The Other Side of the Coin

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Right peeps, this one shot is a weird one. A very random idea. Have you ever thought of what your other half does or how they behave when you're not around? If only you knew what was on the other side...

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Nanoha could tell that Fate is hiding something from her. She can feel it but whenever she asks Fate about it, Fate would always either change the topic or slip away.

She is as slippery as an eel and this frustrated her to no end. She wanted to stomp her feet out of frustration but she held back as she's no longer a kid. Hair pulling wouldn't help either.

Plus, Fate has been very distracted lately... she is there physically but totally out of reach mentally. This had caused them to argue right before they set off for a mission.

During their scouting mission, they chance upon a relic, which looked a lot like a Jewel Seed. This brought back a sea of memories for the both of them. They turned and looked at each other thoughtfully with a soft smile before looking back at the relic.

After searching and studying the immediate area, they still had no clue to what the relic does hence they decided to retrieve it for further studies.

Both Fate and Nanoha wanted to be the one to retrieve it as there could be hidden danger. They wanted to keep their other half safe but due to their argument earlier, they were both too stubborn and did not want to back down.

Both of them activated their skill at the same time and rushed in. They reached for the relic and touched it at the same time.

It felt as though they were struck by lightening. Bright light engulfed them briefly and both Fate and Nanoha were threw meters apart from each other as if a bomb went off between them.

Signum and Vita was several rooms away archiving some artefacts they found. They looked up and to each other at the same time when they heard the loud explosion.

Vita rushed out of the room without any attempt to establish a contact. Ever since Nanoha's accident, Vita had been very protective of Nanoha and she worries about her all the time.

Signum was not far behind her. She tried to establish communication as she travelled but was unable to reach both Fate and Nanoha.

Vita found them both unconscious when she entered the room. Vita went straight to Nanoha to check on her. She had the upper part of Nanoha's body within her arms as she looked over her body for any visible wounds.

Signum went over to check on Fate.

"At least there's no blood or wound." Vita said weakly with shivering voice.

They were hurriedly rushed back to the medical facility.

They were both checked out. Other than nursing a concussion, they were both physically fine. Shamal and the medical staff on duty gave them both a clean bill of health. Blood works came back normal too.

Doctor's order was for them to head back to their dorms to rest for the next few days when they wake. They will keep them here in the recovery room for a few hours after they wake, just to make sure that all things are in order before discharging them.

Shamal asked about the relic that Signum and Vita were talking about. It would be great if she could take a look at it. Perhaps it may shed some light on why Fate and Nanoha had collapsed.

Signum reported that the relic was nowhere to be found when they got there. Signum added that they were unable to pull any data out of Rising Heart and Bardiche at this stage as the devices seem to be busy compiling something and were not responding.

Fate and Nanoha were sent to separate rooms for recovery. When they woke, they had a massive headache as expected.

Yuuno was there when Fate woke and Hayate was there when Nanoha woke. Through the brief conversations they had with their companions in their rooms, they realised what had happened. Fate was in Nanoha's body and Nanoha was in Fate's.

Without being allowed to leave their own room in the meantime, they decided to just go with it and wait it out before telling any one about it. This may be their once-in-a-lifetime kind of chance to find out things about the other's life.

'What is she not sharing or what is she trying to hide?' was what they both thought about when they came to a conclusion about their situation.

Yuuno was really attentive and caring when she woke.

Vita dropped by briefly to check on Nanoha (Fate) and soon left with a scowl. She was scowling because Fate apologised and thanked her with a hug for worrying about her. Vita was blushing like a tomato and retreated quickly.

Fate couldn't help but chuckled (not nyahahaha) as that was so tsundere of Vita. Fate could tell that Yuuno was holding himself back from fussing over Nanoha (Fate). He was also subtly hitting on Nanoha (Fate).

'Was Yuuno always like this with Nanoha when they are alone? I wonder if Nanoha actually reciprocate his feelings? ' Fate pondered.

Fate didn't know how to handle the situation. She has always presumed that they shared some sort of special relationship therefore she ended up doing the total opposite of what Nanoha normally would.

She always knew deep down in her heart that Nanoha would never be hers. She's just... not good enough.

On the other side, Yuuno found that Nanoha (Fate) was acting very… un-Nanoha- like. It's almost as if a bulb was about to light up in his head.

Plenty of staff went by the nurses' station to drop off some get well gifts for Fate while she was still unconscious. None of them visited as they wanted to remain anonymous.

They must be the people from Fate's secret fan club on base. A club which Fate denies existed at every turn. Fate would always say that she's no one special and nobody would be silly enough to a fan of hers.

'How in denial could Fate be? The facts are all right in front of her. How can Fate not know just how special she is? Especially to me!' Nanoha thought with an increasing headache. She wouldn't hesitate firing 'Starlight Breaker' on anyone who doesn't agree that Fate is special.

The nurse brought the gifts in after she woke. Hayate was up to her usual mischief self and teased Fate (Nanoha) about the gifts.

Nanoha was unsure of how to handle the situation and reacted how she thought Fate would. She looked through the gifts, unknowingly wearing a scowl on her face.

Hayate instantly noted her reaction and found it odd. She asked repeatedly if she was feeling alright. Fate (Nanoha) would convince Hayate that she feels fine and just needed some rest. Fate (Nanoha) however got grumpy when Hayate teased her about people around base crushing on her.

