My hero academia does not belong to me...hope y'all enjoy this, I wasn't too happy with the way the other one was going. Izumi was turning into more of a student teacher instead of just a student. So, let me know what you think.

In a world where people could do the impossible, almost anything could happen. In China, one baby began to glow. From there, other abilities started popping up, and now 80% of people have these abilities we call quirks. But, the world wasn't fair and she had to learn that at a young age. It all started when she was five...

Giggling Izumi tilts her head as Kaachan goes after one of their friends for being mean to her. Nodding to himself Katsuki turns and huffs as he walks over to the log; Izumi steps up right to the edge of the log.

"Kacchan, that doesn't look safe," Izumi's fingers tangle with the hem of her shirt. Green eyes trained on her friend crossing the wet log.

"I'm fine Izumi! A hero wouldn't be afraid of something like this!" Red eyes turn to look at her just as his foot slips - sending him tumbling down toward the rocks below.

Time seems to freeze as Izumi screams, throwing herself toward him, her hands outstretched. A bright green light blinds their frozen companions as they watch the two childhood friends. When the light disperses, they find Katsuki encircled by a golden sphere, his hand grasped by Izumi's. Izumi stares wide eyed down at her friend - her body held up by two dove grey wings. Taking a deep breath Izumi focuses on bringing them both over to the ground, the golden sphere disappearing as they move.

When both of them are flat on the ground Katsuki twists Izumi around by their joined hands, gaze and hand tracing the soft feathers. Izumi giggles, her wings twitching and fluttering under his soft touches.

"Kacchan, we need to go tell momma and Auntie!" The young boy nods, gripping her hand and starts to tug her back through the woods. As they rush off, they both ignore the other two boys yelling after them.

Grinning as they ran towards Katsuki's house, they were supposed to be having dinner there. Just as they come skidding into the yard, Mitsuki comes rushing out the front door, wide shimmering crimson eyes trace over the two kids, "Inko!" Izumi holds tighter to Katsuki's hand - her other hand grabbing onto his shirt. Striding over, Mitsuki leads both of them into her car before turning it on and speeding out.

Izumi feels hot tears starting to stream down her face, her wings curling around her - only her tight grip on Katsuki's hand seen from under the grey feathers. When they are finally let out of the car, Izumi curls up as fear and worry seizes her. Mitsuki gently picks her up, cradling the sobbing child against her - Katsuki grabbing onto his mother's pant leg.

Mitsuki leads their small group up to the front desk, ignoring the line of people. She stares down at the woman behind the desk after demanding to know a room number.

"I'm sorry, you'll have to wait ma'am."

"Don't fucking sorry me! My best friend is lying in a room somewhere after being rushed here from her home being burned down! I have her only blood in my arms!" Mitsuki's voice rises, her eyes boring further into the woman. "So all these people can wait, because the longer I argue with you the longer she will be by herself and the shorter time her daughter will have to speak to her."

The young woman gulps before her fingers fly across her keyboard, "She will be on the fourth floor, room 489."

Without another word Mitsuki rushes away. Izumi's sobs have subsided as they walk down the hall, tears still falling down her flushed face. Slowly Mitsuki sets her down, opening the door and letting Izumi lead them in. The slow soft beeping of machines echoes in the quiet room.

Rushing over, Izumi climbs up onto the chair next to the bed, before sliding next to her mother on the bed. Inko smiles softly down at Izumi, her hand cradling her daughter's face before pulling her daughter back into her side. Green eyes glance up and meet Mitsuki's gaze. Mitsuki falls into another chair, tears falling down her own face.

The group spends the next while in relative silence, Inko whispering her love to Izumi and Katsuki - both curled into her sides. When they both have exhausted themselves from tears and fallen asleep curled next to the greenette, Inko looks over to her best friend.

"I won't last the night."

"There has to be something that can be done!" Mitsuki whispers harshly, face streaked with tear tracks. "You can't die! What about Izumi?"

"Do you really think I want to leave her?" Inko sighs, fingers brushing through her daughter's long curls, careful of the wings folded up onto her back.. "My baby just got her quirk and I won't be able to see her become the great hero I know she will be." Green orbs flash up and pin the blonde woman to her chair. "Promise you will take care of her, support her. Please, you and Masaru are the only two I trust. She would be lost without you three."

"Of course we will. You don't have to ask." Mitsuki chokes out, reaching out and placing her own hand onto the young girl's head - clasping her best friend's. "We will get through this, I promise that no one will be allowed to take her away from us."

"Thank you Mitsuki," Inko whispers as tears stream down her face. "Don't let her ever forget that I love her and believe in her - my little angel."

Waking up the next morning to find her mother gone, Izumi screams.

It isn't until almost a year later that she lets Auntie take her to register her quirk, she names it Angel.