Lyra climbed, monkey like, onto the roof of Jordan College. Her eyes were dry, she had nothing left to cry, and her smile was firmly tacked in place. The night air was cool against her face, and she was glad of the change. Jordan College was big and beautiful, but the air inside tended to be suffocating. At least, it was now that she'd come back. Everything seemed to be suffocating now that she'd come back.

But she was happy. Not ecstatic and wild like before she'd gone, but happy. And happy was better then what most had. The clay tiles were chipped and bumpy, sliding in and out of place like loose dragon scales, but her feet knew where they were going. Above her the night stretched on forever, like a sequined, velvet curtain, hiding her from the world. The stars were so bright she could feel their crystalline warmth on her bare arms. Pausing for a moment she pulled her hair back to let their light wash across her pale face.

Cicadas sang from far away on the reality-obsessed ground, their voices floating up around her in her airy palace. Cocooned in music and fresh air, Lyra Silvertongue climbed her tower, every step taking her higher into the night. Into the sky she climbed, farther than the tower's peak would ever go. But she had left it, reality and gravity far behind. Her feet found foot holds in the clouds and her hands grasped the shining crescent moon. Light from a thousand different worlds dappled her skin as she climbed onto her moon.

She lay down in the crook of the moon's arm, resting her head on its shoulder. Its light wrapped around her like invisible sheets, singing silent promises of escape and safety. Lyra's eyelids were heavy and the moon's promises were beautiful and sweet. At least she could escape all her memories for the night. Escape into the beautiful dreams the moon sang of. She had climbed to the moon, and above her the night stretched on forever, like a sequined, velvet curtain, hiding her from the world.