How not to drive a new SUV?

Castle named Kate a contributor to his latest book, so she got a big check. Not wanting it but stuck with it she bought a luxury SUV with all the bells and whistles and took time off to think about her and Castle


Kate was driving north to her father's cabin to think about her dealings with Rick. He wanted more than friends, she was afraid that would destroy what they had as a bond, and become only booty calls for both. She looked down at the speedometers and saw she was doing seventy miles an hour. As she looked up, she saw a car cross the center divider, and become airborne. The car twisted in midair and slammed into her SUV on it is top. Instinct caused Kate to dive down to the floor of the SUV, it was the only thing that saved her life.

The airborne car hit the roof of her SUV crushed it down to the seats but ripped out the back-catching fire and exploding. Kate's SUV ran on, with her trapped inside.

It took the Highway Patrol almost five minutes to arrive on scene, local fire was a few minutes later. Their first task was the car on fire and the cars piled up after it, and the people inside them. It was almost thirty minutes later that the one of witness ask about the person in the SUV that the car that exploded had hit. An HPC patrol car pulled out and went down the road searching for the missing SUV.

Kates car was brand new Cadillac Escalade, it had all the bells, and whistles. At the time of the accident it was on cruise control, with lane and distance control on so it just kept on going down the road.

The trooper found the SUV twenty-five miles down the road still going seventy-five MPH. At first, they did not think anyone was in the car, then they thought anyone who was in it must be dead. The reasoned that the car was on cruise control, so they called the area rep and had them order a stop order sent to the car, five minutes later it stopped in the road and shutoff, and the doors unlocked.

The results were a long delay before anyone could searched the car's inside.

It took heavy rescue to force the roof up and get the doors open , and enough room to remove Kate. Her life signs were extremely low, the medic classify such injuries as unlikely, (as in unlikely to survive to the trauma,). They found her purse and called in her ID. The` RMV, they had a donor number as her dad as her next of kind, they had the number to call. The desk officer made the call.

Jim Beckett was in his office, with when his phone rang once with a strange phone number.

"Excuse me Mr. Billings I need to answer this call I'll put it on hold and then we can sign the papers."

"James Beckett Esq. how may I help you?

"MR. Beckett this is Sargent Paul Kent of the Vermont State Police; do you have a daughter named Kathryn?"

"Yes, Sir she a New York Police Captain, what happened to her?"

"Sir she has been involved in a serious auto accident in Vermont. She in awfully bad condition they are taking her to a trauma center near the crash as soon as they can get her out of the car."

"OH my god she still in the car?' "

"Yes sir. I have to go please call me back on this number in a few minutes and I may have more information."

"MR. Billings I have to go, Bob my partner will finish this up. I must go make a call now."

Jim left the room and sat down on a chain at desk in the reception area of his office. His girl Friday Sandy randy ran over to him as she saw him as white as a sheet.

"Sandy, please get Rick Castle on the phone for me and do not let them give you any shit."

"OK, Jim"

Sandy looked up the number and called the number. It went to an answer servicing service. She punched a set of number to get thru the tag team hell till she got a real person.

"HOLD ON FOR ATURNEY JAMES BECKETT if you hang up the New York Police will be knocking down your door in a half hour."

"Hello who is this?"

"This Jim Beckett who is this ?"

"Jim this is Rick, what wrong?"

"It KATE. She was in a serious car crash the cop who called implied she was not going to make it Rick."

What follow was Jim crying and saying thing Rick could only understand in pieces then Jim came back on the phone with a woman's soft voice soothing him to speak slowly and clearly.

"Rick she somewhere in Vermont on an interstate. They were still trying to get her out of the car. Rick, she bought a new, brand new SUV with the money you gave her. She was so damn mad at you and loved you in the same breath. She got one with all the dam whistles, and bells, the make her safe and now she is dying in that damn thing. Rick Can you help me even if you no long love her, she still loves you?"

"Jim I still love Kate, and always will. We are having a ruff spot .Do you have a number to reach someone at the scene?"

"Yes, I do this is it his number I ### ### #### his name Sargent Paul Kent Vermont State Police."

"I'm Calling him now."

"KENT , who are you?"

