Prepare to be scared bitches. Enjoy or suffer.

Blu and stuff were in the jungle when the sky went black. The trees began laughing and stuff. Then animals started spazzing out and shit.

Blu woke uop.

''Few, that was justt ad dream'' he said.

''hey blu'' siad jewel

''hey jewl'' said blu. Then they went to tiagoz rrom and he was chanting some weird demonic shit and his head spun around and stfu

''what is hapning to you tiago'' said blu

''satan is good and he will kill you. Also some monster will do stuff'' said tiago in ademonic voice.

Suddenly he snapped back to normal. Night came and there was screaming all night, and the next day there was two dozen dead biirsd who were mutilated to a large degree and the plas lloked like morden art.

''woah this is making me sicj'' said blu. He vomited and an eye came out and he screamed

''aarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrcfghh'' said blu.

''what'' said jewel and she saw the eye ''eek im gonna vomit'' and she vomited.

Suddenly a rat sprang out tentacles and smiled at them

''lol your gon die soon'' he said and then exploded with super gorey gore. Blu and his faimly went ot lindas house and they watched tv. Suddenly the episode of spongebob went down south when spongebob had hyperrealistic eyes and looked at the camera and said ''im gonna kill everyone, and your next'' he smiled with hyperrealistic teeth and stuff and then went to Patrick and ripped his face of and then ripped his limbs off causing hyperrealistic blood and guts and stuff to splatter everywhere.

Then 50 minutes of static happened and then the bloodbath was there and then spongebob shook and laughed in a demonic voice and said while looking strat into camera ''your next'' and then he became a terrifying monster and then hopped out and chased after people. He destroyed stuff and then cornred blu and stuff.

''oh no'' said the faimly, and then the evil spongebob lunged at them and tore them apart spraying hyperrealistic blood and guts everywhere. He turns to the screen, and says

''your next lol'' and then he plunges out of your computer or phone screen and then rips your face off and kills you to death and then eats you and brups and then shits you out and then throws that at a loved one so hard that theyir head explodes and then their baby eats it because shock value.

Then blu wakes up and it was all just a dream.

''few'' said blu and everything went back to normal. But out of the jungle was the evil spongebobe crtredsue and he said ''your next lol''

And then a skeleton popped out and smacked blu and did scary things. And then he ran away and did shocking things. Then he died.

Then spongebobe exploded hyperrealistically and then the universe exploded and everyone, everything and stuff died to death fatally due to numerous fatal mortal wounds that fatally killed them to death.

The end.

Lol that was so scarey am I right guys.

In case you can't tell, this story was a joke. I got bored and wrote this in like, 6 or 7 minutes.

Until next time, goodbye.