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"Mommy why do you have a pretty light in your hands?"

Inko freezes, looking down at her hands to see no light, only the sheet she was folding. Turning back to Izuku who is leaning against her leg reaching a hand out. Smiling gently at her five year old she lets go of the sheet and picks him up. Settling him in her lap, his back to her chest, she lets him hold her hands.

"What kind of lights are you seeing sweetie?"

"It's a pretty green color!" Izuku giggles, his fingers drawing on her palms. "Do you think it's my quirk mommy?"

Sighing, Inko takes one hand to wrap around his body, tugging him closer. "Oh, sweetheart. You know what the doctor said."

"But-but mommy I just-"

"That's enough Izuku. Time for bed, go brush your teeth."

"Yes, mommy." Izuku slides off her lap and scuttles down the hallway. Only once does he look back before closing his door behind him.

Inko picks up the sheet, biting her lower lip. She may have been too hard on him, but the sooner he accepts that he can't be a hero the better. Taking a deep breath and nodding once to herself, Inko quickly finishes up the laundry before heading to bed herself.

Alone in his room, Izuku smiles as he pulls his fallen toy back up to him.

Rushing through the doors to recess Izuku drags Katsuki behind him. Once they are hidden away from the others Izuku grins widely at the other boy.

"Kaachan! My quirk came in," Izuku pulls one of the rocks at their feet up to hover between them.

"You got Auntie's quirk? Why the hell are we hiding then!" Katsuki goes to stand up and leave when Izuku grabs his shirt.

"No, I saw lights in momma's hands. When I was playing with her hands I pulled the lights to me." Izuku wrings his hands together, settling back down on his butt. "I actually have her quirk, she hasn't noticed yet though."

"Can you give it back?"

"I think so...It feels like I can."

Katsuki shoves his hands out, "What about me?"

"You have lights in your hands and dim ones on your feet." Izuku states, tugging on the hem of his shirt. "Do you want me to try to take yours and give it back?"

"Yeah stupid."

Taking a deep breath Izuku reaches one hand out and lightly touches Katsuki. Pulling on the fire light he sees them all travel to where his hand is. Suddenly after only a few moments, Katsuki does not have a light anymore. Turning his hands over Izuki focuses on the warm popping feeling in his chest. Suddenly small explosions are coming out of his palms. Looking up Izuku meets Katsuki's wide eyed gaze, holding his hand out. Katsuki takes his hand, a smirk on his lips. This time, Izuku thinks about giving it back and immediately the four balls of light fly back to their spots.

"So cool!" Katsuki laughs, small pops coming from his hands. "You could stop a villain by taking their quirk from them!"

"Kaachan?" Izuku whispers, holding up his palms again letting loose small explosions. "I think I keep a copy of it.."

"Hell," Katsuki breaths. "Your quirk is crazy!"

Izuku simply nods, both holding their hands out and setting off explosions. They spend the rest of their recess hiding in the bushes playing around with their quirks. Promising not to tell anyone else.

It is as Izuku enters the house with Inko behind him that he notices something wrong. There are broken dishes and empty bottles strewn on the floor. Turning slowly he sees Inko staring down at him, her eyes dull and lips in a thin line. Izuku backs up slowly toward the hall. Inko stays put, the keys she just dropped at her feet still - her hand hanging in front of her waiting for them to come.

"What did you do yesterday Izuku?" Inko's voice is quiet, all the softness from last night gone.

"I didn't mean to mommy!"

"What did you do!" Inko yells stomping closer, hand reaching out to grab a hold of his arm. Izuku yells, slapping her hand away. Her lights return quickly as Izuku turns and starts running for his room. "Come back here!"

Ignoring her Izuku slams his door and locks it. Thinking quickly, he grabs his old backpack and shoves some clothes, a new journal and the All Might toy his dad had gotten for him before he left. Rushing to his window, he pushes it up and slides out on the roof. Quickly he shuts it behind him, Inko's banging getting louder as the door starts creaking. Putting the bag on, Izuku crawls towards the front of the house, thinking that the car was placed just under the roof. Taking a deep breath he slowly lowers himself down, when he is dangling he lets go. A squeak escaping him as he lands on the hood, a small thud filling the silent air.

Sliding off the hood, Izuku starts sprinting down the street towards Kaachan's house. Before knocking, Izuku takes a few deep breaths to calm down. It is Kaachan that opens the door, his pale brows furrowed when he catches sight of the backpack.

"Mommy tried to hurt me when we got home. She doesn't like my quirk." Izuku whimpers, rubbing at the tears falling down his face.

"Brat who is it?!" Mitsuki's voice hollers from the kitchen.

"Just a stupid lost person Hag!" Katsuki yells back, pulling Izuku in before slamming the door. Silently they slink up the stairs and into Katsuki's room. Once the door is closed and locked Izuku starts sobbing in Katsuki's arms. "You can stay the night, but won't she come looking here?"

"I just didn't want to leave without saying goodbye." Izuku hic-ups, nuzzling closer to his friend's chest. "You're my best friend, I had to say goodbye."

"Where are you going?" Katsuki mumbles, holding tighter to the still trembling boy.

"I don't know, but I can't stay here." Katsuki pulls Izuku to his bed and sits him down. Walking back to the door and out, a few minutes pass before Katsuki is slipping back in and shutting it behind him

"Here, the Hag and Dad keep some extra cash lying around in the weirdest places." Katsuki holds out two rolls of cash. "This way you don't have to stay on the street."

"You're the best person ever Kaachan!" Izuku pockets the money before tackling his friend in one more hug. Pulling away, Izuku climbs out Katsuki's window, leaning back as he holds his fist out. "Promise to be heroes?"

"Promise." Katsuki knocks his own fist before watching Izuku slip off into the night.

Hope you enjoyed, This chapter was edited by my lovely mother, Lisa. Stay safe out there y'all.