Chapter 1- The Truth

Harry Potter looked around the dorm in Gryffindor tower making sure he packed everything. He couldn't believe that after everything that has happened, Ron and Hermione would betray him. And for what? Money. What makes it worse is that Ginny, Ron's younger sister, stole his mother's engagement ring. They knew that Harry didn't have much of his parents, especially his mother. In fact, he didn't even know he had his parent's belongings in his vault. He believed all he had was his trust vault. Thank Merlin that now since he is of age, he gets his Gringotts statements directly to him by owl.

Just a day after the battle Gringotts had sent him an owl. It gave a statement on the most recent withdrawal and he couldn't get the information out of his head It hurts him that they withdrew this the day he received the letter.

Hermione Granger- 10,000 galleons

Ron Weasley- 30,000 galleons

Ginny Weasley- 20,000 galleons and Lily Potter's engagement ring

Harry fought back the tears as he wondered why they did all of this. Yes, for the money, but why? He would've willingly given money to his best friends. He didn't even know what to do with the money from his trust vaults. Merlin, he had to go to Gringotts and find out why this was allowed. He picked up his trunk and started to head out the door. He was just exiting the Gryffindor Common Room when he ran into Ron and Hermione.

Harry felt rage boil into him when Ron's emotions bled into his own. Jealousy. Greed. Once he turned 17, he discovered that he was an empath. He had no control over it and he was constantly trying to block it out. The only good thing about it is that he knows now what Hermione, Ron and Ginny really feel about him. It made him so angry that he never suspected anything.

"Hey mate where ya going?" Ron asked. His facial features were pleasant. The complete opposite of how he was feeling.

Harry took a deep breath before replying, "I'm leaving." Once the words came out of his mouth, he felt panic and nervousness.

Ron gave Hermione a desperate look. "What do you mean leaving? Surely you can't leave. What about Ginny? You're supposed to get married especially after promising her you would," said Hermione snottily.

Feeling so much anger, Harry lost control over his magic. Ron and Hermione's eyes widened when they felt the push of magic. Harry growled out, "What in the bloody hell are you talking about? How dare you try and manipulate me Hermione. I gave Ginny no promise and I am definitely not marrying her. For a smart person you're acting like an idiot."

Hermione turned red in anger and embarrassment. Feeling those emotions, Harry smirked inwardly. He turned his back to them and once he felt the panic and anger coming from Ron, he instinctively held up the Elder wand. "Protego," Harry shouted. He cast the spell just in time to see a spell bounce off of the shield. "Petrificus Totalus." He casted the spell at both Ron and Hermione. They didn't have time to react before they both fell to the floor. Harry walked to them and knelt beside them. Knowing that they can hear him he whispered, "Before you attack me again, think about the consequences of messing with the Savior. If I find out you took money before the end of the battle, I will ruin both of you. Including anyone else who stole from me."

Overwhelmed with panic, Harry instantly knew that they took money before the battle. Trying to control his empathy, he turned and continued his path out of the school. Once he was at the apparition point, he apparated to Diagon Alley. He ignored the people gawking at him and trying to talk to him as he walked inside of Gringotts. He walked up to Griphook and greeted him. "Hello Griphook, I came to see about my vaults and who was responsible for them."

Griphook gave him an odd look before replying, "Surely you know? It was stated in your father's letter."

"What letter?" Harry asked. He was confused. His father wrote him a letter?

"James Potter left a letter and Albus Dumbledore was supposed to give it to you on your 11th birthday," Griphook stated. Harry could see the goblin getting annoyed with him.

"I need to see my father's letter right this second. I was never informed by Dumbledore or Gringotts about it," Harry demanded. Once again, he felt the anger rise up in him. There were so much lies that he was starting to get overwhelmed.

Realizing the seriousness of the situation, Griphook snapped his fingers and a piece of parchment appeared in front of him. "Here it is. The letter of James Fleamont Potter." Harry grabbed the parchment and was hesitant to read it. Am I ready to find out the truth? Shakily taking a breath Harry started to read the parchment.

Orion James Potter-Black,

If you are reading this then I am no longer in this world. There is so much to tell you and I am sorry you have to find out the truth in a letter. The day you were born was the best day of my life. I never thought that magic would gift me with a child. You see, wizards are able to become pregnant if magic blessed them. When I found out I was pregnant with you, I went into hiding with my best friend Lily. Lily and I pretended we were married to protect you. Your other father and I were married secretly because we did not trust Dumbledore. When he told us of the prophecy, we knew that he intended you to defeat Voldemort. Knowing this, we thought it best if we lied to everyone about your true parentage. Even Remus and Peter don't know of this truth. Prepare yourself my son. Sirius Black is your father. We fell in love in our 7th year but dared not to tell anybody. Lily aided us with hiding and even delivered you. I know you have questions and I want you to talk to Sirius.

Another truth I need to tell you is that Peter was our secret keeper. I couldn't have Sirius be the secret keeper because the Death Eaters will automatically target him. This information should already be out since Sirius is your guardian if I am gone. And if he is somehow not able to care for you, then you are to go to Augusta Longbottom. Don't trust Dumbledore. He has many secrets.

Know that I will always love you. You are my pride and joy and you deserve everything.


James Fleamont Potter.

Tears falling off his lashes, he re-read the letter again and again. Sirius is my father? Dad carried me? He started to have a panic attack and before he knew it, he fainted.