DISCLAIMER These characters belong to Stan Lee and Marvel Comic Books. I'm just borrowing them. The events preceding this story belong to 20th Century Fox and the makers of X2: X-Men United.

They were my last vision – the memory I took with me into the darkness. My family. The X-Men.

Professor Charles Xavier, my mentor and a father to me for as long as I can remember. Ororo Munroe, Storm, was my friend, the only other woman around for me to talk to. There was Kurt Wagner, who never let us forget his alias as the Incredible Nightcrawler, the newest of our team and yet one of the most important. Bobby Drake, called Iceman, and the girl Marie, whom we knew as Rogue, were only children but they would be powerful. Very powerful. There was Logan…the mysterious Wolverine. The loner. The fighter. And the man who, against my better judgment, got under my skin more than I'd like him to.

And finally, there was Scott. Scott Summers, known also as Cyclops. He was the love of my life. My husband, my lover, my life.

I sacrificed myself for them. There are times when I wonder if it was worth it. But then I stop and think. If I hadn't left the Blackbird, none of us would have survived. Better one than all.

Now as I watch them, I know my decision was right. Professor Xavier must know, but the others can't possibly. They are living and that's enough for me. Maybe one day I'll be able to return to them.

Right now, I only dream of that day. But something is changing. It's been three months since Alkali Lake and I feel suddenly stronger. I feel ready. I'm almost ready for the day my family can welcome me home again.

That day will come soon.

AUTHOR'S NOTE Sorry this is so short! The actual chapters will be longer, I promise. This is just the prologue. I'm assuming the Scott and Jean were married in X2. There was one line that is either "I married a good guy" or "They marry the good guys." Either way, I'm assuming that they're married. And the Blackbird is the name of the X-jet, which they never say in either movie, I'm pretty sure.