Chapter Warning! This chapter might get a little violent for some people. I tried to keep it as toned down and non-descriptive as possible but still maintaining some of the reality. Trying to keep this a 'T' rating but if I get complaints I'll change it. That's all! Enjoy!


For Rory Waters three rings were too many and tipped her off that something was wrong. She was about to hang up when a very weak 'hello' caught her attention. "God damn it Jeri! Don't scare me like that!" Rory roared into the phone. (AN: Rory-roared, haha…cheap author joke )

"Shut up," Jeri moaned on the other end of the line. "I'm in pain here." Rory felt her heart stop for a moment before it picked up again.

"What's wrong with you?" Rory snapped trying to sound like her usual self and not show her unease at the moment. The events of the morning's email conversations had her on edge and right now Jeri would be the biggest hit against Rory- if anyone knew she was a source of information for her then Jeri's life might be in danger.

"I have a hang over, so sue me." Rory glanced over at her clock it read about 2:30 in the afternoon which made it approximately 10:30 in the morning in Denver, Colorado where Jeri was currently working.

"Jeri, you bum," Rory said relaxing slightly. The change in her voice seemed to go unnoticed to Jeri however who could be heard rummaging through what sounded like a pile of paperwork. "What are you doing now?" Rory asked taking another drink from her cherry vodka. She shuddered slightly by the burn it caused in her system- despite her lifestyle Rory had never been a drinker which, if anything, made her better at her work.

"Looking for your results what else?" she asked. "Why? What else would you be wanting?"

"What if I just wanted to shoot the shit with you?" Rory asked innocently trying to make this into a play.

"Don't bullshit with me Rory," Jeri snapped back, "there is so much chatter in the Syndication lately I wouldn't be surprised if you were calling to tell me you're going into hiding." There was a pause. "Are you?" Rory snorted indignantly.

"You're dreaming. When have I ever hidden from anything?"

"That's what a lot of people are saying right now and say that you're in Domino cause your hiding."

"Well a lot of people are wrong aren't they? And I'd be a pretty shitty hider if everyone knew where I was."

"True," Jeri agreed then sighed. "I don't have your paperwork with me right now. Plus I just got the new DNA yesterday so I haven't been able to do too much with it."

"Couldn't or didn't?" Rory asked feeling tired all of the sudden.

"A little of both. I did however get both the old fingerprints and DNA but still seem to be missing the new fingerprints."

"You'll have the prints by tomorrow. I know that one of those new HSCT's is flying out of Hong Kong tomorrow," Rory said referring to the new High Speed Civil Transports which traveled at a speed of about Mach 15, "it'll get to you very soon. And I want the results as soon as possible."

"I know I know," Jeri lamented. "You be careful yourself. I've been hearing some interesting things about you lately." Rory's interests perked.

"Oh? Like what?" She could practically see Jeri shrug on the other end.

"Nothing I'm sure you haven't already heard about. The Syndication has a price on your head, ordered in by Fredrick and that…" Rory knew she should listen to the rest of what Jeri was saying but she already knew it. She had know since early in the morning before today that the Syndication would be sending people after her and that Draza of course had it out for her but she had vainly and foolishly hoped that maybe Fredrick wouldn't. But hearing it from Jeri made it very real and she knew she had to get her job done and get out of here as fast as she could. Japan was just too small, she'd go to Switzerland (AN: And Switzerland isn't small? But wait, why the hell am I criticizing myself? Man I must be really tired. Back to the story) for a while- she had a home there that only she knew about that she had bought for situations just like this. She needed to lay low for a while and get her self together. But now she was preparing to do the complete opposite of that and stick her neck on the chopping block so that Anzu would have a few more days to make her decision. She was about to let out a groan at her situation when a name in Jeri's rambling stopped her.

"What? What was that? What did you just say?"

"What? You mean about the kid?" Jeri asked obviously caught of guard.

"Yeah! What did you say?" On the other end of the line Jeri Gross was trying to put two and two together. She had basically been gossiping with Rory, not really believing the news that Rory was actually a Syndication target. She had brought up that the Syndication had had to cover up a murder because they had gotten the wrong girl. "What was her name? Where was she killed?" Rory pressed snapping Jeri back into reality.

"They killed some American missionaries' kid up in Northern Japan, Yamagata or something like that. The authorities are all over cause they think it was a hate crime or something like that. I guess the guy the Syndication hired ran cause they can't find him, not that I blame him but,"

"What was the name?" Rory interrupted.

"Why?" Jeri asked impatient for some inside information.

"Jeri! What was the God Damn Name!" Rory demanded, any hint of pleasantness gone from her voice. Normally people who heard this voice never got a chance to tell anyone about it. People who got her this angry usually died. Jeri sucked in her breath in fear. Rory had never frightened her before. They had always been on the same level before- she had never feared for her life but now wondered if she would survive this phone call.

"The name was Gorden I think. Or Garter. I'm not sure I'm sorry."

"Its not your fault Jeri, I'm sorry. Just be careful. They aren't just coming after me. They're coming after anyone they think might be close to me in anyway."

"You knew this girl or her family?" Jeri asked trying to play down the thrill that she would be considered close to a person as important as Rory in this underground of theirs.

"No, but they thought I did. Take care Jeri and please don't let me down." Rory ended the phone call and stared dejectedly out the sliding glass doors that led to her balcony. They had been looking for a teenage girl named Gardner but had gotten this other girl by mistake. Although Rory wasn't certain she was nearly positive that this girl would have brown hair and blue eyes. 'They're after a girl named Tea Gardner. They don't know her name is Anzu Mazaki here,' Rory thought relived for even that small blessing. But another thought disturbed her. Outside of Jeri who had always helped her ID any kids she found, only one other person knew about Rory Waters' relationship to Anthony and Meredith Gardner and their daughter Tea. And that was Fredrick. He wasn't out just to bring her back or kill her. He was out to hurt her. He knew she was emotionally attached to this case for reasons other then just being determined to close it and he was out to hurt her. Fredrick was out to kill Tea Gardner and now Rory had to make sure that no one find out that Anzu Mazaki was in fact Tea Gardner, at least until Rory cleaned up this mess. She couldn't help but laugh, somewhat insanely, at the thought as she crumpled on her hotel bed. 'Irony,' she thought, 'is such a bitch.'


