Rumi couldn't count the number of times that she fell in love with Izuku.

Mostly because she couldn't keep track of just how often he went out and did crazy heroic shit; honestly it felt like he was trying to outdo her as the crazy one, but that just made it better! She still remembered each time he made her heart pound in her chest more than any other combat high in the world.

There was the first fight she saw where he sacrificed everything to try and get that Todoroki kid to use his whole quirk.

Then there was that brawl with All Might that had made it apparent just how much all of their training had been paying off for Izuku.

After that, there was the fight on I-Island—she hijacked Nejire's ticket and surprised Izuku because she was mildly, just ever so slightly, completely and utterly obsessed with him at this point—where she, Izuku, and All Might had fought against some guy that could control metal and had an item that enhanced their quirk.

One of her favorites was watching Izuku kick a gigantic flesh monster that had been a mob boss into orbit while he saved like the cutest white haired girl in the entire world; Rumi and Nejire had instantly became the girl's big sisters, though for some reason nobody ever let her watch Eri solo, like there needed to be someone else there. Rumi still had no idea why! Eri was like twelve now!

One of her all time favorites though was when Izuku had saved not just her life, but everyone's life when he fought that white haired boy that could destroy everything. She lost an arm during that whole fight. Mei built her a metal one. Mei was good people.

There were dozens of other times that Rumi had fallen in love with Izuku over and over again. And even though she was currently the number five pro hero, and Izuku was just now starting to enter into the top ten, she was his number one fan.

"Hey Izuku!" Rumi dove onto the couch where her boyfriend of like eight years was currently sitting. They had moved in with each other, well, kinda, she had gotten a house when Izuku had graduated U.A. and then basically stole all of his stuff and told him they were living with each other.

Sometimes she wondered if she was a crazy girlfriend or not. Well, she probably was just a bit crazy.

"Hey Rumi," Izuku didn't even hesitate to place his hand on her stomach, "How was your run?"

"Mt. Fuji is cold."

"You went to Mt. Fuji?" A small voice asked, and Rumi became aware that Eri was here as well. Oh right! They were supposed to watch her huh? Oh that meant a pajama party! "And ran there?"

Rumi shrugged on Izuku's lap, really content to just flop on her boyfriend and soon to be fiance. "Well, it was more like a couple of jumps and just for fun. I also fought some crime on the way, and hey," she swatted Izuku's chest. "Remind me to see if we can get Mei to adjust the settings on the arm, I think it's too sensitive now."

"Sure, we can head there later, unless you'd like to go see Mei, Eri."

The most adorable twelve year old in the entire world blinked, opened her mouth, closed it then shook her head. That was the kind of sass that Rumi had tried to shove in Eri's mind from a young age. It beat Nejire's influence. That was why she was the favorite big sister! And the fact that she was always with Izuku probably had nothing to do with it. "No thanks. Mei, kinda scares me."

Izuku blinked. "Mood."

"Hey! And I don't?" Rumi kicked her legs and flopped more aggressively on Izuku's lap. Crap! She had flopped and couldn't get up. Stupid, bunny brain! "You both need to learn to fear the bun!"

"It's hard to be afraid of you when you have a fluffy white tail coming out of your butt." Eri snickered. So sassy! Rumi loved it!

"And I know how much you enjoy cuddling." Izuku grabbed one of her ears at the tip, and began to rub the ever so slightly sensitive spot in a really good way. Her leg started twitching. "And I know all of your weaknesses."

"Oh yeah?!" Rumi wiggled in his lap and looked right up at him. "Well I know yours."


"I love you."

Izuku's face turned red. His weakness was forward blunt women. And if Rumi was anything, she was a forward blunt woman. "I love you too."

Rumi looked over towards Eri and smiled at her. "Hey, Eri, you're going to be our flower girl."


"Huh?" both Izuku and Eri said nearly at the same time.

Rumi hopped up and went to Izuku's hiding spot he thought she didn't know about and grabbed that ring he had been meaning to give her. She dumped the little black box that had a very pretty ring onto Izuku's lap and held her hand out to him. "I'm tired of waiting, do the proposing thing."

"Huh? What? How'd you find this?"

"How'd you think you could hide like anything from me?"


"You left the receipt on the table."


"Language!" Eri shouted and pulled out her phone. "By the way, I'm filming this. Nejire says I have to say that when I do it."

Hopefully the 'it' was filming and the 'do it' wasn't the uhh, actually doing it. It didn't matter how old Eri was, she was going to remain cute and innocent and wholesome and single. Rumi wasn't afraid to break knees.

"Great!" Rumi shouted, her metallic hand on her hip as she waited for Izuku. "Now hurry up and ask me to marry you so I can say yes and tackle you onto the couch, knocking it over while we kiss and Eri says that's gross."

"What? But don't you want something more romantic?" Izuku fumbled, taking the ring out of the box and standing. "I mean, I'm happy you want to marry me, but this isn't how I had it planned at all."

"Unless you want to go find a villain that will be life or death for both of us—"

"Are there any?"

"—-Then you missed the most romantic time to propose when you saved my life all those years ago."

"I was sixteen!"

"So? I would have said yes."

"Fine." Izuku got down on one knee and held out the ring. "Rumi, will you marry me?"

"Hell yeah!" Rumi held out her hand and let Izuku put the ring on her finger. "Now for the actual wedding. That's going to be a pain in the butt to plan. Hey Eri, want to go to the store to get us stuff to celebrate with?"

"Are you two going to have sex again?" Eri asked, pocketing her phone and slipping it into her pocket. "Cause if so, I'll go to the arcade."

"Who ruined you?"



AN: And that's the end! Thank you all for reading this fic. Sorry if this ending is a disappointment to you, but this was a story about how Izuku and Rumi fell in love and that's it.

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