Catching fire.

Disclaimer: These characters aren't mine. They are Stephanie Meyer's. I am simply using her characters to write my own story

Author's Note: Hello readers! This is a short story I have been wanting to post for really long. The chapter1 will be coming out tomorrow . This is just a prologue or a portion of the story

Chapter1: Back story

The Cullens have returned. Bella has been ignoring them for a month now. Edward tried everything to turn her around. Bella realised she still loved him. Edward had managed to give her his number. Hoping that she would call her . But Bella was as rigid as ever. But what would happen when due to change of events she has to call Edward. Will he come back to her? Will they both forgive each other?

Stay tuned for chapter 1 to know what happens next

(hint: The story's title)