Rory hadn't made it two steps out of the hotel when she stopped. Standing in front of her, looking more murderous then ever was Seto Kaiba. Rory couldn't help the smile that lifted on her face though from behind her sunglasses (a totally of five pairs today) her eyes remained still and serious. There was always something so refreshing about seeing the CEO of Kaiba Cooperation. Perhaps it was that his hate for her was of such pure loathing instead of the insane rage she usually caused. She knew why he was here; she was surprised that he hadn't come earlier and that thought kind of intrigued her.

"May I help you?" she asked politely enough. "You're blocking the sidewalk."

"Give it back," he growled.

"What the sidewalk? I thought that was public property and seeing that I'm not even a citizen I would hold no right to it. You might want to take your complaint up with someone else." She made to slide past him expecting him to block her. She was slightly surprised when he managed to grab her arm but didn't let it show. Although older then him by nearly ten years Seto Kaiba still towered over her and he was obviously trying to use that to his advantage. She allowed him to continue to hold her arm but she shifted unnoticeably into a better stance so she could break contact at any possible moment.

"If you give my laptop back to me I might not dislocate your shoulder before I drag you off and sell you to the highest bidder. And believe me I know that there are a fare amount of people out there that would pay any amount of money to be the one to kill you."

"I know that too, no need to remind me," Rory hissed at him letting her composer slip intentionally. He seemed surprised for a moment and Rory looked at him from behind her sunglasses, her gray eyes calculating and cold, ready for anything. In less then a second Kaiba seemed to come to some sort of a decision and thrust her away from him, or at least attempted to, Rory remained firmly in her spot. "If you really want your laptop Seto you can have it. I'm done with it anyways," she reached into her backpack she had slung over one shoulder and extracted the computer.

He snatched it as soon as it came into sight growling, "Don't call me Seto." Rory made a face, pursing her lips and narrowing her eyebrows, her eyes growing somewhat lighter behind her glasses as her mood lifted.

"Fine Kaiba, don't get so touchy." She went to walk around him but he stopped her again.

"What did you see on it?" It wasn't a question, but instead a demand. Rory gave a huff of annoyance, her patience wearing thin.

"What do you think? Thought you would have known me better by now." She shifted her eyes around her as she spoke. She had been standing in one place for too long and she didn't want to be noticed and talking to Seto Kaiba wasn't helping much. Nervously, though she wouldn't admit it, she pulled her ponytail up into a bun hoping to attract less attention for her vibrant color. More then once Fredrick, and a few others, had tried to convince her to change her hair color but Rory would have nothing of it and suddenly she was regretting it. She was so lost in her own thoughts and actions that when Kaiba stuck his face closer her she was actually taken slightly off guard, a discomfort for her because more then ever she needed to stay on her toes.

"What did you see?" he repeated it again as a demand. He was trying to force himself into her space, make her step back or give in but Rory wasn't giving an inch. They were scant inches apart and Rory could clearly smell his cologne.

"Everything," she said truthfully, straight faced. She knew he could see her eyes through her black lenses so she refused to even blink.

"Impossible," he told her not moving an inch either. By this point in time Rory was certain that they were getting some attention so she was ready to end it.

"Believe it," she said smugly, "that program you 'gave' me in Philadelphia is really quite a piece of work." He made to strike her and she ducked away, appearing behind him just as he turned around sharply. "You still have the same temper Seto Kaiba. Be careful, it'll get you into trouble if you are careless." Her glasses were off now and the steel in her eyes bore into him.

"Give that program back now," he practically shouted at her. A few people looked their direction and Seto composed himself. He could no more afford to be seen in public like this than Rory could. Rory slipped her glasses back on before she spoke again.

"Don't worry about the program. I'm the only one who will ever get their hands on it. It's much too dangerous to be trusted to anyone else."

"That was going to revolutionize the world and you destroyed all of it so you could hoard it to yourself and you honestly don't think that you're dangerous."

"I know I'm dangerous but I'm also smart. I think ahead. I knew that the highest bidder on it were certain members of the Syrian government who are very blatantly involved with an Islamic Jihad movement (AN: looks away nervously for bringing up political issues and hopes that no one kills her for her opinions- note opinions, not facts) and would have used the program to access everything in US computers and their allies. I wasn't about to let that happen."

"Sentimental about your old homeland?" Seto sneered mockingly.

"Yes but I'm also just very fond of living and keeping the earth from splitting in two. It didn't occur to you for even a moment in the selfish self-centered mind of yours that it would result in the death of millions if not more. Can you imagine what would have happened if those terrorists got a hold of guarded information in the Pentagon, NASA, the Senate, or even NATO headquarters? Just so you can play with your computers and make some money that you don't even need?" She would have gone on but the look on Kaiba's face stopped her. He had obviously thought about it.

"You were never going to give it to them were you?" she asked unable to keep the surprise out of her voice. Her glasses slipped down, her eyes showing gray and green now.

"You honestly think I'm that stupid?" There was no sarcasm or venom in his voice and Rory had to smile, finally seeing Kaiba in a different light then she ever had before. She wondered if this was how his brother looked at him. He was obviously cold, harsh, even sadistic when determined but he wasn't dumb and he wasn't cruel. An idea popped into Rory's head and she felt a wave of ease sweep over her as she thought that she had at least one problem dealt with as she thought of her own computer in her bag.

"You surprise me Seto Kaiba, you're probably the only person I can say that to," Rory mused before turning to walk away pushing her glasses back into place. She thought she might actually get away too before Kaiba called out again.

"I know what you're doing with Mazaki!" She stopped in her tracks and turned to him. If anyone could see beyond her sunglasses now they would've wished they couldn't. Like with the voice she had used on Jeri, the only people who ever saw her eyes like this were about to die.

"What did you," she started dangerously before Kaiba interrupted.

"I said I know what you are doing with Mazaki," he strode over to her and stopped just out of reach which was probably a smart thing. "I know that you think she's this Gardner girl and you have good reason to. And if anything, I agree with you. From what I've learned it seems that Anzu Mazaki is indeed Tea Gardner- you're just missing scientific evidence but if I know you then you probably are just waiting on it." As he spoke Rory did her best to contain the rage forming in her. She was going to kill Fredrick, figuring that he was the one that let this much information out endangering Anzu's life.

"Why do you think that?" Rory asked in a tight contained voice.

"Look long and hard enough at Mazaki and things start to add up. I just went through every possible reason in my mind why you would want anything to do with her and this hunch led to my answer. Plus," he added smugly, "there are rumor running around that you gave up The Syndication to look for your long lost daughter." Rory couldn't help but laugh at that and how stupid some people could be. "I thought it was ridiculous as well, but then again I am much smarter then most the idiots you associate yourself with." Rory grinned.

