Chapter 1:Akumatized

"She's making up this whole thing! It wasn't me! I didn't do anything, I swear! You know Lila's lying, don't you, Adrien?" Marinette asked Adrien as her mother softly cried in the background. She couldn't believe it, Lila's greatest lie is getting her expelled. She felt so angry, betrayed, and all alone as everyone judged her for these false actions. Adrien looked at her in shock as everything was being revealed. Of course he believed her! She was his friend! Adrien looked at principal Damocles as he starred at Marinette with a look of fury and disappointment.

"Mr. Damocles, I don't think-"

"Marinette Dupain-Cheng.. I always thought of you as a wonderful student, but you have crossed the line! You are expelled from this school!" Mr. Damocles said out in an angry tone. Everyone gasped as Lila simply smiled at Marinette's suffering. Marinette stared at Mr.Damocles as she began to softly hyperventilate. Tears began to fill her eyes as she balls her fist into her first. All her friends and teachers have betrayed her, trusting this stupid excuse of a human being! She simply wanted to run and cry, but another part of her wanted to get her revenge on Lila and make everyone feel her pain.

The large circular window opened in Hawk Moth's lair as he let out an evil laugh. Finally! He has found the perfect catalyst for his Akuma, Marinette will begin his masterpiece!

"Lila Rossi was right! This was worth the wait! The downfall of Marinette brings about the despair of everyone who trusted her. I can feel the huge waves of negative emotions as they come crashing down!" he said with such evil joy in his voice. He pulled his hand out to allow one of his precious moths to land on his hand before akumatizing it.

"Nathalie, are you ready?"

"More than ever."She said as she smiled softly. Hawk Moth walked up to his loyal assistant before placing the akuma in her tablet

" Catalyst, I'm giving you back the power to transform me into Scarlet Moth." he stated as Nathalie transformed into Catalyst. A small smirk formed on her face as she transformed

" From now on, you are the almighty Scarlet Moth!" She commanded, this allowed Hawk Moth to transforms into said character

"Thanks to you, I can now release as many akumas as I desire! Fly away, my little akumas. Find Marinette and her friends and evilize them all!" He commanded, sending his akumas out to the city of paris.

Marinette began to open the exit door of the locker room. There was nothing she could do… Lila won, she finally destroyed Marinette's life. The moment she opened the door, she and the others were swarmed by a bunch of scarlet akumas! Chloe, Alya, and a few others held their ground as the akumas flied all around the locker room. Sadly, the akumas infected Marinette, her parents, and several others.

"Verity Queen, Princess Justice, I am Scarlet Moth. Since the innocent isn't to be believed anymore, I'm giving you both the power to expose the truth. As for you, my desperate loyal ones, disappointed by she who you once admired so much? I'm glad to have you back. In return, you will bring me Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous!" Marinette began to remove her earrings. As she was about to remove one of them, the voice of kiki was heard in the back of her head.

"Marinette! Fight back! Your Ladybug! You're better than this!"

"Come on Marinette! Join us! Will make sure Justice is served!" Another voice chimed in. It was Princess Justice, it's trying to convince her to join Hawk Moth and the others. Suddenly these two voices began to argue between one another, trying to get Marientte onto their side. Marientte lets out a painful groan as she holds her head. The voices began to get louder and louder as they began to say sweet and sour things to her. She couldn't take it. She was Ladybug! She already serves justice, but Princess Justice might be able to give Lila a piece of her own Medicine. As she began to have this moral dilemma, she felt as if she was falling down into a rabbit hole of pure insanity. It didn't take long for her to finally snap, though she was the only one in trouble. As Hawk Moth rejoiced over this feat, he heard Catalyst beginning to cough.

"What's wrong?" he asked his assistant as she continued coughing.

"Nothing, everything's fine. Keep going-" she said before falling onto her knees. She held her chest as she felt her heart beating before collapsing

"Dark wings fall! " Hawk Moth yelled before running to Nathalie as Gabriel Agreste. This causes almost everyone to be akumatized, almost.

"Man that was close! Are you okay Marinnete?" Alya asked her best friend as she still had her hands clutched onto her head. She lets out the numerous inaudible whispers as tears fell from her eyes.

"M-Marinette? Sweetie?" Sabine said to her daughter as she slowly walked up to her. Everyone stayed silent and still as she slowly placed a hand on her daughters shoulder.

"Come on Marinette… Let's go home-"

"No! I won't go until the truth has been revealed !" Marinette yelled out as she slapped her mother's hand away. Everyone gasped as Marinette looked around the locker room, a look of pure hatred and betrayal filled her eyes. Hawk Moth's signature moth stayed over her face, as if she is still holding onto his power.

"Marinette! Whatever Hawk Moth offers you, it's a lie! Please Marinette! Snap out of it!" Alya lets out as everyone stays still. Marinette simply laughed as she held her face with her hand as everyone gasped.

"Oh really? Well let's see what he has to offer! Hawk Moth! I want to make a deal!" She yelled out in an insane tone as she laughed.

As Gabriel began to pick up Nathalie, he heard Nooroo's voice.

