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Chapter 1-The Font and the Spy

Papyrus is dead.

These were the words that were repeated over and over again in Sans' head as he sat sorrowfully amongst the snow-covered trees, a cold wind blowing through his skull. It was all because of that girl. Frisk. Chara's host.

Papyrus is dead.

He seemed to recall that in an old language, chara meant friend. This Chara was anything but. His brother's dust lay motionless in the snow before him. Frisk had long since moved on, undoubtedly to destroy the rest of the underworld. Chara had a strong hold on her.

Papyrus is dead.

His left eye briefly flashed blue, a sign of his anger. The next time he crossed paths with Frisk, she wouldn't walk away from the encounter. He stood up and brushed the snow off his hoodie. He took one last look at what remained of his brother. "I will avenge you yet, Papyrus." his monotone voice cut through the air. Then he waved his hand, and the dust was scattered to the wind. He walked on into the night.

Alex Rider certainly did not want to go into the MI6 offices that afternoon to be debriefed, thanks very much. However, he had a feeling that Mrs. Jones would certainly want to gather as much intel on Nicholas and Richter Razor as possible, as soon as possible, so that was how he found himself standing outside the Royal General Bank on Liverpool Street of a Sunday afternoon. He walked round the side of the building and pressed a buzzer. He was then scanned by multiple different cameras, and then the security system, deeming him safe, opened the door. He walked briskly forward into a lift, and made his way to room 1605. He knocked. "Come in!" the voice of the Head of Special Operations called out. He walked in. "Ah, Alex." Mrs. Jones said. "I trust the mission went well?" He sat in the mildly uncomfortable chair in front of her desk. "Yes, Mrs. Jones. Nicholas and Richter Razor are safely in custody. But you already know that. I am fine. And It would be obvious to anyone that I do not need to be debriefed. So why am I really here?" She sighed. "You were always very perceptive, Alex. I called you here because something new has come up. Most of my other experienced agents are occupied, and I do recall you expressing a wish to travel to Ireland. There have been many sightings of strange happenings in the capital, such as laser beams, little balls of fire, and people with some sort of device to use air as a way to stop bullets. The Irish, as they really have no experienced spies of their own, asked for our assistance in the matter. I would like to send you over to investigate. Any objections?" Alex looked at her. "Sure. Why not." She gave him a faint smile. "Excellent. I've asked Smithers to prepare some things for you. Just head down to his office, and there'll be an MI6 car outside to take you to the airport. Smithers has your ticket and passport. Good luck, it sounds like you'll need it." He stood up and left the room.

Tamara Knight, his spy partner, had heard everything, of course. She had been hired by MI6 after that incident in Uzbekistan, and had been working for them ever since. Smithers, Alex's one friend at MI6, had designed him an earpiece that was invisible to all the scanners at MI6 and most other places. It seemed that Alex would be going solo to Ireland, but he was able to call in Tamara in an emergency.

Alex walked into Smithers' office. The old couch was lime green this week. It seemed Smithers' changed it every 7 days for reasons unknown to Alex. Smithers looked up. "Ah, jolly good, Alex. Marvellous job on the Razor business, I must say. Now, here's your ticket and passport, and the usual fingerprint-sensitive P99. I also got you some exploding coins, I believe they served you well in your last outing, and a phone with xray, smoke bomb, stun dart and eavesdropping capabilities. You might want to bring your Kevlar vest, just in case. I'm afraid I'm quite busy today, old chap, so we'll have to catch up some other time. Chin-chin!" Alex smiled, collected his items, and strolled off into the slowly setting sun.

Skulduggery Pleasant stood in the old Accelerator room. He often visited what was left of the Second Sanctuary of Ireland as part of the ever-growing duties of the Arbiter Corps. This room held a special significance in today's visit, due to the fact that a trans-dimensional rift had been detected. He stood there for a few minutes more, and when nothing happened, he turned to leave when a potentially blinding light(Due to the fact he had no eyes) erupted behind him. He whipped around, his hat wobbling slightly on his head, into a fighting position. When the light dimmed, an average-sized skeleton in a blue hoodie stood there looking back at him. Skulduggery angled his head slightly. "Are you me?" he asked the skeleton. "My name is Sans." the smaller skeleton replied in a monotone voice, with a slightly amused undertone. "If you are Sans, then yes. If you are not Sans, then no. But either way, I find the situation to be quite humerus." Sans cracked a smile. "Are you aware, Mr. Sans, that you just travelled through a trans-dimensional rift?" Skulduggery asked Sans. The latter shrugged his shoulders. "Maybe I did, but if it got me away from that forsaken place that used to be my home it does not matter. I have no malicious intentions, if that's what you're worried about." Skulduggery straightened. "Well, I think I might get Valkyrie. She's a good judge of character. And anyway, I would like to hear of how you became a skeleton, seeing as I am the only live skeleton I know, and now I am potentially not u-knee-que anymore. Can I trust you to stay here?" he asked. Sans nodded. "I think we will be very good friends, Mr. Pleasant. I can feel it in my bones." Skulduggery smiled and left to fetch Valkyrie from another part of the building.

And he wondered how the skeleton knew his name.