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Our driver parked near the hospital's entrance.

I was the first person to hop out.

"Tamaki is not so far away anymore," I said to myself.

Haruhi and the twins followed behind me.

We felt the rush of warm wind blowing in our faces.

Hikaru waved at the driver as he drove off.

I admired the beautiful rose bushes to my right.

Knowing that we were finally at our destination put my mind at ease.

All of that pressure in my nerves had finally been released.

Luckily, Hikaru was there to stop me from getting too excited.

A cool breeze blew toward us as soon as Kaoru opened the heavy door.

We quietly walked inside the lobby as a group.

The friendly receptionist helped us check in.

Then she escorted us to the waiting room.

We found a row of chairs lined up against the wall.

I sat down at the end next to a small table.

Haruhi sat down beside me.

The twins decided to look aroundnbefore joining us.

The waiting area was almost completely silent.

I felt the air around us grow thick as we waited.

My stomach tied up in knots.

Nobody spoke a single word.

Haruhi and the twins just stared at each other.

I felt the pressure start to build up in my nerves again.

My worries about Tamaki made it difficult for me to sit still.

I anxiously paced back and forth through the walkway.

My heart began to race as I breathed heavily.

"Calm down Sioku," said Haruhi.

I felt like we were waiting forever.

After a half hour, a doctor entered the room.

A feeling of relief washed over me as I sat back down.

He took a seat in a chair across from us.

My friends and I immediately turned to face him.

"I assume you guys are friends of Tamaki Suoh," he said calmly.

"Yes sir," answered Hikaru.

The doctor took a deep breath. "Your friend is in stable condition. We're treating him in the best ways that we can. However, his injuries could take months to fully heal."

Tears welled up in my eyes as I stared directly at him.

I felt my voice start to crack. "May we please go see him?"

Hikaru put his arm around me. "Don't worry Sioku, everything will be all right."

I berried my face into his shoulder.

"Yes, I'll guide the four of you to his room," the doctor answered.

"Thank you so much," I whispered.

Haruhi and I stood behind Hikaru and Kaoru.

We silently followed the doctor out of the waiting room.

He led us through a long hallway and into an elevator.

After going up to the third floor, we walked down another hallway.

The doctor stopped before a door near the end.

"Please be very careful around your friend. He is still badly injured," he said.

"Yes sir," I replied.

The doctor gently opened the door.

We slowly entered Tamaki's room in a single file line.

"I need to go check on other patients now," said the doctor before taking his leave.

The beeping sounds caused me to feel nervous.

I looked around while trying my best to stay calm.

The room was small with white walls.

Aside from the bed, there were a few chairs lined up on the back wall.

Also, there was a restroom and a wooden cabinet on opposite sides of the room.

Hikaru and Kaoru decided to go sit down.

They didn't want to overwhelm Tamaki.

I cautiously stepped closer to Tamaki's bed.

Staring at him, I silently thanked God that he was in a safe place.

At the same time, I felt bad because he had to be in there.

He slept peacefully under the covers.

His breathing sounded completely normal again.

I noticed a few tubes protruding from his body.

He was hooked up to a few machines.

"Hi Tamaki, we missed you," I whispered.

Haruhi quietly walked around to the other side.

She let out a disappointed sigh while looking down at him.

I gave her an awkward look before turning away.

We patiently waited for him to wake up.

Suddenly, Tamaki's eyes opened.

I was relieved to see him awake.

He looked around in confusion while shaking.

His breathing instantly started to increase. "Who's there?"

"Don't worry, it's just your friends from the host club," Haruhi answered softly.

She put a gentle hand on his shoulder.

That seemed to calm him down.

He took a deep breath before speaking quietly. "Thanks for coming, I missed you guys a lot."

Hikaru and Kaoru smiled at him in response.

"We were very worried about you Tamaki," whispered Haruhi.

His eyes lowered at her words.

Many thoughts were running through his mind at once.

He really didn't know what to say.

I carefully pulled up a chair beside his bed and then sat down.

Tamaki slowly moved closer to me. "Sioku, did you get hurt?"

"Yes, but they were only minor injuries," I answered.

He smiled warmly at me in relief.

We wrapped our arms around each other.

It felt good to finally hold him again.

I thought about when Tamaki and I watched the sunset at the park yesterday.

There was a long period of complete silence in the room.

