Remus walked into the sitting room that held the two blonde Malfoy men. He hated himself for having to call on Lucius and Draco Malfoy for help, but he couldn't imagine asking Scorpius, plus Lanni was due anytime now so he was stressed out enough. He'd spent the whole month of June thinking and planning, trying desperately to interest Lidia into taking him back but she was inflexible. He had no clue how she was so easily ignoring the animalistic call that was driving him insane but she didn't seem phased in the least, meanwhile he was an inch from rubbing against the furniture she'd sat in just to feel like he was getting some kind of sexual satisfaction from her. It all seemed to be amusing Loki greatly and more than once he'd considered how angry Lidia would be if he were to kill the god of mischief in his sleep. But that was a question he didn't really need answered because he already knew it.

"Wow" Lucius said, he looked ill and his voice sounded like it barely got use anymore but he was trying to be intimidating...the scent of death that the werewolf could smell coming from around him made him less scary "Remus Lupin...who'd have thought you'd look this good at your age?

"It was a potion mess up" He explained "I'm here for a reason...I need your help"

"Why in merlin's name would we help you?" Draco asked "Did that potion mess up addle your brain too?"

"Because if you don't help me then something bad is going to happen to Lidia Granger" Remus answered, Draco opened his mouth to say something that looked like it wouldn't be particularly friendly but Lucius put his hand on the younger man's arm.

"You would hurt Lidia?" Lucius asked "I believed you loved her...or was that just to get in her pants?" His eyes flashed angrily and while Remus was sure it would only take one hit to knock the old man over, he was surprised to see a bit of the old fight back his eyes. The thought surprised him and made the wolf inside him growl in a jealous rage that another man dared to care for his mate to this degree.

"Lidia is my true mate" Remus answered, his teeth were clenched tightly, and his fists were clenched tighter than that "And she is ignoring the is getting stronger and stronger"

"Do you need directions on how to mate with her, Lupin?" Draco sneered, he was being a jerk but even he knew some of the severity of ignoring a mates call "Why come to us?"

"Look I am not an idiot" Remus snarled "Anyone who knew either of you knew that you could charm your way into any woman's heart and often did...just to be jerks"

"Who do you know of...?" Draco asked, that was when his Slytherin mind caught up with the situation and he frowned at the normally kind and quiet man "You wouldn't dare..."

"If you don't help me I will" Remus answered, it was a long-shot but he knew that the Malfoy's respected but feared Loki. The god of mischief already knew that Hermione had sex with Draco but he didn't know that they'd had sex again when Lidia was one, and Remus would bet that Pansy didn't know that either and on top of that the god was a jealous, hot-head and with a little prodding Remus was sure he could cause Loki to attack Draco.

"This is low, even for a werewolf" Draco said while Lucius was trying to ask what was going on.

"Your son" Remus smirked at the younger man "Like you before him had a thing for know-it-alls"

"Hermione Granger" Lucius sighed.

"Oh yes" Remus smiled "He charmed his way into her pants a few times...cheating on his wife in the process, I wonder how Pansy would feel about that...think she'd be upset?" He stood "Is she home, I could go tell her now..."

"Sit down!" Draco shoved the man in the chest and Remus sat back down with a pleasant smile "Why is Lidia ignoring the call and does she understand the severity of it?"

"She told me that she read up on being a mate" He answered "I assumed that she knew what would happen but I'm second-guessing that now. I saw your letters to her, Lucius. About helping her into a place of power and I got concerned, I expressed my upset with her and she flipped out and I lost my temper and called her a daddy's was pretty bad" He looked at his hands "I've tried everything to make her love me again and the pull is killing me, there are times that I need to physically stop myself from going after her and just...taking her, I would never hurt her but it's getting...harder and harder to stay away from her but she doesn't seem to notice anything out of the norm"

"Is it possible this isn't a real pull?" Draco asked, looking at his father "Something like...super...horniness?"

"You really don't think I'd know the difference between the pull of my mate and a need to fuck something?" Remus snarled, his eyes changing to amber with his anger.

"Then why isn't she feeling it?" Draco asked.

