normal couples do…go to the beach! I smirked to myself as I was changing into my swimsuit and I could not help but wonder if Jesse will still be against me wearing it now that he gets to be with me. I slipped my flip-flops on and grabbed my beach bag and towel and started heading down the stairs. Just then the doorbell rang. Right on time, like usual!

I threw the door open and flashed him one of my best smiles and said, "Hey there, Cowboy!"

I was expecting Jesse to get angry like he normally does when I make cowboy remarks, (I'm a rancher not a cowboy, grumble, grumble) but instead he just tipped his imaginary hat and said, "Howdy Partner."

I burst out laughing. I couldn't help it! I can't decide which sounds weirder coming out of Jesse'' mouth, modern lingo or cowboy slang. I hugged him tightly and said, "Aw, you are just adorable!"

He took a good look at me and my bikini and cover-up clad body and said, "You are…wow." He then took my arm and led me to his car, opening the door for me as always.

As I was buckling myself in I noticed he was still looking at me and I said, "What? Is something wrong?" I had to work to hold back a smirk because I felt a conversation he and I had not that long ago concerning me and my choice of swimwear was about to happen.

He shook his head and smiled and said, "No I just could not help but remember when I was still a ghost, I would get so jealous of all the other guys who got to be at the beach and just watch you, because, well you are just so beautiful. And now look, here I am, going to the beach with you, and I get you all to myself."

Whoa. That was definitely not the "Susannah! How dare you go around in basically nothing!" speech he normally gives me. A half embarrassed smile crept on my face as I said, "Thank you Jesse, I am excited I finally get to go with you." With that we drove the short way to the beach in silence…but it was a nice comforting silence.

When we got to the beach we were one of the few people there since it was a school day and all. We got out of his car and started walking towards the water while holding each other's hand. The sun was already bearing down on us as we put down our beach towels. We both laid down and just looked up at the sky for a little bit. I glanced over at Jesse and scooted over some so I could lay my head on his now bare chest. I could feel myself grow giddy at the sight of his beyond perfect chest. My hand slowly started trailing softly up and down his hard abs.

I heard a soft chuckle come out of Jesse, "Querida…what are you doing? That tickles."

Ok, so I am not normally this forward, but come on. After all that Jesse and I have been through? Yeah I want to feel a little loving! I moved my arm so it was on the other side of Jesse so I was over him but still not really touching him and said, "I am about to kiss you, that's what." Jesse was apparently not expecting this answer because his eyes widened. Before he could answer though, I closed the gap between our bodies and started to kiss him. He gently moved so I was laying more on him and his arms were wrapped around my waist.

Jesse opened his mouth and deepened our kiss. I had one of my hands in his hair and the other one on his shoulder. We finally broke apart and as I was catching my breath, Jesse started kissing my neck and shoulder blade. I buried my head in Jesse's neck and started giggling. I don't know why! I just couldn't help it! I was trying so hard to stop giggling but that only caused them to turn into full-fledged laughing. I rolled off Jesse and just continued to laugh. Jesse sat up and looked at me with an amused look and said, "Care to share the joke?"

I sat up as well and said in between laughing, "I don't know! I guess I just am extremely happy."

With that Jesse starting grinning hugely at me and said, "Querida, I am very much happy as well. In fact, right now, here with you, I think this is the happiest I have been in…over 150 years, and that is a very long time." We were now both sitting with out legs out, Jesse's arm around my shoulders and my head resting on his shoulder staring out into the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

I sighed a happy sigh and said, "I just really love the Pacific Ocean…it just amazes me."

Jesse looked down at me and said, "Yeah…I know." He gave my shoulder a squeeze and whispered, "I love you, Querida."

I kept looking out at the waves and replied, "I love you too." And snuggled even closer to him.

The End. For real this time.

Love to everyone who has put up with me for all this time. You guys rock my socks.