"That much at least is true," Rory agreed, "but do yourself and me a favor and stay out of this."

"I have no intention of getting involved until I know it will be the optimum time for me to gain anything over you."

"Smart boy," Rory finished turning away from him again.

"This isn't over you know?" Seto called after her.

"Oh yes, I know" she called back.

"And I'm going to win this," he added. Rory's only answer was to wave at him with four of her fingers absent.


Anzu saw Rory before the red head saw her. With her conversation with Bakura fresh in her mind Anzu had headed off immediately after school to the museum where she hoped to find Malik. Cutting through the commons at the center of the city, which were surprisingly empty, Anzu had stopped short at the sight of the redhead sitting at one of the umbrella covered tables under the shade of a one of the many tall buildings that surrounded the commons. She hesitated for a moment trying to decide if she should turn back and go the long way but then shook her head in defiance of herself. 'This is stupid;' Anzu thought 'I'm not about to let her dictate my life. She doesn't control me.' Taking a deep breath, both to calm and encourage herself, Anzu made her way across the open space determined to walk straight past without looking at her opponent.

But a surprising thing happened then- nothing. Anzu slowed after she passed by Rory's table slightly surprised that the agent hadn't called out to her, followed her, or even seem to look up and notice her. Now Anzu was not someone to look a gift horse in the mouth but something about this situation put her at uneasy. Every logical muscle in her body was telling her to walk on but the handful of illogical muscles won over and almost against her will she turn back toward the table. She stood just out of arms reach from Rory, with the table between them for security sake, trying to think of something to say. Rory however spoke first.

"You could sit down you know, you're kind of blocking the view," Rory said plainly, looking at her from behind her sunglasses.

"Why are you wearing sunglasses in the shade?" Anzu asked annoyed unable to think of anything else to say. Rory just shrugged and pushed the straw in her seemingly untouched drink around with her finger. Anzu watched her perform this hypnotic action for a moment or more think of how thirsty she was after her walk in the surprisingly hot afternoon sun.

"Thirsty?" Rory asked snapping Anzu out of her faze. "I thought I'd try a virgin daiquiri seeing as it's only the afternoon but it just isn't catching me. I'm waiting for the waitress to come so I can get different one." Rory pushed it across the table toward Anzu with her fingertip by the stem of the glass. Anzu struggled with herself for a moment before finally sitting down but not touching the drink yet.

"You didn't put any knock out drugs in here did you?" Anzu asked suspiciously eyeing the glass. Rory smirked but did not laugh which slightly unnerved Anzu for some reason.

"I told you before, I don't get paid for damaged goods. Besides," Rory said raising her hand and sweeping it across the commons, "why would I ever attempt to kidnap you in such a public place?"

"Cause you're sadistic and you obviously love a challenge."

"That, unfortunately is true," Rory agreed with a smirk, "except for the sadistic thing. I like to think of myself more as selectively cruel."

"And what if its time release and I pass out when I get home and you come and take me there," Anzu countered in one breath not taking her blue eyes off of Rory for a moment as she said this. In return Rory gave Anzu a look that obviously said that she thought her to be crazy.

"You've been watching too much of that CSI crap from America," Rory concluded and Anzu blushed too embarrassed to admit it. (AN: not a fan of CSI but that's just me and its nothing against the show for those of you who like it) "Look," Rory continued eager to get away from Anzu, "if you're so worried I'll take a taste of it for you." And with that Rory stood from her chair, took the straw in her fingers and sucked in about an eighth of the glass. "See?" Rory said sitting back down. Sighing in defeat Anzu took the glass in her hands and took a sip. From behind her glasses Rory's eyes flashed but Anzu didn't see it. "How you holding up anyway?" Rory asked after Anzu had taken a long drink.

"You care?" Anzu half snapped sarcastically and genuinely questioned.

"Of course, I'm not the cold heartless bitch you have me pegged as Anzu. Oh and by the way your friends are here," Rory said pointing behind Anzu. Almost afraid to look Anzu peeked behind her and saw Yugi walking quickly to keep up with Honda and Jonouchi as they strode purposely toward Rory's table. Turning back to face Rory Anzu smiled as she caught Rory rolling her eyes exaggeratedly so that her eyebrows went with them. By that point Jou and the others had arrived. Jou looked positively murderous and Honda wasn't far from it. The only thing that held Yugi back, it seemed to Anzu, was that his nature was so innocent and he already knew pretty much everything that was going on between Anzu and Rory.

"Hey all, long time no see," Rory said pleasantly enough and Anzu took a sip of her drink to keep from laughing.

"Not long enough," Jou practically growled. Rory just shrugged indifferently before Jou continued. "What are you doing here with Anzu?"

"Nothing, she approached me," Rory said poignantly. Honda look spectacle.

"I think the chances of that happening were slim to none." Rory shrugged again.

"Its ok guys," Anzu finally spoke up, "I did just kind of come upon on her."

"That's not an excuse. This woman is insane Anzu, you told us that yourself," Jou pressed raising his voice slightly.

"Let it be Jou. If Anzu doesn't have a problem with it then we shouldn't." Yugi finally said as Anzu shot him a grateful look.

"But," Jou protested before being caught off by Anzu.

"Really, Jonouchi. It's ok," Anzu tried to assure him and herself at the same time.

"Still Anzu," Honda spoke, "I know I'd feel better if you weren't hanging out with," he seemed to struggle with words, "her." He finished lamely and Rory looked as if she was struggling with herself- trying to decide if she should make a snide remark or not.

"Well as fun as this has been," Rory stood, picked up her bag, and pulled her wallet out of her pock throwing some money on the table, "I must be going." The truth was that she was nervous to be seen in public like this for this long with Anzu. She made to walk off but Anzu's blonde headed friend spoke up again.

"Hang on a sec! You aren't just walking away."

"What?" Rory said as innocently as possible pushing her sunglasses up where they connected with another pair already on top of her head. "Did I not pay enough?"

"I want to know what you are all about and why you're messing with Anzu."

"Jou," Anzu said in a tired voice.

"No, just hang on a sec Anzu. I want to have a serious talk with this girl. You know man to bitch."