"Because her level of emotional pain is higher" Lucius said "Kale Weasley did a number on her emotional state so she's learned to shut it off, plus she's a demi-goddess so there has to be some sort of power that comes with that other than what we know about" He looked around for a minute, chasing a memory it would seem "She is such a private person, there is magic I bet no one knows about and if it's some kind of sexual magic she wouldn't even tell her father about it"

"Great" Remus said "So, if I can't get her to love me again and want to be with me, we won't even know if she feels the pull until it's too late"

"What happens?" Draco asked, in all the books they always glossed over the 'true mate' section so no one knew for sure what happened to a mate that denies the call "What happens if she never accepts you back in her life and ignores the call?"

"There have been cases of the werewolves losing control and raping their mates, inevitably killing them" Remus answered "Biting them so they have no choice but to become a werewolf themselves and then can't deny the call" Draco looked ready to drag him down to the dungeon and lock him up for the rest of eternity "Thanks to Loki I have a good hold on the wolf, he won't harm her and he doesn't even want to...we just, want her to love us" Remus didn't seem to notice that he was talking about the wolf and himself like two separate people.

"But what happens to her?" Draco asked again, to his surprise it was his own father that finally answered his question.

"Her magic will become erratic" Lucius answered when Remus couldn't make himself "It will pull more and more magic from her core to replace the magic that is being drained due to the pull from her mate that she is denying herself, then it will drain completely and she will fall into a coma that she will never awaken from"

"That sounds terrible" Draco whispered "You need to tell her"

"Scare her into my arms?" Remus snapped "That's a good idea, maybe after that I'll go kick Loki in the balls then rape Hermione!" Draco narrowed his eyes "I knew you weren't the sharpest quill in the class, Draco but this is surprising even me"

"Then tell Loki" Lucius said before Draco could explode "She listens to him, he will know how to talk to her and if he knows that she's in danger he will go to the moon and back to save her"