I peered over at the twins who looked as if they were having a staring contest.

The thought of it made me laugh.

Tamaki closed his eyes and drifted off into the darkness.

I cautiously pulled myself away from him.

"I'll watch Him Sioku," whispered Haruhi.

I nodded at her as thanks.

After quietly streching, I sat back down.

I watched Tiktok videos as the time passed by.

Some of them made me want to laugh out loud.

Suddenly, Tamaki let out a loud scream.

Haruhi placed her hands on his shoulders. "Wake up Tamaki, I'm right here."

His body shook violently under her as he tried to wake himself up.

"I need your help Sioku," Haruhi said frantically.

Startled by the scene in front of me, I threw my phone onto the small table.

Then I grabbed Tamaki's hand and held it firmly.

I noticed that his eyes were still closed.

"He's having a nightmare," I said sadly.

"I know," Haruhi replied.

I just couldn't believe what was happening.

Our encounter with Julie had traumatized him.

Realizing that made me feel horrible inside.

My fears kept me from thinking of a way to help him out.

I listened as Haruhi continued talking to him.

The twins jumped up from their seats and then rushed over to the bed.

They stared at him with worried expressions. "Are you all right sir?"

There was no response from him.

"He's trying to wake himself up from a nightmare," I whispered.

"Please help him Sioku," Kaoru said sadly.

I gave him a reassuring smile.

The monitors started beeping erratically as he breathed heavily.

Those noises usually freak me out, but I had control of my fear this time.

Tamaki was more important to me at the moment.

I hated seeing Tamaki in this situation.

My heart burned with sadness as I desperately searched for a way to gently wake him up.

I was on the verge of tears at this point.

Hikaru quietly walked over to me. "Don't worry Sioku, he'll pull through."

I took a deep breath of relief while looking at him.

His presence helped me collect myself and start thinking again.

We stayed silent for a few minutes.

Haruhi gasped as she watched Tamaki's eyes open.

I felt his hand tighten around mine.

He panted while timidly looking around.

"Help me Sioku," he cried.

"I'm here Tamaki," I said softly.

Haruhi froze at the look of terror on his face. "I've never seen him look like that before."

My eyes widened in shock as I turned to her. "What do you mean?"

"Tamaki is usually very cheerful," Haruhi answered quietly.

Then she cautiously backed away. "You should be the one to sooth him right now. I'll be right here if you need any assistance."

"Thanks Haruhi," I replied

I saw tears rolling down his cheeks as he shook with intense fear.

Without thinking, I pulled Tamaki into a protective embrace.

His heart pounded rapidly as I held him tight. "It's okay Tamaki, I'm here for you. No one will hurt you, I promise."

My words had no effect on him at all.

He was too frightened to process what he was hearing.

I felt his body shaking violently against my skin.

"I saw that woman in my dream Sioku. She went after us again," he said.

My heart dropped at his words as I fell silent.

I knew exactly who he was talking about.

Tamaki is going to be both physically and mentally scarred for life.

My anger toward Julie was way passed the breaking point now.

"This is worse than I thought," said Haruhi with a look of shock.

I continued holding and whispering to him as he started to calm down.

Haruhi watched in awe as Tamaki relaxed in my embrace.

Then she smiled at the twins who were also watching. "Tamaki looks so peaceful with her. I don't know why Sioku hasn't been able to make friends. She is a wonderful person."

I smiled brightly at her in response.

Hearing those kind words from Haruhi made me feel warm inside.

"Hikaru and I saw her do that in the club room yesterday," said Kaoru.

There was a long period of silence in the room.

I giggled and then tapped on Tamaki's shoulder. "I want to show you a hilarious video.

Tamaki grinned at me in excitement. "I can't wait to see it."

"You're so cute Tamaki," I said before laughing.

"I'm glad to see you smiling again," said Hikaru.

Hikaru stood beside me to help in case Tamaki became paranoyed.

I grabbed my phone and then scrolled through my photo gallery.

Haruhi pointed to the little girl. "Who is she?"

"She's my niece," I answered.

Tamaki giggled when he saw the small, straight haired girl.

I smiled and ruffled his hair.

Hikaru pointed to a woman standing behind her. "Who is that?"

"She's my older sister," I answered.

The boys burst into laughter before the video ended.

Their faces turned bright red, and I thought it was cute.

"Your sister's embarrassment was priceless," shouted Hikaru.