"Jou!" Anzu shouted standing so quickly that the table rattled with the motion. Rory looked at it intently for a moment before bringing her focus back on Jonouchi. The last thing she wanted was a scene in such a public place with the knowledge that there could be assassins around looking for her and Anzu. The worst possible thing was to make a scene and give them a packaged deal.

"I don't' have time for this," she muttered turning her back and preparing to walk away. Jonouchi moved quickly to block her and Rory helped him move past her face first into a brick wall. What she wasn't expecting was for the boy to recover so quickly from her trip/throw and use the wall to ricochet back at her throwing his fist toward her at the same time. She was so surprised by this that Rory barely managed to step back to avoid the punch and she actually felt it brush the tip of her nose.

"I said I wanted to talk," Jou repeated still looking ready in fighting stance. Like Seto Kaiba he tried to use his height over her, though he wasn't as tall as Kaiba, it was still an understandable tactic. Rory was still surprised that he had come that close to hitting her and she looked at him in a different light.

"Next time, don't tilt so much after you push off the wall. Just try to go straight so that if you needed to or wanted to you could get another hit in quickly," Rory advised. Anzu, Honda, Yugi, and Jou all looked at her as if she were crazy.

"Wha?" Jou barely managed.

"And it looks like you've been using your knuckles a little too much when you punch, you have so many calluses built up on them. Trying using your fist a bit higher on your hand. It hurts a hell of a lot more then you would think and the bones up their, God help me if I remember what they are called, don't break at easily. But don't forget about your knuckles either- they come as a nasty shock if you aren't expecting it."

Nobody moved or spoke for a silent moment or two while Rory looked like she was contemplating something very serious. She took a step back tilting her head at one angle and then another. Finally she seemed to come to a decision and dropped her bag off her shoulder the ground. "Hit me." Jou blinked rapidly in confusion.

"Excuse me?"

"I said hit me, or at least try to," she added. Jou bristled.

"Don't tempt me," Jou said his temper starting to get the better of him. From behind him Anzu said his name in a pleading manner.

"If you don't hit me I'm going to hit you," Rory goaded, hands tucked in her jean pockets. Jou's eyebrow twitched.

"I don't hit girls," he finally said.

"You didn't seem to mind that a minute ago."

"I was never going to actually hit you," Joun said in a somewhat cocky manner. Rory smiled knowing that the best way to get to this boy was to attack his pride.

"Confident," Rory started then slipped into a lower voice, "but of course I can understand why you wouldn't want to hit a girl. You just don't want people to see me throw you across the pavement again. I understand, I was holding back that night. I would be scared too." The moment the final words left her mouth Rory was already ducking to the left, avoiding the punch Jou had thrown at her. She stepped back from him ready as his next punch came and she twisted to avoid it, having her feet swept out from under her at the same time. 'This kid is good,' Rory admitted in her mind as she landed on the ground, springing back up inhumanely fast. This obviously caught Jou off guard because as she was moving back up her right leg swung and caught him just below the rib cage and pushing into the wall. Had she been serious Rory would have gone to break the boys ribs with her kick but she wasn't out to kill. This was just entertainment for her and she hadn't had a good spar in a long time.

From behind her Rory could hear the other three, Anzu and the smaller boy were trying to hold back the other one. What was his name? Some sort of car; like Toyota or Ford. As she thought Jou had come back at her and much to Rory's amusement there was a glint of play in his eyes as well. As if he understood that she wasn't taking this serious. What she didn't know that Jou was intending to make it serious. Rory didn't know where it came from but somehow Jou had managed to grab a packet of ketchup from the container off the table and tried to use it to blind her. Or at least that's what Rory thought. The condiment had been sent at her eyes but that was only so that Jou could actually direct her where he wanted her to be and his well-placed punch, coming up from under and hitting her right at the molars.

Rory was surprised and stepped back after he hit her. It wasn't that Rory didn't get hit in fights; it was just that it didn't happen very often or as effectively as Jou's hit had been. "Damn kid! Who the hell trained you? You are a natural!" Rory exclaimed stepping back toward him eager for more and throwing a low jab at him. Jou blocked but a bit more sluggishly then before.

"I trained myself," he growled trying to hit her again. Rory moved easily away from each attempt.

"Impressive," Rory mused and then sent him sprawling to the ground. He couldn't quite stop his head from spinning and he watched her dizzyingly as she bent over him. "Want a job?" she asked. Jou didn't get a chance to answer because Rory was yanked back from over him which seemed to surprise her. In her mind she chided herself for forgetting about the other boy who currently had her bound to him, her arms trapped to her sides. 'Oh God what is his name?' Rory wondered to herself watching the blonde struggling off the ground. 'Toyota, Chevy, Ford,' she continued to think quickly, ' I swear it was a brand of car. Maybe it was a type. Punch Buggy? No, think, Station wagon, Mustang, Civic…there! She had it!'

"Honda!" she said loud enough for him to hear her.

"What?" he asked confused.

"Nothing, I just remembered what your name was," Rory twisted from his hold and then using the now standing Jou for help managed to get enough height to kick both of them down. Honda got up quicker then the unfortunate Jou who technically had been kicked twice. Rory used Honda's momentum as he charged her and by his grabbing the openings of his jacket rolled back and flipped him successfully over her and next to Jou. Rory stood quickly back up, enjoying the adrenaline rush coursing through her. "You guys are good. I'm serious about the job thing too."

"Knock it off Rory," Anzu scolded coming over with Yugi to check her friends.

"What?" Rory asked honestly surprised. "We were just having fun. You know like a sparring match or something." Rory said this all seriously but with a bite of a light in her voice that Anzu hadn't heard before. She was taken aback by it.

"What if they got hurt?" Anzu accused and before Rory could answer Jou did.

"We're fine Anzu," Jou said standing. He looked conflicted, half way between anger and exhilaration.

"Speak for yourself," Honda mumbled finally standing up. The corners of Rory's mouth twitched.

"Come on! You have to admit that was fun!" Rory said grinning. Honda looked doubtful and Jou still looked conflicted.

"She's right about the knuckle thing though," Jou finally admitted, "I do hit with them way to much." Yugi blanched at the comment.

"Jou!" he exclaimed.


"You are hopeless man," Honda said looking at him if he were crazy.

"See?" Rory piped in looking devilish.

"You keep out of this!" Honda yelled. Anzu standing slightly to Rory's left side near the building frowned disapprovingly at the whole situation. Rory glanced over at her and smiled.

"Penny for your thoughts?" she asked.

