To all you extremely dedicated fans, I first say thank you and give a thousand apologies! Quite honestly, I'd forgotten about this story! I started it when I was 15 and now I'm in university and it's increasingly difficult to find time. But, I have been receiving your very patient nudges to get me back into action and I've been contemplating finishing it. The problem is, I'm currently working and taking a summer course; that finishes in a few weeks and (in the short month I have off before it all starts again) I was thinking a little closure would be nice, both for you all and for me. 

In addition to the time factor, I truly forget what I had planned for an ending. Honestly, I remember it being nothing special, just a nice change for Tristan. In fact, I think I might have to read through the story again to refresh my memory. If you would like, I'll try my hardest to finish this. It might not be very long, nor can I guarantee that it will live up to the ending you've been waiting for these past three years, but it may be worth a shot.

I'm going to hunt to see if I kept any old notes about my original plans for the final chapter. In the meantime, I'm also very open to suggestions, although I won't promise to pick from among them. Your help, enthusiasm, patience and encouragement has been, and is still, greatly appreciated. Hopefully, I can do you proud!



P.S. If you get this, it means I've successfully decoded the uploading process! That's the first hurdle! 