I couldn't help but laugh out loud at his comment.

"Your niece is adorable," said Kaoru.

"Yeah she is," I replied in agreement.

I looked down and noticed that Tamaki's eyes were getting heavy.

He yawned and then changed his position.

"Tamaki looks exhausted," said Haruhi.

I pulled him into another hug. "I know, but I have something that might help him."

The twins quietly walked back to their seats.

"I'm afraid to fall asleep Sioku. I don't want to have another bad dream," said Tamaki while shivering.

I lovingly tightened my hold on him.

"Don't worry, Haruhi and I are right here. We won't let that happen," I whispered.

He yawned again and then relaxed.

I've never helped someone who had been traumatized, so this was new to me.

Luckily, I had Haruhi by my side.

Haruhi straightened herself up and then looked at me.

"I could take over if you want," she said.

"Sure," I replied while carefully sitting up.

Haruhi gently pulled Tamaki close to her.

I put on Might+You to secure the peaceful aura around us.

Tamaki closed his eyes and fell asleep in Haruhi's arms.

He let out a relaxed sigh.

I couldn't help but grin at his innocent face.

He looked so adorable.

"This is a beautiful song," Haruhi said with a smile.

"It always helps me relax after a hard day," I replied.

I set my phone down and then walked over to the boys.

They were having a conversation about the host club.

"Hello boys," I said with a grin.

"Hey Sioku," they replied in unison.

Hikaru playfully lifted me onto his lap.

I tickled his sides in response.

Kaoru tapped on my shoulder. "Tamaki and Haruhi are perfect for each other."

I looked up at him with a blank expression.

"She's known him longer than I have, so that sounds accurate," I thought.

Kaoru looked at me and then back at his brother. "You know Sioku, you could calm Hikaru down whenever his temper flares up."

I imagined myself doing that and smiled.

Hikaru glared at his brother.

"Kaoru," he groaned.

"I don't judge," I replied before laughing.

We heard a soft knock on the door.

I quickly walked toward the door and then opened it.

A female nurse walked in carying a bottle of medicine.

Then I rushed back to where the boys were sitting.

"Hello," I said to the nurse.

She smiled at us. "Good afternoon, how is everybody?"

"We're all right," Haruhi answered.

She gently let go of Tamaki and then joined the twins and me.

I watched as the nurse went about her business.

Tamaki was still asleep.

One of the machines made a beeping sound that startled me.

Hikaru put a hand on my shoulder. "It's okay Sioku, just relax."

I took a deep breath while looking at Tamaki from a distance.

A doctor walked in as soon as the nurse exited the room.

He cautiously approached the bedside and then lifted the covers.

A bright light caused Tamaki's eyes to open.

He stared wide eyed at the doctor who was standing beside him.

"Hello sir," Tamaki said nervously.

"You have nothing to worry about," the doc reassured.

I desperately wanted to go over there and help him.

The doctor turned to face us. "I need you all to step outside while I examine your friend."

"Yes sir," I said while leading my friends out the door.

I continued showing them funny videos from my past.

The boys giggled at my niece's cute voice.

Ten minutes later, the doctor stepped out.

He approached us with a smile on his face. "I have good news for you guys. Tamaki's injuries are healing faster than I expected. He willmake a full recovery very soon."

We smiled joyfully in response.

Hearing the good news took a lot of weight off of our shoulders.

"Thanks Doc," I said.

"Any time, you guys may go see your friend now," he replied before walking away.

Haruhi gently opened the door, and we quietly followed her inside.

Tamaki was asleep under the covers.

I smiled at how peaceful he looked.

Then I slowly walked over to the chair beside his bed and then sat down.

"I'm back Tamaki," I whispered.

Haruhi checked the time on her phone and then looked at me. "I need to go home now. My dadis waiting for me."

"I'll see you at school tomorrow," I said before waving at her.

She said good bye to the twins and then quietly walked out the door.

I leaned over Tamaki with a sad look in my eyes. "I don't want to leave you, but I need to go home too. Rocko is waiting for me."

Leaving his side was going to be very difficult for me.

I wouldn't forgive myself if he woke up from a nightmare alone.

The thought of it made a lump of emotion form in my throat.

"We'll take you home Sioku," said Hikaru.

"Thanks," I replied.

I gave Tamaki a hug and then kissed his forehead. "Sleep well my friend."