"You, all of you," she said waving her hand to include Jou and Honda, "are all insane."

"Hey!" Jou protested. "Don't group me with her!" He pointed an accusing finger at Rory who was still staring at Anzu or so it seemed.

"And don't group me with him," Honda added knocking Jou in the back of the head.

"What do you mean by that?" Jou fumed turning on his best friend.

"Just that I'm not insane," Honda said slowly and calmly as if explaining it to a three year old.

"You're on thin ice Honda," Jou warned.

"All I'm saying," Honda started before Rory interrupted him.

"Shut up," she said forcefully in a whisper. She was now fully turned toward Anzu but her eyes were sweeping across the area rapidly.

"What?" Yugi asked. Rory just repeated her command a little louder this time. "Shut up."

"Hey! Don't tell us to," Honda started again but Rory cut him off once more one.

"I said," but she didn't finish because a second later she had thrown herself full force at Anzu, pinning her to the wall, and covering her completely.

"Rory!" Anzu yelled in surprise. "What are you…" but she finished with a scream as the pavement that she had been standing on exploded under a barrages of gunshots. Yugi, Jou, and Honda all seemed frozen in fear until in a brief moment that the bullets stopped Rory turned her head from Anzu and yell, "Move you idiots!"

That seemed to snap them out of their trance and jumped toward the cover of the forgotten table which wasn't a good idea because a moment before they reached it the gunman did. In an explosion of glass Jou made a decision and grabbed Yugi and Honda by their collars and, following Rory's example flattened them against the wall. The angle of the building didn't allow the gunman to fire directly down on Rory and the four friends. There was another moment when the gunfire stopped and Rory looking enraged separated herself from the trembling Anzu and stared up at the roof of the building.

"I swear to God if that's you Miguel you'd be better off killing yourself now!" There was no answer except for more shots. People around the commons had already scattered or hidden and Rory was sure that it would only be a matter of minutes before the police came. Despite the fact that he had used a silencer it was very obvious to anyone what was happening. She only had a few minutes at most to act. Still under the safety of the building Rory pulled on of her pairs of sunglasses off her head and shoved them over her eyes. She then lifted the back of her shirt and pulled a small gun from a holster strapped to her lower back. Next to it was what looked like, to Anzu at least, an extension of the gun which Rory also pulled out and snapped onto her gun. Anzu watched this all with wide frighten eyes. She had seen Rory like this when she had come upon the fight between Bakura and Malik only know she looked worse; she looked ready to kill.

As if sensing Anzu's eyes on her Rory turned her attention back to her before loading one magazine of ammunition and sticking another in her belt. "Don't move," Rory commanded simply. Anzu didn't respond, too in shock and scared to do anything. Then in a blink of an eye Rory was gone, past Anzu and ducking into the ally between the building Anzu and the others were pressed against and its neighbor. Rory's mind was focused, controlled adrenaline coursing through her veins. She was dimly aware that Anzu's two friends, Honda and Jou, were following her but she pushed it from her mind as her eyes swept the new area she was in. Two more shot rang out as Rory ran and jumped, grabbing the bottom rung of rusting fire escape whose ladder no longer reached the ground. She pulled her self up easily and began ascending to the roof mindful of the more dangerous rust spots while shots continued to shower down on her but they were becoming erratic and random and Rory knew that Miguel was getting nervous which was good for her.

Meanwhile both Jou and Honda had attempted to follow Rory up the stairs in the same manner she had. However, in what would have been comical in any other situation, both boys jump for the ladder and missed by a good foot and continued to fall on top of one another into a pile of trashcans. Without a moment's thought or hesitation they were up again in a flash- Honda giving Jou a boost up and then was pulled up himself by Jou. By the time the two started up the ladder Rory was already on the roof. She immediately flattened herself to the ground as she reached the top and could feel bullets sail over her, one brushing her scalp. From the floor of the roof Rory sent off two shots at the assassin, one hitting him squarely in the bulletproof vest Rory knew he wore. Using the moment of pain her shot had cause Rory stood and shot again, this time the bullet would have logged itself in the assassin's right shoulder but he had already turned and starting running. The Mexican mercenary ran to the edge of the roof and then jumped the short distance to the next roof over and ran for the next, Rory in hot pursuit.

Jou and Honda had made it to the roof just in time to watch Rory jump to the next roof, ducting behind a heater as her target turned to fire on her once more from the next building over. Now Rory wasn't a bad shot by any means, her aim natural and trained into perfection, she could kill a person with a shot to the leg at a fair distance by hitting their main artery. But Rory needed Miguel alive to interrogate so her shots need to be perfect in that they debilitated but did not kill, otherwise the man would have had a bullet in his head instead of his protected chest. Before returning to her chase Rory exposed herself openly to Miguel to catch him off guard, which worked, and Rory shot off his right thumb. The man screamed nearly dropping his weapon from the pain and shock before running again jumping for a fourth roof. "You aren't getting away that easily Miguel!" Rory called following him again, gaining ground as she sprinted. Jou and Honda watched this all with a mix of horror awe at the edge of the first build.

"Come on. Lets go," Jou said making a decision. He took a few steps back and one deep breath before jumping and landing with room to spare on the next roof. They lost sight of Rory when she jumped onto a lower fourth roof. There were more gunshots and yells in a mix of Spanish and English. There was one final yell in English that even Jou and Honda recognized-"No!" before there was silence. By that point Jou and Honda had made it to the edge of the third roof that had a good four-foot drop to the building attached to it. There they saw Rory standing frozen at the ledge of the fourth roof staring down at the ground below, blood running from some injury on her right side. Jumping carefully down they joined her and cringed at the mangled sight of the assassin's body.

"Stupid coward," Rory muttered to herself in English before repeating it in Japanese and continuing on. (AN: I have a lot of these this chapter don't I? Any way I just thought I'd specify that unless otherwise stated Rory speaks Japanese to Anzu and the others but English to everyone else unless stated otherwise.) Dumb bastard thought it was better to kill himself than face me. Well I better go check him for…" but she didn't finish. Rory looked as if she had just been struck with an epiphany. "Draza," she whispered her words being caught by the wind whipping at the three. She turned her head sharply around in the direction they had just come, as if seeing something the other two couldn't. Both Jou and Honda looked ready to ask her something but she answered her question before they even asked it. "Anzu," she whispered even softer this time. Neither boy had time to question her because she had turned suddenly again and kicked at a poll, assumingly a drainage pipe, running on the side of the building. In just that one kick half of the metal bands securing it to the wall snapped off. Another kick sent nearly the rest off. Before they could clearly register what she was doing Rory had pulled off the black leather belt she had been wearing and slipped it through the new space between the wall and pipe. She was over the edge in a heartbeat, not seeming to care that only about ¾ of her way was clear. Rory slid the four stories she had cleared and then jumped the remaining. Jou and Honda watched this all in wonder. She seemed to have landed all right for a moment before collapsing on her injured right side.

