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Enjoy the epilogue.

Severus Snape, clad in full black, death eater mask on, crept without any noise into Godric Hollow. He climbed slowly up the stairs so as to not alert anyone in the house.

Before he could open the door into what he knew was the nursery, a wand pressed into his back, halting his movements. "Potter."

"Snape.", James said. Before breaking out into a grin. "Man, it's good to see you."

Snape smirked, "Don't get sentimental on me now, Prongs." James chuckled lightly before turning serious.

"So what's the news, Silver?"

"The Dark Lord is coming."

Snape had joined the Death Eaters. So had Regulus. But they joined only to make sure the war would end. They, along with Lucius, whom they had convinced to go against the Dark Lord, worked as spies for the order.

Between the three of them being Voldemort's most trusted, they had learned and destroyed almost all the horcruxes. Just one remained.

Lily, with a one year old Harry in her arms sat on the sofa with James while Severus remained standing. "So, what's happened?"

"The Dark Lord is getting desperate. I believe he knows that his horcruxes have been destroyed. He is coming here."

"But how did he find the place? Frank and Alice wouldn't… ", Lily asked, clutching Harry tightly.

"I'm sorry. They were tortured. Kept under the Cruciatus until theu spoke."

At that moment, three other figures apparated inside the house. Sirius held a large smile. "We did it. We destroyed the last one."

Remus and Regulus, though seeming a little battered, smiled. "And we managed to capture Bellatrix Lestrange and Peter Pettigrew."

"What about Frank and Alice?"

"We managed to save them. They hurt badly but they'll be fine. No permanent damage was done. We came just in time."

"That's good but we have other matters to deal with.", Severus spoke up.

"We know. He's coming. Cousin dearest wouldn't stop screaming about it.", Regulus supplied.

Severus sighed. "I'm sorry. It's all my fault Harry's being targeted. If I didn't give the prophecy-"

"Severus mate, that prophecy was given on Dumbledore's orders. If anyone is to blame it's him." Sirius assured him.

James clapped his hands. "Sirius is right. It's not your fault. Now-" he got up and started pacing "-Lily, I need you to take Harry and run."

"What?! No." Lily exclaimed, indignant.

"I know you would do anything to stay and fight but we need to keep Harry safe. Go to headquarters. Remus, go with him."

"Regulus, you too." Severus ordered before Remus could say anything. "You two are hurt. We'll handle things here. You need to heal."

"And what? Leave you here with that madman?"

"As much as the concern is appreciated it is not needed. We promise we'll be alright. Now go before he reaches here."

Ignoring all other protests, Sirius, James and Severus sent those three off, where they would be safe.

"James, think of something. Voldy-shorts will be here any second." Sirius turned towards the animagus.

What could he do. The only thing he was good at was pranks and they wouldn't help at thus point. The only thing special was they were a bunch of animagi. James thought frantically before an idea struck him. "Guys I've got a plan."

Voldemort arrived in Godric's Hollow. He took his time. He was in no rush. The Potters wouldn't even be aware of his presence until the last minute and he supposed he could give them the false sense of security before killing them.

For once he would be, what was the word, ah yes, merciful. He opened the door and went inside. No one was there. Moving on, he went into the next room. He was suprised to find the lights on. Opening the door he was startled to find a stag sitting in the middle of the room.

It stared at him. He was so surprised he could do nothing but stare back. Then it gave an unearthly shriek making him drop his wand. It kept shrieking. He bent to pick up his wand so he could kill that damn animal when something small scurried past, taking his wand with it.

Voldemort was livid. He went after whatever it was that took his wand. Before he could get out of the room though he was attacked from behind. A vicious growl was heard before something started biting him.

Voldemort screamed. What the hell was wrong with this house? Was this even the right one? He managed to push the animal, a dog, off of him, before that stag rammed into him, pushing him into the wall. It backed of after which Voldemort fell down into a crumpled, bloody heap.

Now, in front of his face sat a fox, with his wand in it's mouth. The fox had taken it. He moved to grab it bit it scampered off and sat besides the dog and stag. Slowly they morphed into humans.

"Snape?" Snape was the fox. The traitor. He was going to give him the most painful death.

"No, it's a bat." Sirius exclaimed, who apparently was the dog that bit him. Snape slapped him on the head.

"Voldemort. You have terrorized muggles, muggleborns and wizards alike for far too long. Tonight is the last night you'll live. Any last words."

"Last night? Fools. You really think you can kill off Lord Voldemort."

"Oi Voldyshorts your horcruxes are destroyed." Sirius told the man that still felt the need to be melodramatic.

"What? It can't be. I have made many. You cannot stop me. Just you wait. I will kill you, all of you. And Snape I am going to make you watch-" all his words stopped as a bright green light flashed towards him, killing him.

"Wow Snape. You can be brutal." James told Severus who had fired the killing curse towards the now dead Dark Lord.

"Do you really believe he could get away after threatening my friends."

"Fair enough."

"So he's really dead?"

"Yes, and unless he has some other horcrux which I doubt he's going to be back."

"Looks like my animagus form was useful after all huh, Silver?"

James put his arms around Severus and Sirius. "Yes. It's marvelous at screaming like a banshee." Snape replied.

Sirius interrupted before another argument would start,"Let's get to headquarters. We have to tell Lily and the rest good news. And get someone to clean this place. We really did a good number on it huh?"

"i just want to see people's reactions when they learn that the greatest dark lord of all time was killed because of some animagi."

"Oh that'll be priceless mate."

With that they apparated away, to tell the good news to everyone and lift the darkness that had settled over the wizarding world.

'Life was good.' were Severus' last thoughts before apparating as well. Lucius must also be told.

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