After collecting our bags, the twins and I headed back to the elevator.

I couldn't stop thinking about Tamaki on our way out of the hospital.

Knowing that he was going to be alone weighed heavy on my heart.

I really wanted to stay with him a while longer.

Luckily, the twins were there to help me stay positive.

We waited in the lobby for our car to arrive.

Many people walked in and out the front door.

I kept to myself while Hikaru and Kaoru had a conversation.

Tamaki's mental safety was all I could focus on.

Kaoru pointed to the window. "Our car just pulled into the driveway."

Without a word, I walked over to the door and then opened it.

The twins quietly followed behind me.

They were shocked by the sudden change in my behavior.

Hikaru pressed a button, and the car door slid open.

He climbed inside and then scooted to the window.

"Hello sir," he said to the driver.

The driver smiled and waved at him.

I hopped in and then sat beside Hikaru.

Kaoru climbed in and then took a seat next to me.

He pressed a button to close the door.

I curiously looked around the vehicle.

"This is a nice car," I said with a smile.

Hikaru laughed and patted my shoulder. "You'll get to ride in these cars more often since you're a member of our club now."

My face lit up as I hugged him.

We stayed silent during the ride to my apartment.

I used that time to think about how to keep my other friends out of harm's way in the future.

Kaoru looked out the window as soon as we arrived.

"Wo, I've never seen an apartment building before," he said with excitement.

I stared at him in confusion. "Why?"

"We've been too busy to explore the city," answered Hikaru.

"I could show you guys around sometime," I suggested.

"That would be awesome," they replied in unison.

I hugged my friends before stepping out of the car.

"I'll see you guys tomorrow morning," I said.

"Bye Sioku," they hollered.

I watched as the car turned and then drove away.

I heard Rocko barking loudly as I approached the door of my apartment.

He was also wagging his tail against the door.

I chuckled at his excitement.

Rocko jumped on me as soon as I walked in.

He was my perfect distraction from thinking about the hospital.

I hugged him tight and ruffled his long fur.

"Good dog Rocko, I missed you too. Let's go for a walk," I said.

He shook off and then followed me to the closet.

I hung my bag before grabbing a leash from the hook.

Rocko ran circles around me after I closed the closet.

"Sit," I said firmly.

He let out a heavy sigh as he sat down.

I laughed and clipped the leash onto his collar.

"Let's go Rocko," I said happily.

He stood up almost instantly.

I led him to the door and then opened it.

After locking my apartment, I headed down the street.

It was still very bright outside.

The fresh air helped me start thinking clearer.

Rocko and I continued walking leisurely around the block.

There were many people walking around the busy street.

Suddenly, a familiar voice called out to me.

Rocko curiously barked while looking around.

I emmediately recognized the voice, it was Haruhi.

I started walking in Haruhi's direction until I caught up to her.

She was carrying a few grocery bags.

"It's good to see you again Haruhi," I said.

She looked down at Rocko who was panting and wagging his tail. "I'm glad to see you too Sioku. I just finished shopping at the supermarket. Your dog is gorgeous."

"Thanks, he's a Golden Retriever. You have my permission to pet him," I replied with a smile.

Haruhi held out her hand to Rocko, and he sniffed her.

Then he sat down at her feet.

"Good dog Rocko," I said.

She scratched behind the dog's ears and looked at me. "Sioku, how are you feeling?"

"I'm still worried about Tamaki, but I'll be all right," I answered.

"I understand how hard this situation is on you considering that you're the one who saw it happen," she said quietly.

I sadly lowered my head. "I still blame myself for all of Tamaki's suffering. This situation is going to haunt me forever."

Haruhi let out a disappointed sigh. "Sioku, you're not responsible for any of his injuries."

I just looked up at her in confusion.

"She should have known that abusing children would get her in trouble. You didn't do anything wrongSioku. Tamaki is still your friend," Haruhi continued.

"Thanks Haruhi, I'm just glad that he has a good support system. Watching one of the sweetest people I know go through that was heartbreaking," I said sadly.

Rocko stood up and then shook off.

"We should go before it gets dark," I said.

"Good idea," Haruhi replied.

I waved at her before walking away.

Back at home, I unclipped Rocko's leash and then put it in the closet.

Rocko followed me as I walked into my bedroom.

I sat down on the bed and lost myself in a train of deep thought.