"Master! Someone is still Akumatized!" It stated, leaving Agreste dumbfounded. This is impossible! He was sure that everyone was deakumatized! He looked at Nathalie, who simply nodded. With a sigh, he leans her body against the wall carefully.

"This will be quick Nathalie, I promise." He told her before walking towards his pedestal as he transformed. He took a deep breath before he began to communicate with this akumatized person.


Marienette probably stood there for a good minute or so before she finally got a response from Hawk Moth.

"This is Marienette Dupain-Cheng, i've been betrayed by my friends and allies due to a dirty snake in the garden. I wish to be fully akumatized! I want to show all of Paris my suffering as the Clown of Misery, for that's what I am… A clown for thinking that I could trust anyone…" She said as she began to look around, staring at her so-called friends.

" I'll get you Ladybug and Cait Noir's miraculous… Though I have one question: Hawk Moth ''. She looked at Lila with such hatred that she could feel her eyes burning at the back of her head. Slowly, she began to raise her hand. She pointed at the italian girl before asking him her question.

"Is Lila working for you? Did you hope that this outrage will give you such powerful pawns?" she asked Hawk Moth as everyone gasped.

"Marienette! Why are you accusing her of such things!? Mr. Damocles asked angrily before Hawk Moth responded to her question.

"My my! You're a smart girl Marionette! Yes, she was working with me! She is a wonderful liar who can get away with anything, though I believe you'll become a better part-"

"Ah hah! So I was right! Lila is a dirty liar! You hear that guys! Hawk Moth said she is nothing but a liar! " she said in victory as she looked around. Everyone looked at her ashamed, why are they looking at her like that! Lila is the one everyone should be ashamed of!

"Marinette! How could you believe Hawk Moth! You're better than this!" Alya yelled out angrily at her as everyone shakes their heads.

Tick Tock

"Wow! Who knew that Dupain Cheng could be so cruel" Chloe said, jabbing at Marinette's accusation"

Tick Tock

She looked at Adrien, who simply looked away. Did he think Lila isn't a liar! Adrien! She stood there, looking down as everyone was telling her these things… Shaming her as if she was the criminal here. Everyone's voices was silenced in her mind as she felt her own world crumble as the clock ticked away.

Tick Tock

Tick Tock

Tick Tock





"Everyone will be punished Hawk Moth… Even you!!" she yelled out as she transformed into her akumatized form. She now wore a clown's suit with a half white and black look. On her face was a mask of the iconic sad comedy mask. Everyone stayed silent as she walked up to Lila, the floor beneath her as she walked turned into a shade of grey.

"What are you doing Marinette!? You wouldn't hurt me wouldn't you!?" She asked as she backed up to the wall before Marinette grappled her face

"You'll feel my suffering Lila…" she muttured as Lila gasped and screamed in pure terror before turning into stone. As this happened, the locker room began to lose it's color. It became a sad grey color as everyone began to panic. She looked over at everyone before everyone tried to run out of the locker room, Marinette getting a few of them before they all escaped.

Adrien panted heavily as he locks himself in one of the classroom. Plag comes out and looks at him

"Oh no Adrien! What are we going to do!? Where screwed!" He yelled put as he flies around in a panic. Adrien simple groaned as he held his head.

"Why would Lila do this? Why Plag!?" He asked him as the Plag kept flying around

"I told you there was something up with her!" He responded before letting out and eep. He seemed more panicky as he then disappears.

"Plag! Where are you!?" He yelled out as he looked around before his eyes lies onto Marinette. She began to walk towards him as she removed her mask, setting it ontop of one of the desks.

Her eyes were a simple gray as she had painted tears on her face as well as her skin having become a grey in color. He looked at her with some fear before manning up

"Marinette! I believe you! I'm sorry for not saying anything! But please don't don't do this! This isnt you!" He begged as she giggled softly.

"You know me? Oh please! I been hitting on you since the day I saw you Adrien… I have a crush on you" she admitted as she was now mere a few inches away from his face. Her fingers softly glided through his hair as he looked at her in shock. Marinette liked her! He, he was surprised! Was he really that blind?

"Y-you do?" He asked her as she nodded with a sad smile.

"Yes, I really do… But I know that you wont love me.. I beg you already have someone else know your mind… Oh well" she said before kissing him softly on the lips. He stayed still at this before softly kissing her back. It was warm and nice… But… It slowly began to turn cold and painful… He felt his mind become hazy as his skin hardens. Before he could pass out from the mere pain he was feeling, he heard Marinettes voice one final time.

"If I cant have you… No one can… sweet dreams Adrien…" she stated before walking away, leaving a mere stone statue if Adrien behind. She heard Hawk Moths voice as he tried to contact her

"What are you doing!? Your suppose to get the Mi-"

"You don't control me Hawk Moth, no one does… Everyone is dead to me, I don't need anyone" she stated as she left the classroom. She began to head hunt down each student and staff member that hid in the school, turning each one into a mere cold stone statue of their former selves. Once she was done with her work, she headed up to the roof before sitting down by the edge. The whole school now black and grey as the color spreads to the pavement of paris. Today is the day that paris will fall.