Lor: Why can't all this relationship stuff make sense?

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Tish: What do you see?

Tino: The stars in your eyes.

Tish: You put them there. . .

Carver: Does T seem any different to you lately?

Tish: Not that I've noticed, but now that I think about it. . .maybe I'll have a talk with him.

A Lord Malachite Fanfic

Lor: Am I doing something stupid?

Thompson: You're not stupid, Lor.

Tish: Why are all guys so hung up on appearances?

Carver: So girls have something to nag us about?

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Tino: What am I supposed to do?

Tish: Go home, Tino.

Tino: Now I know what true emptiness is.

Lor: I know exactly what you mean. Let's just try to let her loss be our gain.

Tish: I can't let Tino limit himself to me, he's only fifteen years old. It's too soon.

Carver: Okay, granted. But you two have been together for going on three years now. I've seen marriages break apart in less time than that!

Tish: Are you going somewhere with this?

Carver: All I'm suggesting is that you two have been together a long time, and it's been great. I don't see why you'd want to take the chance of messing that up.


Tino: Maybe it's too soon. . .

Lor: We have to start somewhere!

Carver: I'll be here the day after my sixteenth birthday!

Shopkeep: You won't regret this, Carver. Believe me!


Tino: It's not that simple, Tish.

Tish: Every time I try to put Tino and I back together again, I only make things worse.

Lor: Every girl needs a prince, Tino. Even those of us who are too stubborn to admit it.


Lor: I wasn't sure I could ever handle not having Thompson around. Thanks for sticking with me.

Tino: What are friends for?

Lor: Yeah. . .friends. . .

Tish: Now I understand what Tino was trying to tell me.

Carver: How do you feel?

Tish: Like I'm alone in the dark. I'm finished, don't you see it? If he did love me before, it's gone now. When he looked at me, his eyes were…he looked so adrift and frightened, like he didn't know what to do. But he's scared of me.

Lor: I've never felt like this before. . .Tino, I don't want it to end. I made a mistake before, with Thompson. I never told him how I felt and I ended up losing him. I won't do it again, I can't!


Carver: There's gotta be a better way than this.

Tino: Let me know if you see it.

Lor: I'm not going to let go, Tish. Not for you, not for anyone.

Tish: I don't want to fight like this, but you're determined not to give me a choice.

Lor: You already made your choice back in November.

Tish: Don't you dare! I've seen what you do! If you want to be with Tino, be with him. If you want to be with Thompson, wait for him. But don't you dare kiss the one and pine for the other! You're disgusting!

Tish: Tino Tonitini would be better off today if he'd never met Tish Katsufrakis.

Carver: It's not too late to get it back!

Tish: It's time I let go, Carver.

Carver: How can you say something like that?

Tish: I can live with it. What tears me up inside every minute is that I did this to myself.


Carver: Maybe this is the end of our friendship.

Tish: Rage, rage, against the dying of the light.

Lor: Will you be here when I get back?

Tino: I don't know. I don't know anything, anymore.

Miss Katsufrakis: My little girl, she is groin cup.

Tish: It's worse than that mama. I know it now. I'm in love.


Miss Tonitini: Have you come to a decision?

Tino: I'm trying, I'm trying!


Tino: What kind of person am I, when all is said and done?

Carver: . . .A friend.


Tish: Please don't tell me I'm too late!

Tino: I've got somewhere to be, Tish.

Tish: Don't make me say this too fast!


Lor: This is what I've been looking for, for so long. I'm not going to give that up because you're having second or third thoughts.

Tish: Even if you're having them yourself?

Lor: At least I'm not afraid to say how I feel!


Carver: Both of them need to get over themselves, a process that would move much more quickly if it weren't for you!

Tino: Me?

Carver: You never did make a decision. . . .


Tish: It's never that simple.

Lor: It's not as hard as you make it out to be.

Tino: Y'know what? Love is a really curious word.


Tish: You put them there! Only you!