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Grinning Izuku places the last box down in his room. It was just down from Tenya's and a floor below Katsuki's. He takes the next hour and a half to put all of his things up: a homemade plush of Eraserhead sitting next to a Present Mic, a kid friendly version of Midnight as a throw pillow. His yellow weighted blanket laid over the top of the bed; the walls covered in underground heroes and some of the aboveground - Gang Orca, Fat Gum, Mirko, Wild Wild Pussycats, Ingenium and a very old one of Nana Shimura that Dad had given him. The journals were set up on shelves around the desk and computer, in easy reach if he wanted to add more or edit. He nods his head as he glances over his room once more, before heading down stairs.

Izuku stops at the entrance to the living room, watching the different groups. A small amount of relief fills him as he spots Tenya; just about to walk out he stops as a shiver travels up his spin. Turning his head slightly he feels his lips pull back in a silent snarl, a short purple haired boy trying to sneak up and peak under some of the girls' skirts. Twisting his wrist, he makes a come here motion, pulling at the other teen's nose. Said boy lets out a yelp as he is pulled away and falls flat on his face. Izuku storms over, standing over the boy, arms folded.

"Just what did you think you were about to do?"

"Oh come on! You're a guy!" The teen whines rubbing at his nose.

"I am also a decent human being!" Izuku snaps, nails switching from black to orange as they bite into his skin. "You don't try to look up girls' skirts! That's disgusting and-"

"Sexual harassment." Tenya calmly states, slowly walking over, his glasses glinting from the light. "Are you stating that the first chance he got to meet his classmates he decided to try to look up their skirts."

"Dude, so uncool."

"Not manly at all!"

"Thank god no one can see me."

"It wasn't like that! I-I-I was just trying to walk over and talk to them!"

Izuku growls slightly before turning around and throwing himself on the couch. Rajah popped into existence at his feet, laying his head on Izuku's lap. Orange eyes pinned on the small purple hair teen. "I know what I saw. His eyes were trained on their backsides. Besides, he was sneaking up on them."

"Sounds like the little fucker was trying something, to me." Katsuki states walking in, hands shoved in his pockets. "We can report him to teach first thing Monday morning."

The rest of the class murmurs agreement; the girls now slipping around and away from the purple pervert and finding seats in the living room. All of the rest of the class settle down, one girl leans forward looking directly at Izuku.

"So do you have dual quirks?" Her yellow eyes search his face, "I'm Ashido Mina. Quirk Acid."

"No, I don't have dual quirks." Izuku states, his hand still running through Rajah's fur. "My quirk is called All For One and One For All."

"Like the old story of the Three Musketeers!" A blonde boy with a black lightning streak in it. The girl sitting next to him with short purple hair and long earlobes gives him a look. "What? I liked that story as a kid!"

Izuku chuckles, smiling brightly at the boy, patting Rajah once more Izuku then sends him away. "Something like that. I'm Midoria Izuku."

"Kaminari Denki, my quirk is Electrification." He jerks his thumb at the girl next to him. "This is Jiro Kyoka."

"My quirk is Earphone Jack, meaning I can hear very well and also send out my heartbeat to anything I insert them into."

The rest of the class quickly introduces themselves with their quirks and what they can do. Uraraka is just introducing herself and her quirk when Izuku pops back into the conversation.

"My quirk is called Zero Gravity, it lets me take away the gravity of objects."

"Actually its gravity manipulation." Izuku states, leaning forward to look at her curled up next to Asui on the floor. "You should be able to change how heavy an object is too."

"Wait, how do you know that?"

"Speaking of, you never did tell us what your quirk is Midoriya. Ribbit."

"Oh, I'm sorry." Izuku rubs his neck leaning back into his seat. "It lets me take, copy and give quirks."

The room goes deathly silent, causing Izuku to start to curl up. Katsuki leans closer to the edge of his seat, waiting. When the class erupts with noise, it's only questions and how cool it is. Izuku flushes a bright red.

"Quiet down, you're all not giving him a moment to respond." Yaoyorozu states, after whistling for their attention. "One at a time. If that is alright with you Midoriya?"

"Yeah, thanks." Izuku smiles, fiddling with his fingers.

"Oh! Me!" Mina calls hand up in the air swaying back and forth, even using Kirishima to push herself higher. Laughing brightly Izuku nods at her. "How do you get quirks then? You said that you can take them."

"I've only taken and kept three. Two were from old people at a nursing home, the other was dying." Izuku states. "I usually take the quirk and give it back, that leaves a copy of it for me to use."

"What kind of quirks do you have? Besides the nails and tiger?" Kirishima asks, eyes bright.

"Well, the nails are Mood Nail, Rajah - the tiger is Spirit Guardian. There is also Insight, which lets me know about a person's quirk and how it works; Hair Manipulation, where I can change the style and color of hair, usually only my own." He gestures to the long dark pink hair, tied into a braid. Then holds up his hands, showing off the fingerless gloves. "I also have Empath's Touch, my whole hand must be touching someone for it to work and it is never off."