"Thank you" Remus said.

~~~/ /~~~

Lidia woke up to another wonderful morning, even though it was grey, and the clouds threatened a storm she knew that her day would be good. She was going to get revenge today, something she'd been planning on since January and finally it was going to come true and she was almost giddy with the excitement. She showered and got dressed but stopped momentarily when her lower stomach gave a sharp stab that was followed by a throbbing from between her legs. Lidia growled at herself and noted that she would not be getting laid anytime soon. With a sigh, she got her breakfast and walked out of the house, meeting her father at the apparition spot and took his arm, bringing him with her to the prison.

"Welcome to Azkaban" A human guard greeted with a grim smile "What do you want?"

"I am here to visit Bellatrix LeStrange" Lidia said, flourishing a paper that was handwritten by Lucius Malfoy giving her permission. He told her that there was nothing they could do to stop her from visiting as he was her family and he gave her permission to be there.

"And you're Lidia Granger, huh?" The man squinted at her for a moment "And him?"

"This is my father" She answered "He is here to protect me if there is reason to be protected"

"You're going into the bowels of Hell" The man told her, leading her to a locked door that led to dark, slimy looking stone steps "Protection will be needed"

They walked down staircase after staircase leading lower into the cold, foul-smelling basement of the prison. They walked through a door that led down a long, dimly lit corridor where they could hear people whimpering, singing, laughing, moaning and doing all sorts of disgusting things including masturbating and trying to get Lidia come over to help or show her boobs. Two men whistled at her and then started talking about Loki, how they knew that 'bloke' and almost 'fucked' him before the 'mudblood' came to his rescue. Loki looked at them for a second before shuddering and swallowing the bile that rose to his throat as he recognized his would-be rapists from a little over nineteen years ago. He chanced a glance at his daughter and found her brows raised, waiting for an explanation.

"It was almost 20 years ago" He muttered, red-faced "I was on the run from Thor and Asguardian soldiers someone knocked on the door and it was those two hideous men looking to hurt your mother...they were going to settle for me, but your mother showed up and attacked them, I fell in love with her at that moment"

"Kind of sweet" Lidia said as the guards stopped in front of a cell "In a gross, I never want to think about what they were going to do to you, kind of way"

"Miss" A guard said looking around "We'll be standing right here to make sure that she doesn't hurt you and you don't hurt her"

"Oh" She smiled "Right, here...this is for your...troubles"

"Thank you, miss" One guard said while the other walked by with a smile "I will just bring this to my office to...go through it, I'll be back in ten minutes"

"Thank you, sir" Lidia grinned at her father who didn't know if he should be proud or horrified at what just happened.

"You're surprisingly sneaky" He frowned.

"I learned from the best" She smiled at him moving closer to the bars to find the woman who had tortured her mother and many others.

"I taught you to lie, steal and cause issues for people" He agreed "I never taught you to bribe prison guards, that's a Malfoy thing"

"Well, I think..." Lidia started but a high-pitched shrieking sort of voice spoke over her.

"It's you isn't it?" She asked, the woman stepped into the light that shined down like a spotlight into her cell. She had a massive amount of unruly curls that were grey from her age, she was stick thin, her teeth were black, and most were missing, her skin was sallow looking, her eyes were huge though, almost too big for her face and were nearly black. The insanity came off her in waves, from her cackling to her words and the way she moved around was jerky like she wasn't used to moving anymore.

"Who do you think I am?" Loki asked.

"You're death" She laughed and clapped her hands "And you're here for me finally, to take me to my master" Her mouth opened wide and she screamed happily "He is awaiting my return to his side, he needs me to make him whole again...I need him, so badly" Her moan was almost erotic and Lidia looked at her father in horror "I've gone so long listening to the sounds of the living, people laughing and talking being happy and having babies while my master waits for me...I am so happy to go to him I will be free again free of the mudbloods and blood traitors" Loki snarled as started to walk towards her, but Lidia held her hand out, stopping him. Lucius's words from the month before were playing in her mind repeatedly 'I couldn't think of a worse torture than living forever with this guilt'

"Dad" She said "We can't kill her, it's what she wants"

"Lidia but..." Loki started but she whispered something to him, he was weary of her plan "Do you know what that means for me?"

"You're already crazy, dad" She reminded "Plus, no one can shudder their minds like you can and you'd be able to control her and only you could kill her...think about it"

"I'm going to catch a disease, I know it" Loki muttered as he walked to the cell bars again, brandishing the knife to Bellatrix LeStrange "Come here, I will give you the biggest gift you could ever want"

"You're sending to my master" Bellatrix whispered, eagerly walking over to him. Loki held the knife out for her to see again and she whimpered in happiness as he did so.

"With this" Loki said, swiping the knife over his palm letting the blood gush out of the wound "The blood given willingly from a God" He shoved his bleeding palm into Bella's mouth and held her nose, forcing her to drink his blood, he put his mouth near her ear and whispered "You get to live forever with your insanity, with the mudbloods, the half-breeds and the blood traitors without your master"

He pulled his hand away from her mouth and shoved her body to the ground, glaring at her for a moment. She looked back with a pout on her rapidly de-aging face, her grey curls were replaced with jet black ringlets and her body filled out a little more in her prison uniform. She moaned and ran her hands over her body, feeling the intense arousal for the God who glared down at her like the filth she was. Bellatrix crawled over to the closest point of her cell to him and knelt looking at him biting her lip.

"Please..." She whimpered to him "Help me" He scoffed, and Lidia sneered at her "My master..."

"Is dead and gone" Lidia hissed at her "And you will live forever with that knowledge and in a state of constant need and loneliness with nothing but rats and insanity as your roommates!" With one last look at the broken and insane woman on the ground they left her sobbing and begging for her master.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A/N: So, I know that Remus was a little OOC but he is basically staring down the barrel of a shotgun. He needs to save Lidia from her own stubbornness! I meant to have them kill Bellatrix but I thought that she'd want that and why give her what she wants. Now her connection to Loki is different than Hermione's to Thor because Loki is different from Thor. He can control it and Bellatrix when he wants to so that could be a good thing or a bad thing, let's see what my muses want! Please review!