She struggled to stand for a moment while Honda and Jonouchi watched from above. When she finally had her feet securely under her Rory immediately took off in the direction she had just come from and that's when it dawned on the two- she was heading back to Anzu. "Let's go," Jou yelled at Honda who needed no encouragement as they took off back over the roofs. Meanwhile Rory had arrived just in time to where Yami was trying to comfort the still trembling Anzu. The spirit sensed the trouble before Rory had gotten to them and turned covering, Anzu from the new danger and probably would have been shot through the back if Rory hadn't tackled the new attacker. As Rory went tumbling past Yami turned and watched the scene. The assassin, another man but of a different ethnicity this time, landed on top of Rory, flashed a knife briefly, but was only in control for a moment before she managed to kick him up, off and over her. She was on him in a breath striking him so hard across the face Yami was certain he heard bones crack, and they weren't Rory's. Rory didn't rest however and sat up immediately turned toward the still deserted commons and shot twice.

A middle aged woman of the same ethnicity as the currently unconscious man beneath Rory fell apparently dead to the ground as the shot she prepared to fire went off blindly. Iced gray eyes flamed as Rory stood and pulled the knife the surviving man had stuck into her thigh before walking over to the lone woman. She stood over the body for a moment, silent, than turned her over with her foot. Amazingly alive the woman spit words out in a language that Yami had never heard before. Rory returned a few words in the same language while the dieing woman laughed insanely before chocking a few moments and then lying still forever. Rory then turned back toward Yami and Anzu who were both watching wide-eyed as she walked to the last living assassin. Yami could feel Anzu tremble in his hold, he wanted to shield her from all of this, take her away but neither seemed able to move from the spot they were rooted in. Dimly he heard the clatter of the fire escape and saw Jou and Honda emerge from the ally they had first chased Rory down. Rory, a few feet away, seemed oblivious to all of this.

The man was awake now trying to stand, barely able to speak with his broken jaw. He pulled a gun and without missing a beat Rory kicked it away and knocked him down again with the same kick. She spoke harshly in the same language she had before, still stalking steadily toward him The dark haired, light skinned man, was stumbling backward all the while spitting out streams of words not remotely close to anything any of the four friends had heard before but the exchange was obvious. Rory was furious, the man was scared but defiant and even from the distance the four stood from Rory it was obvious what she was thinking.

The four were right on about Rory's current state of mind. She was furious and was fighting to channel it rationally. She had never expected Draza to act so brazenly, sending three of the highest paid and therefore best assassins after her in one massive attack. She didn't even think he had those kinds of connections. Rory had left the man alive for a reason, she needed answers and if anyone could give them to her Draza's right hand man Mohammed could tell her. She had made the mistake of practically shattering his jaw so his words were jumbled and barely understandable.

"Tell me where Draza is," Rory order in Albanian standing over him. He merely swore at her viciously but Rory had heard worse. She brought her gun out again and asked him again, "where is Draza?" He remain silent and Rory shot once, one bullet imbedding itself in the assassin's shoulder. Amazingly Mohammed barely even cried out but Rory knew he could take worse having been trained to the equivalent of an America Green Beret. "Tell me what I want to know and I'll leave you alive," Rory tried again.

"Burn in hell," Mohammed whispered in his native language, "kill me then. It doesn't matter more will come. Fredrick and Draza will see that you suffer for all you have done."

"Fredrick?" Rory repeated in English unconsciously, Anzu and the others understanding the English name.

"Yes, still think he cares about you little girl?" Mohammed taunted. Rory's face grew dark and she thrust the man's own knife back into him at the hip. He only grimaced slightly before Rory knelled down to his level, gripping the hilt of the blade and turning it just so causing the Serbian to sweat.

"I had training just like you Mohammed so you know that when I go up just so," she moved the knife in a demonstration as Mohammed cried out so Rory stopped from her destination, "that I'll be splitting your stomach wide open and nothing can save you then. You've done it to people before but do you really know how painful it is to die by being poisoned from the inside? Do you want to know?" Rory's face was emotionless as she said this and for the first time Mohammed actually looked scared.

"You wouldn't," he stated.

"Try me." Mohammed didn't want to chance it.

"Throw the knife away and I'll speak," he negotiated. As if in a warning Rory pressed the blade deeper before pulling it out and tossing it out of reach. She straightened, "Now talk." He spoke swiftly in Albanian spilling out in information that Rory already knew about her supposed betrayal to Fredrick and the Syndication and Draza taking advantage of Rory's new vulnerability.

"I already knew all of that," Rory growled knowing her time was running short, "tell me where Draza is and when he's planning to attack."

"I know nothing else," he said convincingly but Rory knew better. She shot one of her last bullets and it neatly nicked off his right thumb before burying into the pavement. The man's nerves, already on fire from Rory's earlier torturer, exploded and he finally cried out.

"I'll make it ten times worse in about two seconds if you don't tell me what I want to know." He didn't move an inch though his face was red and sweating. Rory ducked down to his level again. "You ever heard the rumor about the time I shot that Drug Lord in Brazil at just the right angle in the head," she angled the gun at his temple, "that he stayed alive for twelve hours while the bullet burned his mind from the inside out. Do you want to see if it's true?" The man was shaking so badly now that he finally caved.

"I'll tell! I'll tell! Draza isn't working alone. Fredrick hired him to take you alive and to kill," he stared at Anzu who gave a tiny gasp though unable to understand him before Yami shielded her from his sight, " her. He wants us to hurt you. He says he knows you better then you know yourself. He says he'll hurt you in everyway he can think."

"Why?" Rory asked before she realized it. "Not just because of the DC deal?" Mohammed was silent " When?" was the last thing Rory asked her face dark and seized in some unknown emotion.

"From now until the day you and the bitch die," Mohammed wheezed before starting to laugh madly. Rory stood for the final time, eyes flashing to Anzu briefly, and looked down at the dieing mad man.