"He also has mine and cheeks' quirks." Katsuki states from his place in one of the armchairs.

"So you can take quirks? That's creepy! It's like you're a thief!" Mineta yells from his place between some of the boys. "He could take all of our quirks and not give them back!"

"I would suggest that you keep your mouth shut." Tenya states, red eyes glaring down at the boy. "Izuku has always given back the quirks he takes unless asked not to. Another word and I will personally make sure you will not last the day tomorrow."

"Eep!" Mineta shrinks, covering his head as he falls backwards onto the ground.

"Now, that is enough of that." Tenya states standing up, a small smile on his face. "Let us eat and go to sleep so we may all wake up at a decent time!"

The class all head to the kitchen, some breaking off to sit at the table while some head in to cook. Katsuki, Izuku and Sato are the only boys that join Yaoyorozu, Mina, Asui and Uraraka to cook a quick large dinner. The next hour is spent laughing and talking over the curry and stir fry. The girls stated they will make breakfast at seven, before they all disperse into their rooms. Izuku whispers his thanks to Tenya before he slips into his own room.

Shaking his head, Izuku leaves the teacher's lounge. This dad was crazy trying to wake papa up before he had to get up. Absentmindedly he walks back toward his classroom, but stops as he comes around the corner, a group of upperclassmen are surrounding a first year.

"We heard you have a villian quirk." One of the upperclassmen slams his hand on the first year's shoulder, the younger teen trying to stay standing as his knees slightly buckle.

"Yeah, why don't you help us."

"How about you go fuck yourself?" The younger teen growls, mouth set in a snarl. One of the upperclassmen pulls his fist back, just as he goes to swing it Rajah tackles him to the ground. His roar echoing down the hallway, lips pulled back.

"I would have to agree with my year mate." Izuku stated, eyes narrowed on the two standing upperclassmen. "Unless you would like to find out what it feels like to have a tiger rip off your arm." Rajah steps back, a growl still rumbling in his chest. The upperclassmen quickly help their friend up before running down the hallway. "Good boy, thanks." Rajah purrs and rubs his head against Izuku's thigh before disappearing into nothing again. Izuku turns to the wild haired teen, taken aback a bit by the eyebags that look like papa's. "Sorry, about stepping in like that."

"It's fine," the boy states, eyes boring into him. "That was your quirk?"

"Part of it," Izuku states with a shrug. "I'm Midoriya Izuku," he catches sight of the time and his eyes widen. "And I'm going to be late! Bye!"

"Weird," the teen states, heading off down a different hallway.

Shaking with excitement Izuku hops in place fiddling with the gym jacket, ignoring the looks Katsuki keeps sending him. Papa stands before the class on the field, black eyes running over each of the students. Ignoring the questions about orientation, papa steam rolls into his regular speech of how UA lets the teachers do their own thing. How he will be having them do tests with their quirks. It is Mina's innocent comment of 'this is going to be fun' that causes Izuku to flinch slightly.

"Fun? You think this will be fun?" Aizawa states, the wind picking up slightly shoving his hair back out of his face. One of his scary grins wide on his face, as he stares them down. "Then last place will be expelled." He tosses the ball to Izuku who catches it. "Step into the circle and throw that, do whatever you need to but don't exit the lines."

Izuku nods, tossing the ball back and forth. Stopping in the middle of the circle, Izuku closes his eyes and takes a breath. Activating Gravity, he pulls his hand back. Just as the ball is about to leave his hand he releases an explosion, rocketing the ball straight into the sky. Turning around he deactivates Gravity and looks at Aizawa who simply turns around a machine after it dings - showing orbit.

Each student goes through each of the tests; the only one beating him in the ball throw being Uraraka who gets infinity. Izuku actually almost beating Tenya's sprint score when he takes his own gravity almost all away and launching himself across the line. By the end of the test they are all tired, watching Aizawa apprehensively. He simply lifts the device and hits a button, a hologram list popping up.


Yaoyorozu Momo

Todoroki Shoto

Bakugo Katsuki

Iida Tenya

Midoriya Izuku

Tokoyami Fumikage

Shoji Mezo

Ojiro Mashirao

Kirishima Eijiro

Ashido Mina

Uraraka Ochaco

Koda Koji

Sato Rikido

Asui Tsuyu

Aoyama Yuga

Sero Hanta

Kaminari Denki

Jiro Kyoka

Hagakure Toru

Mineta Minoru

"Mineta, gather your things and meet me at the principal's office. The rest of you, grab a syllabus off my desk then you're excused." Aizawa walks off, leading the crying purple ball haired boy.

"I thought it was just a way to get us to perform better." Yaoyorozu breathes, eyes wide as she watches the two walk off.

