It was winter. The nights were cold. I laid in bed, crying. My parents were already sleeping.

I'm a female Vaporeon. I live in Vermilion City and I'm going through the worst time of my life. My parents.

„Vaporeon, wake up!" my mom shouted. „I'll say it one more time. Wake up! You know what happens if you don't listen to me!"

„Ok mom, I'm coming."

My parents were always cruel to me. I just don't know why. I wish I had never been born. You want to know what they had done to me? Well, you will see.

Walking along the corridor, I could already see my mom standing in the kitchen. At least she made some food for me. I don't even know anything about making my own. She never taught me. What a bitch.

„You know what happens if you don't eat up!"

„Yeah, mom. I know."

I was sitting in the kitchen and ate with my family. Her food was actually pretty good!

„So, did you like it?" she asked while not even looking at me.

„It was wonderful, thank you. Can I go outside for a bit?"

„Go outside?! Are you fucking serious? You want to go outside??"

„I'm sorry, mom. I… umm…"

I ran inside my room. The door slammed open. It was that time again. Like every single day. I was shaking of anxiety.

„Come on, you piece of shit!"

„What are you-STOP!! STOP HURTING ME! MOM!!!"

She beat me up. My father didn't care, he was an egoist.

„That was fun, don't you think so?"

„Leave me alone. Please."

„Huh? I did not hear you. What do you mean?"


„Oh, you want some more? No problem!!"

I tried to run from her, but she grabbed my tail and I crashed through the window. Glass shards penetrated my skin. I was now laying outside and I knew that was my only chance to flee from this place, so I ran away. I didn't care where, I just never wanted to see my parents again.