"Give Fredrick a final message for me," Rory said, "I know that he's listening to every word we say." The man grimaced lifting his uninjured arm and flipped open his jacket to reveal a listening device similar to the one Kaiba used at Battle City. "This is far from over," Rory said clearly in English before reaching down and ripping the electronic from his jacket and throwing it to the ground not wanting to risk the police finding any way to track where Mohammed came from- this was way over the local police's heads. Rory turned to walk away it seemed but stopped flipping the phone she had stuck in her pocket open and dialed quickly while police sirens screamed in the distance. She spoke quietly and rapidly in Japanese to someone before hanging up. She looked back at Mohammed again and turned around to face him. When she reached him she whispered, " you don't deserve to live." And then without blinking, pulled out her gun, and shot point blank between Mohammed's eyes. Anzu cried out and Yami, who realized a moment to late what was about to happen, attempted to block it from her unsuccessfully. Jou went rigid and Honda looked faint. Rory just straighten as if nothing had happened and pulled a pair of sunglasses from her back pocket, amazingly the only pair that survived everything, and slipped them on. Stepping forward she collected her bag and pulled something out and placed it on the ground where it started to beep steadily. She then turned and started to walk past the four who were frozen next to the wall stopping at the shattered glass table shifting through the glass with her shoe and then turned to acknowledge them.

"There was an industrial accident here," she said nonchalantly, "you might want to go home before the police get here." She moved to walk away again, limping slightly.

"Hold on a moment!" Yami roared and attempted to follow but didn't get far, Anzu clinging to him desperately.

"No, don't," she pleaded, "lets just go home." Yami blinked unsure.

"You better get her out of here," Rory counseled, "she should be fine for now but take care of her."

"What's that supposed to mean 'she'll be fine for now'?" Honda asked.

"I'm sorry this wasn't supposed to happen," and Rory actually sounded remorseful, "I really can't believe this has happened. It shouldn't have happened. It won't happen ever again. I won't let it happen again. Anzu," the brunette looked up, "I'm so sorry. Please take care."

"Rory," Anzu called when the red head started to walk away again, "what about you. Are you going to be alright?" Rory smiled.

"I'll be fine. I can take care of myself."

"But," Anzu protested but Rory shook her head.

"Get her out of here," Rory told the three boys and then walked off again.

"Rory!" Anzu cried out moving around Yami for a better view but Rory was already gone.


At Yugi's house after convincing Yugi's grandfather they were fine the four had just settled down in the den when the door burst open again. All four jumped as a slightly frantic looking Ryo burst in. He looked them over once and seemed slightly crestfallen. "I knew you lot had something to do with what happened in the commons! But how the hell did a duel monster hologram put a crater that size in the sidewalk?" The four just stared at him dumb struck.

"Ah what?" Jou finally managed. Ryo made a noise that sounded somewhat like a halfhearted groan of frustration before stepping through the den and turned on the television. Anzu watched him all that while wondering if he remember their, well her and Bakura's conversation earlier today. He didn't give any indication but instead stepped back to give them a view of the channel he had settled on. The four crowed around to watch a news special at the place they had been gathered at less than a half an hour earlier- or at least what was left of it. Part of the build that Rory had been originally sitting in front and about twenty feet around if was gone in what had apparently been a fiery explosion. The news report was interviewing the Domino Police Chief who was explaining that this wasn't a terrorist attack but that construction workers had not turned off the correct gas lines. The reporter went on to ask if the body found down the block had anything to do with the explosion which the officer quickly said no to. Ryo muted it after that.

"Industrial accident my ass," Honda said repeating Rory's words, "she planted that bomb." Jou glared at him while Ryo gaped in surprise.

"You're a really idiot Honda," Jou muttered.

"She? She planted what?" Ryo questioned looking around for an answer. Anzu mumbled something into her hands pressed against her face falling back on the couch. Yugi looked over at her sympathy while Ryo looked on curiously.

"Somebody want to tell me what's going on?" Ryo pressed.

"I'm going to need some serious counseling after today," Anzu said after she pulled her hand away from her face and stared accusingly at the ceiling.

"We had a run in with a friend of Anzu's this afternoon that didn't go to well," Yugi said with some difficulty trying to find the right words.

"Anzu's friend! Ha! Yeah right, close personal psycho is more like it," Jou said with a snort.

"Don't talk like that Jou," Anzu argued weakly, "she's right- I was the one that approached her. What happened today wasn't her fault."

"You don't give that girl enough credit Anzu. You think that it really was just a chance meeting today?"

"I've got to agree with him there Anzu," Honda chipped in while Yugi looked undecided and Ryo looked confused.

"Um sorry but you keep saying 'she'. Who is this she?" He waited for an answer and when he didn't get one he took a guess. "Is that the one that helped us out the other day Anzu?" As soon as he asked that he regretted it seeing Anzu physically stiffen at his words. Obviously he wasn't supposed to tell the others about it. Honda look curious.

"You've met this Rory person Ryo?" Ryo wrestled with the answer.

"The American? Yeah, that day she returned Yugi's deck," he said hoping the other three would believe him.

"No you said helped us," Jou joined in looking at Ryo as if he had just said he had just told them he had the Hope Diamond, "what do you mean?"

"When I said us I meant Yugi," he said jerking his head to the silent youth while he shifted uncomfortably on his feet, "I just said us cause we were all there last week." Jou was about to protest when Anzu interjected.

"Its ok Ryo," she said still staring at the ceiling. "Ryo has met Rory because the other day when we ran into Malik who it seemed wanted to pick a fight with Ryo but Rory came and broke it up. Simple huh?"

"Ahh," Jou mused and Anzu smiled confidently at the ceiling.

"Actually I've run into Rory quite a few times that you guys don't know about and as much as you may dislike her you can't say that she didn't save our lives today. And don't try to argue with me that if she wasn't there then it wouldn't have happen," Anzu cut him off sensing his want to interrupt, "for all we know it could have happened with or without her and she saved all of our lives. She saved the lives of four people she barely even knew at her own physical cost. But still…" Anzu trailed off and no one moved until she was ready to speak again, eyes still trained on the ceiling. "Still," Anzu said lifting her hand over her and held out three fingers, "she did kill three people to save all of our lives. But as much as the chills me to the bone and I will never ever forget this I still can't really think of her in a bad light. Rory isn't a bad person, just caught in a bad life, a bad situation. Kinda like me." Anzu could hear Yugi give a heavy sigh next to her and she closed her own eyes in contemplation.

