Hopper's Disappearance

Author's Note:

So, here it is! The first part of my story, and my first attempt at writing fanfiction. Hope y'all enjoy.

It was a victory and a loss for all of us; we had just defeated the Mind Flair, saving El – short for Eleven – in the process.

But we also lost a great friend.


He sacrificed himself for us, took the fate that none of us could.

Mike ran a hand through his curly, jet-black hair, sighing wearily.

Currently, they were standing outside of Starcon; rain pouring down as if the sky was shedding tears.

El looked up at Joyce to see her crying and hugging Max – who had also just lost her stepbrother, Billy.

"Where is Hopper?" she mouthed to her. Hopper was El's guardian at the time, but they acted as if he was her father.

Joyce straightened, tears cascading down her face. "El, sweetie….. he's gone."

Eleven finally understood why Joyce was crying and broke down, falling to her knees.

Days passed and life kind of went back to normal; except, without her 'father', it just wasn't the same for her.

Lucas and Max were having a conversation, debating which of the two was the better dancer.

"Come on, Lucas, it's so obvious that I would be better at dancing, on any day. I have much more experience than you."

Lucas replied, "Nah I would definitely be better, 'cause I have many more skills."

Dustin walked into the room, shouting, "Can you two stop arguing for at least ten minutes? Like seriously, I'm trying to concentrate!"

"Jeez sorry," they both said.

Mike and El walked in, both laughing and eating popcorn.

"Wow, such an interesting argument," said Mike, almost choking on a piece of his snack.

Max glanced at the two, giving them the look. Mike instantly stopped laughing and walked into the other room.

El sat down between Max and Lucas, preventing them from arguing anymore. "Now that I have your attention," she said, "I want to say that I have good news!"

"What is it?" they asked.

She stood up, turned around and said," We are going back to Hawkins, Indiana!"

"What?!" exclaimed Erica, peeping her head around the wall. "No! I don't want to go back there!"


"When did you get here?" enquired Lucas. Erica and Lucas were siblings, sharing the Sinclair surname.

"Oh, quite a while ago," Erica said in quite a sassy tone. "I've been hiding out here, listening to all your blabbering and arguing. You guys really need to stop that, by the way." She said, looking at Max and Lucas.

"Kids! Lunch is ready!" Joyce called from the kitchen.

"Coming!" they all responded, clearing up their games and packing away their snacks.

At that moment, a letter came through the letter box.

Joyce Byers and Eleven, House 103, Maple Street, the address tag ominously read.

El suddenly realised what this meant.

Author's Note:

29/07/2020: And there you go! First part of the story, all done and dusted. More chapters and updates will follow this instalment.


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