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Chapter 1:

One September Day

Sometimes, Rory couldn't help but wish that coffee was an exclusive beverage reserved for only those who had a crazy dependence and loyalty to it, like her and her mother, for instance.

It was a gloomy September day and massive thunderheads hung low in the sky, a severe rainstorm was considered imminent and people were pouring into her beloved Second Cup, hoping to wait out the storm. There were more people then chairs and the noise level had risen beyond belief. Luckily, Rory was a regular here so it wasn't too hard for her to find a seat and get a cup of her delicious elixir of life.

Rory had just begun her second year at Yale, studying history and English with the hope of majoring in journalism. Life was pretty good right now. Leaving her mother and Stars Hollow had been hard and giving up Luke's coffee even harder, but Rory had survived. Her roommate, Chelsea, although a little annoying, was really nice and Rory was living it up as an independent woman. She spent her free time studying, book hunting, and discovering quaint little coffee shops like this one.

Rory didn't like to spend all her free time socialize. She was still quiet and reserved, she fooled herself into thinking that she was too busy for parties and boyfriends. There were no guys in the picture at the moment. Dean, her boyfriend of two years, had died last November and Rory had been crushed, but she pushed all thoughts of him out of her head. She didn't want to dwell on that anymore; she didn't know if her heart was strong enough.

A loud clap of thunder interrupted Rory's thoughts and the coffeehouse was immediately thrown into silence as every head turned towards the windows. Huge raindrops splattered on the ground, one after another in a quick succession. They came pelting down and the wind pushed them into a nearly horizontal downfall.

That was when she saw him. The bell above the door jingled, signaling his arrival as he came running in, already soaked by the rain. He was tall and lean, with incredible blue eyes that spoke volumes to her. His golden hair was wet and pasted to his head but he ran a quick hand through it, leaving it tousled and disarrayed in its wake. He wore a pair of old jeans, a faded T-shirt, and a worn, light jacket and his shoes squeaked as he crossed the crowded room and went to stand at the window near her little table.

He crossed his arms in front of his chest in an attempt to keep warm and shivered a bit in the cool, air-conditioned shop. His eyes had quickly scanned the room and finally came to rest on something outside the window. He seemed distant, like his body was here but his mind was far, far away.

She didn't know what came over her, but before she knew it, Rory's mouth was open and unbidden words escaped her lips and directed themselves towards him. "You know, you're not supposed to stand in front of a window during a thunderstorm."

He snapped to attention and looked at her. His eyes, his incredible sapphire eyes, locked with hers and she thanked God that she was sitting down, or else her legs would have given out. But he surprised her by looking around him, self-consciously, as if to make sure that she was talking to him. He seemed to note that most of the people were talking amongst themselves and that she must have spoken to him, but when he turned back to her he hesitated and looked at her questioningly.

"It's not safe," Rory added lamely, making sure that they had eye contact this time.

"Oh." Another hesitation, but then a gentle, shy smile. "Thanks for the heads up, but I think I'm safe in here."

Yet again, Rory didn't know what possessed her mouth. It might have been that smile, or his incredible azure eyes, but she found her mouth rebelling even further. "You can sit down...," her table seated two, but the other chair was currently vacant, "...if you'd like."

He seemed to think it over for a second and, it may have been Rory's imagination taking over, he looked like he really wanted to. But there was something holding him back. His intense, penetrating eyes kept switching back and forth; one second he was gazing shyly at her and the next he was staring over her shoulder with a look of ... fear in his eyes.

Resisting the urge to turn and see of there was something frightening behind her, Rory gave him a tentative, encouraging smile hoping it was enough to convince him. This was the first time that she had thought about a guy in a non-platonic way since the incident last November and she was praying that he wouldn't reject her and move to the other side of the café.

There was something about him, something mysterious, fascinating. She could sense that he went much deeper than most people did, his eyes gave him away. They were alert and sharp, yet beautiful and gentle. But he looked sad, ...sad and alone. Rory was drawn to him like a moth to the flame.

He finally seemed to make his decision and, with a soft smile, made his way to the table and sat himself down across from her.

"Thanks." He mumbled, his face flushed. He was suddenly very interested in his shoes.

"No problem." Rory knew her face reciprocated his blush but she pushed that thought aside and smiled brightly, tucking her novel into her backpack at her feet. "I'm Rory. It's nice to meet you."

He was caught off guard by her beaming grin and her new, confident attitude but he smiled back. "Likewise."

"Do you always make conversation one word at time?" Rory laughed, feeling more comfortable with him in a few seconds than she ever did with Dean.

He blushed again and she had to admit that it was adorable. "No." Rory laughed triumphantly as he caught his mistake.

"Let me try that again..." He took a deep breath, preparing himself for rejection. "It's nice to meet you, too, Rory Gilmore. My name's Tristan."


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