"No, Aizawa-sensei has expelled a whole class once. Besides, even if Mineta had some potential he would not let him stay after what he tried." Tenya states, arms folded as he stares after their teacher.

"Papa doesn't stand for sexual harassment, even if it was only attempted." Izuku nods his head leading the way back to the locker rooms. "I met up with him and dad before coming to class."

"So that's why you were almost late." Katsuki comments brushing past him into the men's locker room.

"Upperclassmen were bullying someone!" Izuku yells, rushing in after him, leaving the girls and some of the guys outside laughing at the smaller boy.

Once all of the class has changed back they decide to head to the lunch hall. The class breaks up into groups, Katsuki being followed by Kirishima and Mina as he joins Tenya and Uraraka at a table. Izuku is just leaving the line when he catches sight of the tired teen from earlier. Changing his path, he stops just behind him.

"Hey, do you want to sit with me?" Izuku asks, head tilted. The boy turns his mouth open, likely to snap at him before processing who it is.


"Because you're sitting by yourself?"

"But what do you want to do with a villian?"

"You're not a villain unless you've hurt someone with intent." Izuku states, rolling his eyes. "Have you done that?"


"Then come on! I'm starving." Izuku leads him over to the table, taking a spot next to Tenya leaving one between him and Uraraka. Katsuki stops eating, crimson eyes taking in the new teen sitting down. "Hey guys this is…"

"Shinso Hitoshi," his purple eyes boring back into Katsuki's. "My quirk is Brainwashing."

"That will be good for underground work or even hostage situations." Tenya comments, ignoring the stare down. "I am Iida Tenya, the angry blonde is Bakugo Katsuki."

"Fuck you engines!"

"I'm Kirishima! This is Mina." Kirishima happily claims, holding his hand out to shake. "What class are you in?"

"General department, my quirk doesn't actually lend to the practical exam."

"Technically speaking, you could have taken control of six people and had them use their quirks to take down robots and their points would have gone to you. Then while they were doing that you could have gone about distracting others around you or taking their robots." Izuku states calmly, taking a bite of his food. Glancing up as the quiet of the table reaches him. "What?"

"Sometimes I forget that you can be an uncaring little fuck." Katsuki declares.

"It's true! His quirk is so versatile. It would allow him to take control of at least ten people with a strain and six with no issue. Not even mentioning that he could give directions through his mind once they are under his control." Izuku starts explaining, arms flying with his words. "Then with the right hero gear he could have a voice changer to help get people to respond even if they knew what his quirk was, if a little child calls for help someone will respond. Don't even get me started with the right training he could possibly even get someone by having them respond to facial features."

"Dude," Kirishima whispers, eyes wide.

"Does he normally do this?" Shinso asks, leaning behind Izuku to look at Tenya.

"When he finds an interesting quirk, which is almost every quirk."

"I'm not that bad," Izuku pouts, turning to poke at Tenya's cheek.

"You really fucking are."

"I will turn your hair pink again."

The table roars with laughter as Katsuki shoves back, eyes wide. Izuku is still pointing at his friend with narrowed eyes. After a while the table calms down and finishes up. As they are leaving Izuku turns to Shinso.

"Are you done with classes?"

"Yeah they said we didn't have to stay for the rest." Shinso shoves his hands in his pockets, eyes watching Izuku's friends over the shorter boy's head. Izuku's hand on his shoulder pulls his eyes back down to him.

"Do you want to come hang out at our dorm? You don't have to be back to yours until curfew at nine."

Shinso's eyes trace over his face before he nods. Izuku smiles and grabs his arm pulling the taller teen after him as he rushes back to class 1-A dorms. Shinso is easily brought into the class's folds. Dinner is more of a celebratory event, having passed the test and getting rid of the pervert. Everyone having fun and laughing, Katsuki yelling and threatening people until Izuku starts chasing him around the room trying to change his hair pink. Aizawa walks in just in time to see Izuku take a running leap, flip over Kaminari and tackle Katsuki to the ground.

"What are you doing?"

"Papa!" Izuku yelps falling off of Katsuki who jumps up and away, eyeing the other.

"That wasn't an answer."

"Ummm...we adopted another student!" Izuku yells shoving Shinso forward.

"That's Eraserhead," Shinso whispers leaning back into Izuku's hands.

"Shinso Hitoshi," Aizawa states. Eyes taking in the tired looking teen leaning back into his son. "I was looking for you earlier but Yamada told me he sent you all to lunch and to do whatever you wanted."

"Your students kidnapped me."

"You fucking came willingly!" Katsuki yells from his spot across the room.

"With all of you here, Shinso, welcome to your new class. Choose some people to help you move your things into your new room." Nodding once at the class he turns and heads out.

"Papa! You can't just break him and leave!" Izuku yells after him.

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