(Fiona,Dennis,Millie,Lorne,Harley and Burt came across a lab and went inside to see a scientist)

Burt: Excuse us sir but is their a way to make my son go back to normal again?

Scientist: Don't worry but first tell me your guys names.

(They interview their names to the Scientist)

Scientist: Okay. Tell me what scenes to be a problem.

(Fiona explains everything to the scientist)

Scientist: Okay and I did met Phoebe before and she ask me to make a potion that makes a boy name Coop love her and him hates you.

Millie: You have to make an antidote that makes my brother love her again.

Scientist: Don't worry, I'll make it.

(It took 3 hours to make it, the antidote was completed)

Scientist: Here you go.

(Scientist give the antidote to Dennis)

Dennis: Thank you.

Millie: Do we have to pay for this?

Scientist: No.

Fiona: Okay then. Come on guys, let's get our Coop back.

Dennis: Yeah.

Millie: Agreed.

Lorne: Yeah.

Harley: I'm with you Fiona.

Burt: Come on guys.

(They left the lab)

To be continued