Have you ever seen Honky Tonky Woman? What am I saying? Of course you have!
But if you ever notice Spike seems extremely intrigued by Faye in that
episode, my favorite part is the very end were you here a man's voice
saying "hey the dealers cheatin'!" and Spike looks back and gives a strange

Anyway that has NOTHING to do with this poem! This is just a little blurb
from the The real folk blues prt. 1. As always its Faye's P.O.V oh and for
those who were wondering the last one was for Jupiter Jazz


My head is pounding
as I walk along the corridor
I don't want to do this

The only thing I wish
is to turn around and run
far...from you

I know you will go
There has never been a
doubt in my mind

But it still hurts
memories I've cherished
they've fallen out the door

I want to scream
to deny what you mean to me
but I can't

No longer can I hide
You've seen inside
to the pain

No, no more
I can't let this control
time has left my side
and now...

Love has flown
and together we
crashed onto the floor

My wings have broken
and I have come to give
you yours