Usually "Fate" portrayed a cooler side when dealing with other people as she is very shy by nature but since the accident, "Fate" had become hot headed... and that reminded her strongly of Nanoha.

Hayate decided to test her theory and also to have some fun along the way by asking Fate (Nanoha) some very personal questions. Hayate confirmed it when she was talking to "Fate" about Nanoha. And she could not stop laughing at Nanoha's failed attempt on acting as Fate.

Hayate was breathless and her tummy ached from all that hard laughter. Hayate told Nanoha that her Fate acts very differently from the "Fate" she has in her head.

Nanoha though about how Fate would act differently when she's not around and this had sadden Nanoha tremendously. Hayate wasn't expecting this response from Nanoha and thought perhaps there was a miscommunication as Nanoha was in tears.

On the other side, Nanoha (Fate) tried to extract information from Yuuno and realised that there was nothing to hate about this guy.

She had always been jealous how close Yuuno was to Nanoha. They even shared a room while growing up (even though Yuuno was in his ferret form and slept in a basket on Nanoha's dresser). Nanoha cuddles him all the time (ferret form on arm or shoulder) and lets him touch her all over her body (again, in ferret form, climbing up to sit on Nanoha's shoulder).

He plays a fair game even though he knew that he never stood a chance. He just wanted to let Nanoha know that she has other choices beside the one she loves. He won't force his way in. He truly wants Nanoha to be happy.

'But who does Nanoha loves then? Why has Nanoha never mentioned about this love of hers? Are they already together?' Fate panicked internally as her mind raced off to different depressing possibilities.

After some lengthy explanation, slight breaking of promises and a whole heap of reassurance, Hayate finally managed to calm Nanoha down and dried her tears. Fate would skin her alive then hang her up to dry if she knew that she made Nanoha cry. But that doesn't mean that she couldn't play with fire.

Hayate brought Nanoha over to Fate so that firstly, she can laugh at their silliness and insecurity.

It's as clear as day for everyone around them that they are "the one" for each other but only they themselves are too blinded with unfounded worries to see the truth. The dance around each other was beginning to get old if you ask Hayate. Nanoha already laid her claim on Fate since they were 9 years old.

Second, as funny as it is to see their failed acts, they have to figure out how this happened and how they could swap them back.

After hearing their report about the relic, how they touched it together and how they swapped body after that, Hayate sat back and thought hard about it. She had heard and read about the Jewel Seed case. Hayate questioned about the possibility of the relic being a jewel seed.

Fate and Nanoha agreed that it was not a jewel seed as the "behaviour" is different. They also added that Rising Heart and Bardiche had confirmed after they woke that it is not a jewel seed because it emitted a different energy signature when the blast went off.

Hayate recommended that they should sit down and have a honest to god talk. They really need to open up to each other. She then left them to it and dragged Yuuno along with her.

Fate and Nanoha finally opened up to each other and they found out that they were interested in each other from the very beginning. They didn't understand their feelings for each other when they were kids but that changed as they grew up.

Fate admitted that she tried her best to hide her feelings for Nanoha but lately her feelings are becoming harder to hold back.

"I really wanted to be there next to you and to spend time with you but I found out that I am unable to tolerate you being with someone else. I was really worried that you had found someone else and will no longer need me." Fate confessed sadly.

Nanoha hugged her tightly and reassured her with her own confession.

"Silly Fate-chan. I will always need you. You are my special one. Please stay by my side and never leave me."

Nanoha then continued, "I got all jealous of the staff on base that has a crush on you. My greatest fear is that you would accept one of their confessions and leave me all alone."

"Silly Nanoha, as if that would ever happen. I don't take notice of others except you." Fate replied as she rested her forehead on Nanoha's. None of them spoke for a brief amount of time as they took their time to enjoy the moment.

They shared a good laugh when they exchanged stories of how they thought each other would behave. They were so off point and had worried about nothing. They decided that they have wasted enough of their precious time being apart and they should take the next step in their relationship. Even though they were only sixteen, they decided to be together and finally shared their first kiss. That was a very sweet but long overdue kiss.

This was when they both got back into their own body after the blinding light settled. The relic then reappeared and fell between them. Nanoha asked Fate to touch the relic with her again but nothing happened.

Two weeks later, Yuuno slammed a very heavy looking book onto the cafeteria table when they gathered to have dinner together.

"I finally found it." Yuuno announced proudly as he pushed his glasses back up. He took a seat at the table and began explaining.

"I can confirm that it is not a jewel seed as it is... a wedding jewel. In the past, before the couple could even set the date of their wedding, the bride would present this to the groom before they wed. The jewel would allow the bride to prove to the groom that she has nothing to hide from him. After the conclusion of the experience, if it was a positive experience, the groom would then be required to gift his soon-to-be bride with a carved 'Lovespoon' signifying that he will never let her go hungry. Usage of the jewel had diminished over the ages because only when both parties are truthful to each other, they won't be able to return to their own bodies and the jewel wouldn't reappear."

Nanoha laughed awkwardly and said, "Nayahaha. I guess we got lucky. I had enough of finding out about the other side of the coin. I'm happy as long as both sides are together as one coin." Nanoha turned to look at Fate and smiled tenderly. Fate surprised everyone but one who had gathered at the table. She cuddled Nanoha's face within her hands and Nanoha instantly melted into her touch. Fate then leans in to capture Nanoha's lips. Nobody would have guessed that the shy Fate would be the aggressor. *Winks

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