"We've seen worse," Anzu continued, "but at the same time I really don't think I've ever seen someone die. But I never really thought about it before, I never really thought that for all the bad people we wish weren't here or anything like that there is always someone that has to do the dirty work. We've just been lucky not to witness the act so far in our lives. Who knows how many people could have died today if Rory hadn't acted." There was silence before Yugi finally spoke.

"But Anzu…"

"Believe me I am in no way, shape or form justifying what she did today. But she did it still and I'm not sure we can blame her for that. And right now she is wandering around Domino hurt, maybe even dieing and I feel guilty because I didn't thank her for saving my life. This will be a day I never forget as much as I would like to wipe it from my memory but at the same time I don't think that dwelling on the fact that we saw Rory do this is a smart idea. If anything we need to move on and think about what happens next cause there is nothing we can do about the deaths now, just be ready in the future."

"That doesn't sound like you Anzu," Jou said studying her still form.

"You don't worry about her doing the same to us or more importantly you Anzu?" Honda asked speaking to her in a big brother type manner. Anzu shook her head finally looking away from the ceiling.

"Two weeks ago when I first met Rory she made me nervous but didn't scare me and every time I've seen her since I've never feared her. If anything, I always feel safe with her around." The others processed this while Anzu sat up straight. "I have to get going in a little bit, I have a rehearsal tonight I can't miss." Everyone stared at her in shock.

"You're going to just go dance after this?" Jou said in one quick breath.

"What do you suggest?" Anzu countered.

"Counseling- lots and lots of counseling," he told her, "and maybe even a little trip to the police station." Anzu and Yugi's eyes grew as wide as saucers at this both thinking the same thing- what if someone connected the dots about the possible connection between Anzu and Tea Gardner?

"No!" the shouted in unison and everyone in the room looked at them in surprise.

"We don't want people to know we have any involvement in this," Yugi said uncharacteristically and everyone, even Anzu, looked at him in surprise.

"I agree," Anzu breathed after a moment. She then stood and smoothed her skirt. "I have to get going, I need to run an errand before I head to dance." Jonouchi looked ready to protest her moment but seemed to think better of it and shut his mouth.

"See you Anzu," Ryo said weakly as she left the room. The door shut soundlessly behind her in and less then a minute afterwards both Jou Honda turned to look at Ryo, and more importantly Yugi.

"Alright," Jou said sounding deadly serious, "you two need to tell us what's going on."


Somewhere in one of the darker parts of Domino Rory entered a would-be bar, bleeding and aggravated. Only three other people were in the shady establishment, save the girl behind the bar who didn't look a day over fifteen and no one seemed to notice Rory's arrival as she limped in. Moving over to the worker Rory glared at the mirror behind the bar that showed her grim image but also hid another woman Rory was sure was watching her. Rory looked at the bartender who seemed reluctant to look in her eyes and felt herself soften a little- she was just a girl really and any sane person, growing or grown, would be nervous a of person looking like Rory did at the time. Feeling exhaustion getting the better of her Rory leaned heavily on the bar, the girl eyeing her warily before reluctantly moving over to the increasingly paling Rory.

"Can I help you?" she asked in a polite manner that didn't fit the setting.

"I need to see the owner," Rory mumbled feeling her stomach pitch- a bad sign.

"He's not here," the girl said quickly, obviously trained.

"Listen, don't bull shit me," Rory advised, "I know that she is here. And I need to talk to her right now. Just tell her that an old blue nose is here to see her." The girl looked more then a little taken a back but nodded and turned and walked to a door at the end of the room and disappeared on the other side. Rory watched her go and then with a suppressed groan lay her head on the cool bar top, collapsing on a barstool. Out of the corner of her eye she saw one of the other three patrons trying to study her discreetly. Rory grimaced and straightened herself to glare at the person, too tired to try and act nonchalant. The person tried to hold Rory's gaze before shifting uncomfortably and looking away. Rory barely noticed however because straightening so suddenly had caused her vision to swirl and she wondered what she had hurt so badly that it was affecting her so adversely. When her vision cleared Rory was faced with a stern looking older woman somewhere just past the 60's mark, but looked as fit as Rory and smelled heavily of rum and gun powder. The two smells mixed in Rory's nose and sent her senses swimming again. Waiting for her head to clear Rory could see the woman getting annoyed.

"Well?" she asked impatiently.

"Well what?" Rory responded wondering what this woman could possibly have to ask her.

"You said you were a blue nose- I want to see your card," the older woman demanded in heavily accented English. Rory's mind spun placing the term 'blue nose' and the accent at the same time. It took a moment but then came back to her very clearly.

"You actually think I'm a blue nose?" Rory asked with a snort looking at the increasingly pissed off woman. "I just knew that would get you from behind your two way mirror."

"Keep your voice down," the bar owner hissed and Rory was very tempted to shout 'two way mirror' but held her tongue instead.

"Look Madam Sidorov, you and I both know that I am not a blue nose. I simply used that to get you to come talk to me." The bar owner glared down at the slumped Rory.

"Who are you?" she finally asked.

"A person in need of your services."

"If you wanted alcohol you could have asked the bar tender," the woman snapped preparing to leave.

"Don't you dare walk away," Rory hissed in Russian and the woman stopped dead. "I know that you are here as an extension of the current KGB, oh and I know that the Soviet one is 'dead' so don't fuck with me, as a representative to the Yakuza so I know that you can help me right now." There was a moment's pause and Rory couldn't help the cocky grin on her face that spread when she thought of what she would say next. "I also know that both the US and Russian governments are looking for you so unless you want me to go have a talk with those two embassies then you will help me." There was more silence and the woman seemed ready to strike her but restrained herself and motioned for Rory to follow her. The younger girl who had initially talked to Rory when she entered was watching with wide dark eyes- a mix of apprehension and admiration and Rory weakly grinned at her in response. A moment later Rory had followed the former Soviet spy out of the sight of the rest of the bar into the secret observation room behind the mirror. Rory gave a sigh of relief, feeling that she might be safe enough for the moment before collapsing on the floor in a bloody heap.

(AN: the blue nose is an…err, I don't want to say selective, but instead a small group of military personal- all branches- who served in the artic circle during a certain period of the cold war. When my family was living in Alaska my father was a part of that group and still is. There isn't much too it anymore expect bragging rights-or so my father says but after pressing him for a while I got some pretty interesting stories out of him and decided that I needed to use it at some point in this story, that's all)


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