"I am Richard Castle I am Kathryn Becketts husband to be and I need to know what her condition is. For verification you may call Mr. Beckett on his phone."

"OH Mr. Castle you could only have gotten this number from Him. We just remove Her from the car she is in a coma. We are transporting her to the nearest medical center."

"Is that a trauma one center?"

"No, it's not. The nearest one is 122 miles away."

"Do You have Helo evac?"

"No in this area sir."

"How long till she gets to your medical center?"

"Twenty minutes.?"

"What the name of the medical center?"

"West Whitwell Valley Memorial.?

"Thank you, Sargent you will be hearing from me."'

Rick walked a few steps away and called a preselected numbered.

"Dave how are you doing, and the family."

"Doing well Rick does this mean no party next month at the Hamptons?"

"Hell no. that's still on maybe getting bigger. That one of the things I wanted to talk to you about."

"What can our company do for you?"

"Do we have a helo big enough to fly from NY to mid Vermont and bring back an injured person?"

"Rick we just bought a Bell 500 ER new that would do the job easily, do you need it now?"

"Not this second but soon. I call back with details ASAP, and thanks Dave."

"No thanks Rick you own half the company too."

"He called Trooper Kent back.

"Castle again what can I do for you now.?"

"Can you connect me to one of the medics?"

"I can try, stand by."

"Hello this is Paramedic Rogers, Janson who am I speaking to?"

"I am Richard Castle the man who is going to marry the woman you are going to save. Who and what other help do you need?"

"A Nero surgent, orthopedic surgent, and a helo to get her to a level one trauma center."

"I'll see what I can do it may take a few minutes so please try to keep her alive I have to go."

"Dave, I need that that helo yesterday. I'm on my way the New Pedestrian to try to get a few doctors to fly to Vermont with me have it meet me loaded there please."

"I'll Be there Rick."

On the phone to the hospital in limo Rich was a mess, the woman he loved was dying on a roadway, in a car, she bought with money he forced her take because he could not get over a stupid lie she made when she almost die before. What an ass he was. She may die again, and he will never tell her he will never stopped loving her ever. He calls his friend a top Doctor at New Pedestrian Hospital tobegged for the personnel to fly to Vermont to save Kate life. He also added a large bonus to each doctor who did come and to the hospital. In five minutes, he had two top surgeons and two top nurses ready to go.

"Dave Take the helo it New Pedestrian Hospital and pick up me and sone medical people that are going to TINGBOUROW VEMONT."

Twenty-five minutes all the medical personal and Rick are seated in the large new helo getting instructions from the pilot Dave. Two minutes later their air born headed to Vermont, as the sky is turning dark. The Helo in new and fast and Dave has asked for emergency clearance to the accident scene. Ricks makes a call.

"Sargent Kent speaking."

"Sargent this is Rick Castle I am enroute to your location with medical personnel people, tell Rogers it what she asks for ETA forty minutes."

" I can't wait to meet you Mister Castle; you are something else. I got to go now see you soon."

The arrive at the Medical center just as the ambulance with Kate arrives. They intercept the ambulance as it opens its doors. Kate look bad, her signs are down, and on the borderline of death. The New York team take over ,moving her to their stretcher across to the helo changing the IV bags and Meds and adding Whole blood bags the brought along in a cooler. They interabater her and start breathing for her as the rotor blades spin up, and the door close.

"The lead doctor yells out to the pilot go, go, go, as fast as you can. Tell base to be code four upon our arrival out."

The entire time Rick rode in the co-pilots seat, he was a qualified pilot, worrying the entire time also about Kate. Keeping his headset to ATC control kept his knowledge of what was going on in the back of the helo.

"NPH EMERINGCY… This is Helo NY 4569 T inbound ten klicks with a code 4. Per DR B.R Begrace. Request all help apron touch down on roof."

"Helo 4569 permission, granted good luck."

The helo set down softly and was met with a small army of medical people with a mountain of equipment. They quickly moved Kate to their Trauma One center on the roof level, then to the OR.

Rick was swept up and moved of to the side as if he was a piece of lint. It was only when Kate was being prep for surgery that someone went looking for answers and found him. He supplied as much information as he could, backed up by Jim her dad. Neither knew her present doctors or what meds she was on. Both men who loved her sat and waited for word of her fate.